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Must… Win…

Posted by buffmuffy on November 24, 2009

Hey all!  I am taking a break from studying.

Things have been going pretty good for me, but I am still whirlwinding around.  I am hoping that by the time I move in and get back from vacation in Missouri that I will be up and running again.  I have a few pictures to share, but I don’t have time right now so I will get around to it eventually.

I’m spending Thanksgiving cleaning out my garage and throwing away most of my things!  It will be good to declutter but kind of sad too.  I have so many things I have to fit into my apartment though and I’m nervous I won’t be able to make what I need to keep fit!  So wish me luck!


I’m currently trying to win a contest and I’m desperate.  So wish me luck on that too!


I have a really good feeling about life right now.  I have a positive outlook.  I know that the breakup was for the best and I have learned that I am beautiful and no one can take that away from me!  Someone will love me for me and soon enough.  I think everyone should have this attitude.  Don’t settle for anything you aren’t happy with!

I am moving down to Lincoln as I mentioned before so that I don’t have to drive to school and so that I can afford my own place.  I am super excited.  I move on December 19th.  I start my new job the next day … it is basically the same job at Taco Bell, but I got promoted to Assistant Manager.  I’m not making as much as I would with corporate in Omaha, since it is Franchise in Lincoln, but I get a small raise and a bigger responsibility.  So that will be super exciting.

I’m maintaining pretty much the same weight that I was at after losing a bunch during the break up, which is great.  I feel more comfortable than I ever have.  My appetite is back fully as well, but I’m keeping my eating in check.  Today has been not so great … but in moderation one day is not a bad thing and everyone needs to remember that.


I have a lot of projects going on right now.  This winter I want to study for my personal trainer exam.  I also want to start a book.  I keep looking for a book out there that is about eating real food, and I just can’t find one.  So I figured I would start one myself.  It will be a great addition to my career as a future RD/personal trainer.  Watch out, because I’m going to replace Jillian on TBL.


Anyway, that is all for now and sorry for the lack of pictures.  However if you know anyone in Nebraska that wants to adopt a bunny rabbit, I have one that I can’t take with to the new apartment.



5 Responses to “Must… Win…”

  1. VeggieGirl said

    Missed your posts!

  2. janetha said

    well look at that. i tweet that i miss you and here is a post! hooray. sounds like you have a great outlook on things, new house new job new life! decluttering is always good. best of luck on the contest!!

  3. lowandbhold said

    Love your positive outlook! I agree!

  4. florabee16 said

    oh im so glad to see your back and your feeling stronger! i was feeling your pain over the last week or so. i only wish the best for you!

  5. Monica R said

    Well, I feel like a schmuck.

    I’m not going to go into “well, that sucks” because you know this. Good luck w/ getting set up in Lincoln. Make sure you find a running route: you run, right? I bet it’ll be a good stress relief, but who knows? BTW, make sure you take the Edward poster with you ;). HUGS, and I’m sorry for… being a schmuck.
    -Monica R/samsaysno/MLR on FB, LOL

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