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WOO HOO Breville!

Posted by buffmuffy on December 7, 2009

I won!  I received the news Monday and got my juicer Friday 🙂

The recipe that won was an odd one, and I have yet to try it out.  I still need a few ingredients!

Anyway, I started juicing Saturday night… Look at this beauty:

Isn’t she gorgeous?  Sounds like a jet plane … I’m in love.

I also ordered a Kettle and 4 slice Toaster from Breville, and they came the same day.

I used the kettle for the first time today, and it was amazing…

Isn’t it perty?  Heats water to boiling and then keeps it hot for a while.  Love this for my tea!  Amazing!

Have been maintaining the same weight, sometimes up a couple lb, sometimes not.  Kind of amazing if you ask me.

So I’m super happy about that!

I also ended up ordering a Breville panini press and food steamer.  I just love their products.  Now I’d love to get a food scale, blender, indoor grill, and maybe a few other things …. Haha.

So yesterday I had to call for a ride to work because I found out my tire had become flat.  No good!  I stayed home from school today and fixed it.  Looked like it just got too low and deflated slowly that way.  It seems to be fixed now.  Thank goodness my dad loves buying me things for my car!  He got me a compressor to put in the car (I also have a big one from him too), and a tire plug kit (thankfully unneeded), and a lot of other things.  I ended up putting my floor jack in my car too just in case.

Today, when I was trying to juice the rest of my granny smith apples, I sliced into the corner of my thumb with a cleaver.  Ouch ouch ouch!  It looks awful and I don’t know what to do.  Hopefully it heals on its own.  It isn’t bleeding anymore and I have no health insurance… Doubt anything would help now but yeah.  Yikes!

I have 2 finals tomorrow, one wednesday, one thursday, one next tuesday, and one next Friday.  The new apartment is mine in a week and day, and I move next Saturday on the 19th.  Eek!

Soon I’ll be able to start blogging more again and I’m looking forward to that 🙂


4 Responses to “WOO HOO Breville!”

  1. VeggieGirl said

    Great appliance!!

    Hang in there with those finals!

  2. dailygoods said

    yayyy !lovin all your goodies 🙂

  3. brandi said

    oh no, i hope your hand is better now!

    I hope the finals go well – and yay for the juicer!

  4. lowandbhold said

    All those appliances make me green with envy! Glad you’re enjoying them 🙂

    That’s super impressive that you fixed your tire. I’m such a girl when it comes to that stuff.

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