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Posted by buffmuffy on July 15, 2009


I guess I’m going to have to update with new posts each time.  That’s fine with me!  I’ll do it in the same format, and the first post of the day will be “Day #”, and follow up posts will be “day#.edit#” as seen above.  LOL.  Unfortunately this means there might be 4-6 new posts a day ….  How awful, right? LOL.

Okay so anyway, I just got back from my run.  It was hot, and I ran a bunch of it.  Here is a graph from my new Garmin 305!


You can see where I run and where I walk….  I’m not in perfect shape because I’m too busy to maintain a good running schedule normally.  Ah well!  I’m working on it now that school has been out, I just need to do it more often.  When school starts back up, I’ll be running on the track at the gym or something.

I love my new watch 🙂

Now it is time for minilunchdos!  Egg “salad” pitas with cherries.  I used hardboiled eggs, light olive oil mayo, sea salt, and paprika.  Yum!

IMG_3363Time to relax!  I work at 8.  Expect … ANOTHER post before.  LOL.


PS DONT FORGET to GRANOLA10 yourself!!!!!

And really quick for Janetha… Rexi my 4 year old great dane!



3 Responses to “30.2”

  1. Maria said

    Awww Rexi’s so cute!! Weird, I actually had egg salad pita today, but made slightly different 😀

  2. janetha said

    oh oh oh oh I LOVE REXI!!! oh wow. i am one of those freakish dog lovers that usually likes dogs more than some humans.. haha. thanks for sharing, and don’t be shy to show more of rexi’s adorable mug. have a nice time at work!

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