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Posted by buffmuffy on December 9, 2009

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!

Who knew beets could taste so good?

This juice I made a few days ago … It contains a beet, 2-3 granny smith apples, and a cucumber.  Crazy, right?  And yes I put it in a used synergy bottle.  Tastes very earthy but I’m getting used to that.  Once I get all the toxins (snow day treats) out of my system, I know this stuff will taste amazing.  Good, since I have another bottle in the fridge.

The best part about juicing is that it speeds up your metabolism.  Worst part?  It can be expensive.

Oh well!

Oh, and Chrome for Mac is pimpin.  Everyone with a Mac should download it. (Thanks for twittering about it, Kath!)


I woke up this morning… nervous to look outside.  I finally went down to look outside and the door looked like this:

Yeah.  That snow?  It went up to my … female parts.  I trudged through it anyway.  Nice, huh?  Should have seen me diving across it with backpack, travel bag, and purse.  Haha.

The nice people at the hotel cleaned my car off for me, so I was pleasantly surprised.  The WRX was a beast in the conditions, so I’m happy to say the least.

Crazy crazy snow banks out on the roads.  Had to knock a lot of ice off from around my wheels.  It is less than 10 F outside and residual winds from the earlier 30-45mph blizzard are hanging about.  -20 windchill… yeah.


I have 2 finals tomorrow… One Friday.  2 next week.  My other 2 got rescheduled which was not so great for me, but I guess it gives me more time to study, eh?

Anyway, tonight I am going tv shopping … I’m either getting my very own new tv or I’m giving my ex 100 bucks so he can get a new one and give me his old (but still new) one.

And as far as that whole situation goes… he realized he made a mistake.  So we are talking.  No labels though.  We’ll see.  Still moving.  Looking forward to the move, too.

AND IT IS NEXT WEEK!  I can’t believe it.  I’m moving next saturday, but the apartment is mine on tuesday.  So crazy. I’m gonna start bringing things over starting tuesday and hopefully I can get a lot of my little stuff out first.  And some of the first things going up in the apartment are my 3 new moon posters… <.<  I have an Edward one (GO TEAM EDWARD!), a New Moon one from the theatres, and a shirtless Jake one (even team edward girls need a shirtless wolf poster).  Muahaha!

Anyway, I need to study, but I’m glad to be back blogging 🙂


4 Responses to “Beetlejuice?”

  1. Taylor said

    I thought of the film Beetlejuice when I saw your title.
    Good luck with the move.

  2. lowandbhold said

    That juice sounds interesting! Hope you found a TV!

  3. janetha b said

    pretty sure i just got a snowgasm.

  4. Sarah said

    I love beets, they taste so earthy and yummy! I make that beet kvass and it’s just very good. Never thought of adding other juices too it though. I’ll have to try it out. Good luck on your move tomorrow!

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