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Moved In

Posted by buffmuffy on December 20, 2009

Hey, all!  I got done moving yesterday.  We started early (maybe 830?) and ended around 6ish.  I started unpacking after that and got most everything unpacked.  The only things I have left are books, shoes, clothes, and some bathroom stuff.  The clothes and shoes will take the longest; I have so many.

I threw lots away before making the move so it was nice to declutter, but I still have some clutter that I’m unsure of what to do with.

I’m making my new apartment more homey.  Hung up blue christmas lights on my patio and put up a fiber optic white christmas tree.

I’m going to hang up my new moon poster collection in my dining room when I get tacks, too! 🙂

So far everything seems to be going well.  The apartment seems really nice, I have a great neighbour, and the noise is bearable unlike in my last apartment.  Cons?  The mailbox is outdoors, but honestly it may actually be easier than before to get to.  The dumpster is far away and I only know where one is, but again it isn’t any farther than my previous apartment.  I can often hear the people above me.  I have to pay 100$ security deposit for my dish (which was going to get installed today but the office wasn’t open).

Honestly if that is all that is bad, and the first two are no better than the last apartment, I’m happy.

I have to start work at my new Taco Bell today, but I am now an assistant manager which is really cool.  I work 1230-830 today, 11-7 tomorrow, and 3-10 on tuesday.  And then on Wednesday I’m heading down to vacation in Missouri!  I can’t wait to see my friends and family.

I made some fresh orange juice last night in my juicer.  It is so delicious.  I had some this morning with breakfast, which was a bowl of cereal with almond milk and crofters conserve.  Yum!

The cereal I got and almond milk is the following (with another crofters conserve that I had for breakfast the other morning).

And here is the bowl I had the other morning by my christmas tree 🙂

Pretty huh?  It changes colors. 🙂

And here is the breakfast I had the other morning before my anatomy final…

The dorset cereals are so pretty!!

Speaking of anatomy, I was able to get a 90% on my anatomy final, a 93% on my servsafe exam, and a 90% on my food management final.  Woo woo!  So I am going to get a B in anatomy, which is one of the hardest classes (They wrote about it in the paper lol)…  So yay!

Well I am pretty tired… I’m going to go back to vegging out or something.  Haha.  And throw away some boxes….


3 Responses to “Moved In”

  1. VeggieGirl said

    Hooray for your exam grades and for moving in!! 🙂

  2. traynharder23 said

    you so smart! =D

    love the tree. i want one. badly. we jus thave a pile of presents. LAMMMMMEEEEEE

  3. lowandbhold said

    Glad you got all moved in! Have fun on vacation!!

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