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Snow Day!

Posted by buffmuffy on December 8, 2009

Well here I am .. in my hotel room … staying the night.  Took my final this morning but after that, classes got cancelled.  Woo.  Sooo… My final tonight moved to Thursday and I may not have my final tomorrow morning but I really hope class isn’t cancelled tomorrow!  I don’t want to stay in Lincoln thursday night too!

Anyway… It is a lot of storm outside.  Eek!  Blizzard conditions!  10-14 inches expected!  Wowsa… Gusts up to 45 mph…. Wahhh. Glad I got my tire fixed!

This is earlier… This is just the beginning…

I got snow all over myself!

Went to the grocery for some less than healthy snow day snacks.  About to go get some ice for my sodee 🙂

I’ll have to study later in case I have my test tomorrow 😦

Oh well.

My thumb is still just as bad and it is leaking blood here and there.  I hit it a couple of times and cried like a baby… I can post a picture if no one is squemish…lol.

Hope everyone stays safe!


8 Responses to “Snow Day!”

  1. VeggieGirl said

    Those oreos look just like your neighborhood, with the white covering 😉

    Hope your thumb heals quickly!

  2. florabee16 said

    ooh everything looks so yummy. the snow is amazing i love snow soo much. i hope you get a minute to enjoy it!

  3. Taylor said

    The snow looks beautiful. Enjoy your cosy day in.

  4. traynharder23 said


    and yes. porn banana! SCORE!

    hahhaha. XOXOXOX.

    where have you BEEN!?!!?

    just kidding. um snow snacks? hella important. seriously.

  5. lowandbhold said

    Oh that happened to me one year! So amazing. I hope the other one gets cancelled 🙂

  6. janetha said

    you are gorgeous! and i love all the snow. i hope all your finals go well sweetie! and i am really glad you got the juicer you wanted SO bad 🙂

  7. Oh…my…god….that looks like a disaster. I’m already shivering to my toes just looking at all that…blastery whitness! Brrrr….

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