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Meet Loki :)

Posted by buffmuffy on January 2, 2010

This is my 10 week old male kitten that I adopted from the humane society.  He had 3 littermates, 2 had been adopted already.  Right after I adopted him, literally 2 min later his sister was adopted.  So thank goodness they all got homes and good luck to all the other animals there on finding a new loving home.

He is like a baby so far.  Cries constantly, sleeps when I’m up, and plays when I’m trying to sleep.  But he has claws!

Today was much better.  He is learning fast.  He went to the vet for his health check and did fabulous.

He cries a lot but generally is always good tempered.  He is the most loving cat I’ve ever met in my life.  He loves to nuzzle, give kisses, and cuddle.  He loves being held.  He craves attention.  He loves meeting new people.  He is great!

The coolest thing about him is how warm and loving and trusting he is.  I took him in the carrier today and he cried some but nuzzled my fingers when i stuck them in the door.  He loved on the vet.  He got back in.  He stayed in the car in it while i ran into the store VERY fast, thankfully back to a warm car, and we went home.  And I just saw him go back into it on his own and hang out in there for a second.  Gosh, hes so great!

Unfortunately over the holidays I gained about 5 lb.  I’m looking to get back into my workout routine and healthy eating and hopefully back up to par on running before the marathon training starts.

For lunch today, I had a swordfish greek salad.  It was good, but I liked the other dressing I had better.

My apt is a mess … I have so much to put away and organize and do here but I just have been working nonstop until today and then I caught up on sleep some and I just needed a day for me… I have Tuesday off too so hopefully I can get some stuff done then too.  School starts back up on January 11.  I’m not feeling sick anymore either much which is good.

It is way too cold outside though, and it is kind of upsetting.  0 degrees, -5, 5 degrees… how am I supposed to run in this weather?  Ughh.


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Back from Vacay!

Posted by buffmuffy on December 28, 2009

Heyyyy.  So I went to Missouri for vacation to see the family, and just missed a blizzard where apparently 23 inches total fell.  Wow.  I got back as roads were cleared up.

I made some juice for the fam with my juicer… my dad got an orange pineapple juice and I made myself a cucumber-apple-pear-lemon juice (which i forgot in MO *cry) and then I made my grandpa and aunt/uncle/cousins some apple juice.  They all loved it!

Here are the first two juices I mentioned….

My dad downed that whole thing in like 2 days.  He was recovering from being sick, so…

And here is a cute pic from my grandpa’s house…


I also got a bunch of crazy fruit including a horned melon and a starfruit!

Pretty huh?  See that truvia in the  background?  Got my dad to switch to it instead of sweet n low.  Yay!  So proud of him, he looks so much healthier than he ever has.

Had this wonderful spread of sushi out with a friend one night in missouri too… it was so delicious.  I LOVE eel.

On Xmas day, my dad cooked us prime rib roast and red potatoes, just me and him, with salad.  And fresh bread machine bread with Smart balance light (which i also got my dad to switch to!!!)!

Check out how BIG this thing is!

And then I spent my xmas money on this…


I’m making pumpkin bread 🙂

I’m so happy.. I got it on clearance.  My kitchen is coming together so nicely.

Yumm I can’t wait to taste this pumpkin bread.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather 😦  So my dad made me some homemade chicken noodle soup before I left (and before I got sick) and sent me home with 2 mason jars full and I had some tonight (not both jars … obvi) … with ice cream… and I’m still hungry!  what is going on?!

Annndddd some nutcracker sweet tea.. yum.

The apartment has been pretty nice … I don’t have many complaints other than a bit noisy neighbours above me but that always seems to be the case.  The new job is getting a bit easier … it was my third day there today and it was okay I guess.  I dunno, I just don’t feel comfortable there yet but I’ll be okay soon enough.  I hope.  Rexi arrived last night but my kitty wouldn’t get in the cage so she is coming in a week hopefully.  I miss her 😦

I leave you with a pic of my puppy and her xmas presents… twin stuffed animals!

So glad to have her home 🙂

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Moved In

Posted by buffmuffy on December 20, 2009

Hey, all!  I got done moving yesterday.  We started early (maybe 830?) and ended around 6ish.  I started unpacking after that and got most everything unpacked.  The only things I have left are books, shoes, clothes, and some bathroom stuff.  The clothes and shoes will take the longest; I have so many.

I threw lots away before making the move so it was nice to declutter, but I still have some clutter that I’m unsure of what to do with.

I’m making my new apartment more homey.  Hung up blue christmas lights on my patio and put up a fiber optic white christmas tree.

I’m going to hang up my new moon poster collection in my dining room when I get tacks, too! 🙂

So far everything seems to be going well.  The apartment seems really nice, I have a great neighbour, and the noise is bearable unlike in my last apartment.  Cons?  The mailbox is outdoors, but honestly it may actually be easier than before to get to.  The dumpster is far away and I only know where one is, but again it isn’t any farther than my previous apartment.  I can often hear the people above me.  I have to pay 100$ security deposit for my dish (which was going to get installed today but the office wasn’t open).

Honestly if that is all that is bad, and the first two are no better than the last apartment, I’m happy.

I have to start work at my new Taco Bell today, but I am now an assistant manager which is really cool.  I work 1230-830 today, 11-7 tomorrow, and 3-10 on tuesday.  And then on Wednesday I’m heading down to vacation in Missouri!  I can’t wait to see my friends and family.

I made some fresh orange juice last night in my juicer.  It is so delicious.  I had some this morning with breakfast, which was a bowl of cereal with almond milk and crofters conserve.  Yum!

The cereal I got and almond milk is the following (with another crofters conserve that I had for breakfast the other morning).

And here is the bowl I had the other morning by my christmas tree 🙂

Pretty huh?  It changes colors. 🙂

And here is the breakfast I had the other morning before my anatomy final…

The dorset cereals are so pretty!!

Speaking of anatomy, I was able to get a 90% on my anatomy final, a 93% on my servsafe exam, and a 90% on my food management final.  Woo woo!  So I am going to get a B in anatomy, which is one of the hardest classes (They wrote about it in the paper lol)…  So yay!

Well I am pretty tired… I’m going to go back to vegging out or something.  Haha.  And throw away some boxes….


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Almost a Crisis

Posted by buffmuffy on December 11, 2009

Well today has been one of those days… where you think it is going horrible but you find solutions.  So you still feel like crud but everything is okay.  Yep.

To start off this post, I’d like to share some current events in my life.

I took my 2 finals yesterday and 1 today and I think I got decent grades on them all.  Pretty confident I got As or Bs on all 3, which is what I need.

There is a marathon training class starting mid january that I’d like to sign up for, to prepare for the Lincoln Marathon (or half marathon) which is I believe in May.  It costs $100 and it is every Tuesday from Jan 19 to May 27.  I just need to sign up!  Hopefully it works out with my work schedule easily, which should be no problem.

I have 2 more finals next week.. one on Tuesday and one on Friday.  So I have plenty of prep time and that allows me a couple days to bring some belongings into town for moving, since the apartment is officially mine on Tuesday!

And that brings me to my next subject…. moving.  A week from tomorrow is my BIG move date. So I’m half excited half dreading it.  Hopefully the roads and walkways will all be clear that day… don’t want to get hurt moving big stuff!


Today I had some strawberries and some nasty donut that was SO not worth it… but last night I tried one of these Amy’s dinners and it was SOOOO good.  Too small for the calorie amount if you ask me, but tasty.

I also got some goodies at the grocery… Holiday ice creams (without HFCS, woo hoo they are catching on!) and some homemade pumpkin butter and apple butter… and some Annies bunnies.

Okay.. I’ve been eating entirely way too much lately but it is time to get back on track with the TYPE of food I’ve been eating.  These ice creams seemed mostly okay, nothing I normally WOULDN’T eat, so they are good treats.  But other than that, I need to shape it up.

And I need to start working out again!  With the break up and the move and finals, I have been struggling.  And I can feel the weight creeping back on silently in a fashion that I won’t notice until its too late….

Ok, I’m off to find something healthy to eat and hope that my car isn’t broken like I think it is.  One of my struts seems to have finally gone out, but I’m hoping it’s just the ice….

Wish me luck!


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Posted by buffmuffy on December 9, 2009

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

Who knew beets could taste so good?

This juice I made a few days ago … It contains a beet, 2-3 granny smith apples, and a cucumber.  Crazy, right?  And yes I put it in a used synergy bottle.  Tastes very earthy but I’m getting used to that.  Once I get all the toxins (snow day treats) out of my system, I know this stuff will taste amazing.  Good, since I have another bottle in the fridge.

The best part about juicing is that it speeds up your metabolism.  Worst part?  It can be expensive.

Oh well!

Oh, and Chrome for Mac is pimpin.  Everyone with a Mac should download it. (Thanks for twittering about it, Kath!)


I woke up this morning… nervous to look outside.  I finally went down to look outside and the door looked like this:

Yeah.  That snow?  It went up to my … female parts.  I trudged through it anyway.  Nice, huh?  Should have seen me diving across it with backpack, travel bag, and purse.  Haha.

The nice people at the hotel cleaned my car off for me, so I was pleasantly surprised.  The WRX was a beast in the conditions, so I’m happy to say the least.

Crazy crazy snow banks out on the roads.  Had to knock a lot of ice off from around my wheels.  It is less than 10 F outside and residual winds from the earlier 30-45mph blizzard are hanging about.  -20 windchill… yeah.


I have 2 finals tomorrow… One Friday.  2 next week.  My other 2 got rescheduled which was not so great for me, but I guess it gives me more time to study, eh?

Anyway, tonight I am going tv shopping … I’m either getting my very own new tv or I’m giving my ex 100 bucks so he can get a new one and give me his old (but still new) one.

And as far as that whole situation goes… he realized he made a mistake.  So we are talking.  No labels though.  We’ll see.  Still moving.  Looking forward to the move, too.

AND IT IS NEXT WEEK!  I can’t believe it.  I’m moving next saturday, but the apartment is mine on tuesday.  So crazy. I’m gonna start bringing things over starting tuesday and hopefully I can get a lot of my little stuff out first.  And some of the first things going up in the apartment are my 3 new moon posters… <.<  I have an Edward one (GO TEAM EDWARD!), a New Moon one from the theatres, and a shirtless Jake one (even team edward girls need a shirtless wolf poster).  Muahaha!

Anyway, I need to study, but I’m glad to be back blogging 🙂


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Snow Day!

Posted by buffmuffy on December 8, 2009

Well here I am .. in my hotel room … staying the night.  Took my final this morning but after that, classes got cancelled.  Woo.  Sooo… My final tonight moved to Thursday and I may not have my final tomorrow morning but I really hope class isn’t cancelled tomorrow!  I don’t want to stay in Lincoln thursday night too!

Anyway… It is a lot of storm outside.  Eek!  Blizzard conditions!  10-14 inches expected!  Wowsa… Gusts up to 45 mph…. Wahhh. Glad I got my tire fixed!

This is earlier… This is just the beginning…

I got snow all over myself!

Went to the grocery for some less than healthy snow day snacks.  About to go get some ice for my sodee 🙂

I’ll have to study later in case I have my test tomorrow 😦

Oh well.

My thumb is still just as bad and it is leaking blood here and there.  I hit it a couple of times and cried like a baby… I can post a picture if no one is squemish…lol.

Hope everyone stays safe!


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WOO HOO Breville!

Posted by buffmuffy on December 7, 2009

I won!  I received the news Monday and got my juicer Friday 🙂

The recipe that won was an odd one, and I have yet to try it out.  I still need a few ingredients!

Anyway, I started juicing Saturday night… Look at this beauty:

Isn’t she gorgeous?  Sounds like a jet plane … I’m in love.

I also ordered a Kettle and 4 slice Toaster from Breville, and they came the same day.

I used the kettle for the first time today, and it was amazing…

Isn’t it perty?  Heats water to boiling and then keeps it hot for a while.  Love this for my tea!  Amazing!

Have been maintaining the same weight, sometimes up a couple lb, sometimes not.  Kind of amazing if you ask me.

So I’m super happy about that!

I also ended up ordering a Breville panini press and food steamer.  I just love their products.  Now I’d love to get a food scale, blender, indoor grill, and maybe a few other things …. Haha.

So yesterday I had to call for a ride to work because I found out my tire had become flat.  No good!  I stayed home from school today and fixed it.  Looked like it just got too low and deflated slowly that way.  It seems to be fixed now.  Thank goodness my dad loves buying me things for my car!  He got me a compressor to put in the car (I also have a big one from him too), and a tire plug kit (thankfully unneeded), and a lot of other things.  I ended up putting my floor jack in my car too just in case.

Today, when I was trying to juice the rest of my granny smith apples, I sliced into the corner of my thumb with a cleaver.  Ouch ouch ouch!  It looks awful and I don’t know what to do.  Hopefully it heals on its own.  It isn’t bleeding anymore and I have no health insurance… Doubt anything would help now but yeah.  Yikes!

I have 2 finals tomorrow, one wednesday, one thursday, one next tuesday, and one next Friday.  The new apartment is mine in a week and day, and I move next Saturday on the 19th.  Eek!

Soon I’ll be able to start blogging more again and I’m looking forward to that 🙂


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Must… Win…

Posted by buffmuffy on November 24, 2009

Hey all!  I am taking a break from studying.

Things have been going pretty good for me, but I am still whirlwinding around.  I am hoping that by the time I move in and get back from vacation in Missouri that I will be up and running again.  I have a few pictures to share, but I don’t have time right now so I will get around to it eventually.

I’m spending Thanksgiving cleaning out my garage and throwing away most of my things!  It will be good to declutter but kind of sad too.  I have so many things I have to fit into my apartment though and I’m nervous I won’t be able to make what I need to keep fit!  So wish me luck!


I’m currently trying to win a contest and I’m desperate.  So wish me luck on that too!


I have a really good feeling about life right now.  I have a positive outlook.  I know that the breakup was for the best and I have learned that I am beautiful and no one can take that away from me!  Someone will love me for me and soon enough.  I think everyone should have this attitude.  Don’t settle for anything you aren’t happy with!

I am moving down to Lincoln as I mentioned before so that I don’t have to drive to school and so that I can afford my own place.  I am super excited.  I move on December 19th.  I start my new job the next day … it is basically the same job at Taco Bell, but I got promoted to Assistant Manager.  I’m not making as much as I would with corporate in Omaha, since it is Franchise in Lincoln, but I get a small raise and a bigger responsibility.  So that will be super exciting.

I’m maintaining pretty much the same weight that I was at after losing a bunch during the break up, which is great.  I feel more comfortable than I ever have.  My appetite is back fully as well, but I’m keeping my eating in check.  Today has been not so great … but in moderation one day is not a bad thing and everyone needs to remember that.


I have a lot of projects going on right now.  This winter I want to study for my personal trainer exam.  I also want to start a book.  I keep looking for a book out there that is about eating real food, and I just can’t find one.  So I figured I would start one myself.  It will be a great addition to my career as a future RD/personal trainer.  Watch out, because I’m going to replace Jillian on TBL.


Anyway, that is all for now and sorry for the lack of pictures.  However if you know anyone in Nebraska that wants to adopt a bunny rabbit, I have one that I can’t take with to the new apartment.



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Fresh Start

Posted by buffmuffy on November 9, 2009

Well now that everything is pretty much finalized, I am single.

Yes ladies, I’m free!  You can all finally have me!  Haha.

Anyway, it took me a while to be okay with it but I finally am.  Things just weren’t meant to be.  Unfortunately we still have to live together until I get a job down in Lincoln…but I’m moving to Lincoln and out of Omaha!  No more commute to campus!  How exciting is that?

There is only one apt complex down there that allows large dogs … but it is a good one.  So wish me luck on finding a job!

Anyway, I got new bedding to start my fresh start and I hung up a poster of the hottest man alive…  Check out my new room!


Yes that is right.  Bright orange comforter and royal purple 400 thread count sheets. Ahhh satin!!!


Isn’t it gorg?

Know what else is gorg?  This:


Ignore the mess that is my life 🙂  Haha.

That pink thing on the right of my desk is my new kindle.  Yay!

I got it a while ago but then all this stuff happened and I never posted about it!  Sorry!

I’ll post those pics later 😉


PS. I’m one of those people that doesn’t eat when I’m upset so I lost 10lb over the past 2ish weeks.  I have been trying to lose that weight for forever … so I’m trying to keep it off by gradually getting my metabolism back on track.  Wish me luck!  And hopefully the scary side effects of not eating go away soon O.O

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My apologies

Posted by buffmuffy on November 5, 2009

Hey all.
I apologize but my posting as you noticed has been lacking. I am going through a really hard time in my life and it is hard for me to stay afloat as it is.
I will resume posting when I feel strong enough. Keep me in your thoughts.

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