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Back from Vacay!

Posted by buffmuffy on December 28, 2009

Heyyyy.  So I went to Missouri for vacation to see the family, and just missed a blizzard where apparently 23 inches total fell.  Wow.  I got back as roads were cleared up.

I made some juice for the fam with my juicer… my dad got an orange pineapple juice and I made myself a cucumber-apple-pear-lemon juice (which i forgot in MO *cry) and then I made my grandpa and aunt/uncle/cousins some apple juice.  They all loved it!

Here are the first two juices I mentioned….

My dad downed that whole thing in like 2 days.  He was recovering from being sick, so…

And here is a cute pic from my grandpa’s house…


I also got a bunch of crazy fruit including a horned melon and a starfruit!

Pretty huh?  See that truvia in the  background?  Got my dad to switch to it instead of sweet n low.  Yay!  So proud of him, he looks so much healthier than he ever has.

Had this wonderful spread of sushi out with a friend one night in missouri too… it was so delicious.  I LOVE eel.

On Xmas day, my dad cooked us prime rib roast and red potatoes, just me and him, with salad.  And fresh bread machine bread with Smart balance light (which i also got my dad to switch to!!!)!

Check out how BIG this thing is!

And then I spent my xmas money on this…


I’m making pumpkin bread 🙂

I’m so happy.. I got it on clearance.  My kitchen is coming together so nicely.

Yumm I can’t wait to taste this pumpkin bread.

I’m feeling a bit under the weather 😦  So my dad made me some homemade chicken noodle soup before I left (and before I got sick) and sent me home with 2 mason jars full and I had some tonight (not both jars … obvi) … with ice cream… and I’m still hungry!  what is going on?!

Annndddd some nutcracker sweet tea.. yum.

The apartment has been pretty nice … I don’t have many complaints other than a bit noisy neighbours above me but that always seems to be the case.  The new job is getting a bit easier … it was my third day there today and it was okay I guess.  I dunno, I just don’t feel comfortable there yet but I’ll be okay soon enough.  I hope.  Rexi arrived last night but my kitty wouldn’t get in the cage so she is coming in a week hopefully.  I miss her 😦

I leave you with a pic of my puppy and her xmas presents… twin stuffed animals!

So glad to have her home 🙂

2 Responses to “Back from Vacay!”

  1. traynharder23 said

    PUMPKIN BREAD! =D from scratch?

    omg. cute pink mixer! =D

  2. lowandbhold said

    Oh I LOVE your pink mixer! I want it! So glad you had a nice vaca 🙂

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