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Almost a Crisis

Posted by buffmuffy on December 11, 2009

Well today has been one of those days… where you think it is going horrible but you find solutions.  So you still feel like crud but everything is okay.  Yep.

To start off this post, I’d like to share some current events in my life.

I took my 2 finals yesterday and 1 today and I think I got decent grades on them all.  Pretty confident I got As or Bs on all 3, which is what I need.

There is a marathon training class starting mid january that I’d like to sign up for, to prepare for the Lincoln Marathon (or half marathon) which is I believe in May.  It costs $100 and it is every Tuesday from Jan 19 to May 27.  I just need to sign up!  Hopefully it works out with my work schedule easily, which should be no problem.

I have 2 more finals next week.. one on Tuesday and one on Friday.  So I have plenty of prep time and that allows me a couple days to bring some belongings into town for moving, since the apartment is officially mine on Tuesday!

And that brings me to my next subject…. moving.  A week from tomorrow is my BIG move date. So I’m half excited half dreading it.  Hopefully the roads and walkways will all be clear that day… don’t want to get hurt moving big stuff!


Today I had some strawberries and some nasty donut that was SO not worth it… but last night I tried one of these Amy’s dinners and it was SOOOO good.  Too small for the calorie amount if you ask me, but tasty.

I also got some goodies at the grocery… Holiday ice creams (without HFCS, woo hoo they are catching on!) and some homemade pumpkin butter and apple butter… and some Annies bunnies.

Okay.. I’ve been eating entirely way too much lately but it is time to get back on track with the TYPE of food I’ve been eating.  These ice creams seemed mostly okay, nothing I normally WOULDN’T eat, so they are good treats.  But other than that, I need to shape it up.

And I need to start working out again!  With the break up and the move and finals, I have been struggling.  And I can feel the weight creeping back on silently in a fashion that I won’t notice until its too late….

Ok, I’m off to find something healthy to eat and hope that my car isn’t broken like I think it is.  One of my struts seems to have finally gone out, but I’m hoping it’s just the ice….

Wish me luck!


3 Responses to “Almost a Crisis”

  1. janetha b said

    GOOD LUCK! oh and honey pie~email me your mailing address! please and thanks 🙂

  2. lowandbhold said

    It’s hard to get workouts in during a move… I can relate. But think of all that packing and lugging stuff around as cardio 😉

  3. Taylor said

    Yeh I can imagine the packing is a workout in it’s self.

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