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Posted by buffmuffy on October 28, 2009

Hi everyone!  Lately I have been totally MIA.  I have had a really rough time lately!  But I think things are finally turning around for the better.

I even got a 95.5% on my food management exam and an 80% on my anatomy exam (proclaimed to be one of the hardest courses here on campus) so that is great.

Before I get into food, I want to share a pic of my finished (nearly … he wants to do some more detail here and there as we go) tattoo!  It is on my lower back wrapping around to my hip if there is any confusion.  The biggest sunflower is on my hip.


The cream I use on it is this amazing hand cream that I got suggested by a tattoo fanatic and it is by one of my fave companies!


Let me share a few pics of the food I’ve been eating, but I won’t bore you with specifics.


neufantel cheese, bagel, and fruit!


Hey. I was sick of soup.


Much like this! Tomato bisque. Not bad.


I love these little buggers!


sandwich. i don't remember what kind. some sort of pbj!


crofters pomegranate jelly! Yum!


I ate mounds of these white choco chips. holy moly i love these.


leftover curry fail and delicious greek salad


vegan pb chocolate cookie. WHOA! Yummy.


tomato caprese calzone from old chicago with plentiful marinara dip. That was a bad day. I don't recall why!


yummy jenny-o turkey burger with sweet tater chips


My foodbuzz moo cards! They are so darling!!!!


oatmeal pancakes with dark choco chips. these weren't amazing, but they did the trick.


pumpkin fro yo from TCBY! With reeses on top. YUMMMMM.


bf's mom made us steak, asparagus, a special sweet tater for me :), garlic bread, and clementines. YUM clementines!


you can always tell if i'm having a bad day when i have all liquid for breakfast. i only had the kombucha and kiwi pom tho.


Kiwi pom was yummy! I loved it! Perfect tart and after butter taste like pom juice has. Here are Nutr facts!


sketti, chobs with choc chips, and sugar free pom lemonade. 🙂


a delicious inside pic of my aforementioned calzone


turkey, taters, lettuce, and grape globes. with skim! Jenny-o rotisserie turkey breast from grocery! who knew?!


more turkey and taters leftover ... one of my fave meals.



strawberry kombucha ... had this with an unpictured cinnamon raisin english muffin w/cc.


my study meal 🙂 half a medi sandwich with a bowl of chicken noodle @ panera 🙂 I had a chocolate duet cookie too <.<


another attempt at oatmeal pancakes ... blueberry this time. much better but i need maple syrup badly - honey doesnt cut it.


another view


ate a bunch of these yummy morsels...


blended frozen mixed fruit ...


had tons of these! love these terra chips!


huge cereal mess. nature's path mesa sunrise with grapes, a honey mixture, and bees knees pb


this is the honey mixture - i melted it with a banana 🙂


another turkey burger, lf cottage cheese, and grapes...


grapes were eaten piled with cottage cheese .... yummmmmmm.


tangelo eaten in car ... those things are so juicy.


another pbj


kombucha i love you!


juicy orange


nectarine pom. not as good as kiwi but still awesome! less buttery after taste that i love, more crisp.


trail mix bar. these are all gone now ... sad that they are not 100% natural.


random dinner of cottage cheese with grapes, orange, and farmer's cheese


late night reading and snack of cinnamon raisin english muffins dipped in warm neufatel


okay so pb&co jars do not work for oatmeal in a jar ... plus you have to make sure you get all the lid off or it sparks <.<


tried eating this... unsettled stomach ... threw oats away - shouldn't have added coconut butter too.


instead i had a 2nd orange and some turkey sausage... along with the book I'm reading now


the breakfast of someone who needs to go grocery shopping

That was easier than normal… I do have to say I enjoy posting this way because it is quite easier but it isn’t as nicely formatted.  Oh well, sorry for the messy post I guess!

I’m almost done reading the book that I posted in one of the latter pictures and I have to confess I did not take pictures from the past couple of days :-/

It has been really rough for me lately but I think things are finally looking up.  I hope.  I just need a lot of support I guess.  Anyway…

We have a new general manager finally at work and he is awesome.  My ex boss gave him raving reviews according to an employee that overheard, so I’m on my way to being boss’ pet (lol).  He is going to really turn the store around so I hope work gets better.  I wrote someone up on Sunday and instead of giving him 15 more chances like my ex boss, he is talking about firing the kid.  Wow!  I was impressed.

Anyway, I’m excited about that and I’m happy about my grades so far.  I just need to breathe and be positive!

I also want to be training for a half marathon, but I had this blip so it’s been put on hold.  But alas I will start training soon.

I have actually been keeping up on blogs of y’all but in my downer mood I haven’t been commenting.  Soon!  I promise.  Love you all!


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Giveaway giveaway read alll about itttt!

Posted by buffmuffy on October 20, 2009

Janetha is 6 months old!  Happy half bday girl!  I celebrate all my half bdays myself.  Her blog is only slightly older than mine.

Win a food processor!  OR let me upgrade mine from my even smaller 12$ one.  HAHA.  *cries silently*

IMG_2276LOOK AT HOW EVIL IT IS!  I think it is mocking me …. Lol.

I’ll do a real update eventually.  Probably later today 🙂


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Get Ready For This One…

Posted by buffmuffy on October 14, 2009

A GIANT POST!  What’s new?

Where the heck did I even leave off?

Oh yes … Friday breakfast of kombucha and sandwich and some brand new black dodger pants from Scheels 🙂   They are only 16.99$ and are the most comfortable pants in the world.  Get a size too big and they still look wonderful.  I have so many pairs but I think they were made a little differently cut a year or two ago when I got my first batch…

Anyway.  Moving on to Friday lunch…


This was a delicious baked grilled cheese with nh margarine slathered on the Nature’s Pride whole wheat bread I got from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s Program and some farmer’s cheese.  Definitely a must-remake.  On the side, I had some Terra sweet potato chips and a golden delicious apple.  To drink was stash red, white, and blueberry tea.

And then more tea- mangosteen green.


And then I was off to work – blah!  I am really sick of my job, but there just really isn’t that much else out there. At work, they saved me my fave kind of donut – Triangle donut!  Filled with frosting and icing and coconut on top.  Mm mm!


When I got home, I had dinner:

IMG00495-20091009-2259This was some romaine with feta, golden delicious apple chunks, and greek dressing with some more apple on top and a side of Terra sweet potato chips.  This was pretty good!  I think a vinaigrette would have tasted better, but this was all I had.

IMG00496-20091010-0003This was my delicious Chobani dessert.  I love this stuff!

Saturday morning I decided to try out the samples I got in the mail of Nature Valley nut clusters and trail mix bars.  They had a sample giveout online, so I took advantage of it.

IMG00497-20091010-0810With, I had goji berry green tea.  Unfortunately the trail mix bar, though it says 100% natural ingredients, has high maltose corn syrup in it.  This frustrates me.  I loathe how companies deem it fit to put natural on a product when it contains a high ___ corn syrup in it.  Especially 7up – how dare they? High Fructose Corn syrup is by NO means natural.  It is highly processed.  This makes me so angry I don’t even know what else to say.

ANYWAY.  At work, I believe I had a couple tortillas with beans on them, lettuce, and tomato, and then later a tortilla with tomatoes and cheese.

After work, the boyfriend and I went to Sam’s, Target, and Best Buy.

I got some more farmer’s cheese at Sam’s.  And I found this which the boyfriend bought for us!!!


And boy was this stuff delicious!  I had a small glass when we got home.

At Target, I got a few different things including the following:


CRINKLE sweet potato terra chips WITH sea salt.  PERFECT!


Foodbuzz sent me a coupon to try out another loaf of Nature’s Pride bread, and when I saw this honey wheat, I HAD to have it.  The best part about Nature’s Pride bread is that for 110 calories a slice, the slices are WORTH it.  I like orowheat bread, but the slices are the same calories and a smaller square.  I want to have room to put stuff in there!  Another neat little thing about this bread is that my university uses it!  I was so excited when I saw it in the residence halls.  Woot woot!

Anyway…. the samples from Nature’s Valley also came with coupons, so I bought the other flavour of trail mix bar (actually I think there are 3 or 4) and another flavour of nut clusters (3 or 4 of this too).


After this, I won’t purchase the trail mix bars for the unnatural sweetener, but the nut clusters are freaking amazing!

The boyfriend got us a mini 22″ Samsung LCD to put in the computer room as well.  He wouldn’t pose with it or pose it with the 50″ samsung because he wants to get more in shape first.  What a freaking silly guy huh?

IMG00505-20091010-2049Anyway, it’s pretty cute and he is in love with it.  It make a lot more room in our apartment too.

I also got some cocoa roast almonds at Target and had a bag when we went in Best Buy.


Dinner was a deep dish Pizza Uno pizza that I found at Target.  I had this x2:


Man… the real thing sure is 100x better.  I wish we had one in Omaha.

Anyway, moving on, I had dessert as well… brown cow greek yogurt topped with white chocolate chips, andes chunks, broken up nut cluster, and frozen strawberries.


I also had another bowl of greek yogurt with just the white chocolate chips and andes chunks …  Geez what is wrong with me lately?  I am eating like a guy!




I had a breakfast of nature valley trail mix bar, golden delicious apple, and cocoa roast almonds.  Delicious!  And some stash creme caramel tea.

For lunch I had maybe half or 3/4of this concoction…

IMG00509-20091011-1035Meh.  I hate taco bell, even if made healthy.

Had my best friend’s baby shower to go to for dinner… there I had some puff cheetoes (i know, i know), some meatballs, some fruit, some veggies, some mini weenies, and a few lays.  We had a great time there.

Monday started out with a breakfast of cinnamon raisin english muffins with neufatel cheese… and goji berry green tea.


Isn’t that mug cool?  It is a 32oz insulated mug for hot or cold contents.

For lunch I had a banana with almond butter and some terra sweet potato crinkles…


And while studying for my food management exam, I had a couple snacks…

cocoa roast almonds:


which by the way I am a little irked about!  They contain artificial sweeteners.  This makes me upset.

And then I indulged in a chocolate chocolate chip cookie iced with chocolate frosting.  Holy cow was this huge and DELICIOUS.  They bake these cookies I’ve been showing off here on campus and they are amazing.


And then I took my exam… which I think I may have aced!  Crossing my fingers!

For dinner, I stopped at the grocery (and saw honeycrisp apples and almost died and bought some but resisted for now) and got some veggies and made a curry dish!  I even experimented with tofu.  But upon arriving home, I realized you must drain tofu overnight.  Wtf?  Can anyone give me a tofu cooking lesson, lol?  Anyway, I used the quick drain method (squeezing it as hard as you can and breaking it into little tiny chunks that don’t really add to the dish much) and sauteed them in olive oil and added some sliced tomatoes at the end to heat up…  And I made some brown rice which could have been hydrated a bit better … and then I steamed some acorn squash, carrots, and brussel sprouts.  These were the prettiest veggies ever – it was the first time I used my little steamer that I’ve had for years.. you know those metal things that you put in pans?  Well I didn’t know how to use one until we did our vegetable lab in my food science lab, lol.

Anyway, I added a couple tbsp of curry (could have probably added more) and then mixed together and served.


The boyfriend and I agreed it could have been more flavourful.  Next time  I must use better flavoured veggies (like peppers… the tomatoes added a great taste though) and maybe more curry and definitely some salt and pepper.


It sure is pretty though!  I even had leftovers, which will be consumed tonight before work 😉

Dessert was some white chocolate chips <.<


I ate a bunch of snacky things at work that night.   Eventually I started to feel guilty, and then convinced myself that I would have a long run tomorrow and this was my fuel.

And boy was it!

I started Monday … I mean Tuesday (it felt like monday) off with 3 hours of sleep and a couple extra crispy english muffins with neufatel cheese and raspberry preserves.  The preserves stuck to one side so I had to eat these like sandwiches instead of open face. 😦


Along with, I had some tea.

Oh and during lab we did a bean lab… I had a few samplings of beans but not many and then I had a small piece of red bean pie – tasted like pumpkin pie and I had real whipped cream on top.  YUM!

Prerun, I had some noxplode.  Gosh I hate blue raspberry flavour.  It is okay at first, and then it just annihilates the senses with its vile taste.  Oh well, it must be done.  While I had been falling asleep in class, this immediately perked me up and gave me energy.  I had it in my navitas naturals stainless steel bottle which gets super cold!


I also had a nature valley trail mix bar.


And then I was off!  While I was out, I was determined to run a longer distance than normal.  I ended up running longer than I ever have – 10k! It was difficult to run the whole 6.2 miles without looping around a bunch of times, but that is okay.  Now I know.  My hips were getting really sore near the last couple of miles but I endured.  It took me a long 1:20, but I have embraced that I will never be a fast runner and I did take a lot of walking breaks, though I did run most of it.  It was only maybe 40 degrees out and I had all my gear on!

Ready to run! Wish me luck-shooting for a long one today!

It drizzled in the middle of my run but it stopped after a while.

When I got home, I had a bees knees and strawberry? preserves sandwich and golden delicious apple.


I was feeling sore and a bit off.  I took a very small nap and was interrupted about 10 minutes in … I was cold as well.

We went to barnes and noble and I was feeling REALLY off by this point.  I started to feel nauseous and I knew that the noxplode was accelerating my blood glucose usage.  I knew I had to get some sugar in me.  I’m sorry, but natural sugars (in fruit) are often too slow on uptake and do not help.  And there were not enough preserves to replenish my blood glucose on my sandwich.

So I did what was only necessary.  I got a cookie and hot green tea at Starbucks!  I was glad to get in the car and eat this thing because I was getting really teeter tottering while standing in line with Desi.


Look at how delicious it looks – and it sure was.  It didn’t make me feel better immediately, but it gradually started to go away as the sugar was absorbed into my bloodstream.  By the time we started our lab quiz that night, I started to feel a lot better.  And the green tea warmed me up.

The lab quiz went awful, but I expected as much esp since the last lab quiz.  Muscles were just too hard of a unit.  Knowing specific origins, insertions, and innervations of each freaking muscle is NOT easy.

Anyway, dinner was a can of Campbell’s select harvest savory sausage soup.


Yum!  Love that flavour.  I also had some sandwich thin garlic cheese bread…x2.


And that brings me to today!

Before breakfast, I stopped at the local natural food market in lincoln and got some goodies.  A few highlights besides kombucha were some on sale Chobanis (1.25 each!!!)


some light pomegranate lemonade (sounded so good) and pomegranate jelly (omg can you imagine how good it is going to be?)


Some buy2 get one free fruit leathers …


And these vegan cookies …


Which I had one of for breakfast.  Look, it has a layer of chocolate on the bottom!


I also got a few of these chocolate coconut thingys and had a couple:


They aren’t bad.  Taste a little weird, but doable.

For lunch, I’m having a dark chocolate half cherry half blackberry preserves sandwich and the peach Chobani I got.


Thoughts on the Chobani… not amazing but not bad.  Tastes a little bland, kind of like fruit without the flavour was added.

Annnd last but not least, I bought a couple of books today… hm.  Which one to start first?


Time to rest my EXTREMELY DOM-tacular hips.  Oh man, I hope these heal soon.

Have a great day everyone!  And if you read all that … well … pat yourself on the back.  WOW.  You’re a true muffy-fan. 🙂


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Cold Times Call for Hot Measures

Posted by buffmuffy on October 9, 2009

It is starting to be that time of year again.  When fall turns bitter cold.  Unfortunately it was after a couple weeks of fall.  Hopefully this is just a cold spell in the fall season because I really am not ready for it to be winter yet.  I need time to adjust to the temperatures dang it!  Especially when I hate the cold and I’m aspiring to run through the winter.  Outside.

And as my title suggests…. I have been trying to drink lots of hot tea 🙂  I saw a really cool tumbler at target that steeps loose leaf tea on the go … but all my tea is bagged.  I need a cute thermos!

Anyway… my brand new tattoo is feeling a lot better.  It’s big and it was swollen for a day but it is better now that I have on some comfy sweat pants.  Here is a picture for those of you that didn’t see it on twitter – I had to doctor it a bit so I apologize for the choppiness.  Wanted it to be safe for work viewing ish!  It has saran wrap on it so beware.


And now I have some srs biz to talk about, and hopefully someone will have some insight for me.  I have a feeling that I am either becoming hypoglycemic or that I haven’t had symptoms strong enough to realize until now.  In the past week and day, I have nearly passed out twice.  It has only happened in life once before and I was 17 at work, barely eating because my boyfriend had broken up with me.  I had oj and a bagel and felt better.  Last Thursday I was running on 3 hours of sleep and all I ate was an Amazing Grass bar, tea, and noxplode.  The noxplode only accelerated the process as it makes you burn more energy, or in otherwords burn more blood glucose.  I wrote about this already, but I had a small muffin and felt only slightly better and then had a big cookie and felt tons better.  I even ran that day.

Well, Wednesday night at work I was starting to feel woozy.  I had just gotten my tattoo done, which would also be a cause of lowered blood glucose, and instead of following my tattoo artist’s advice to eat sugar, I thought that a lettuce wrap and chips would be enough.  Unfortunately about an hour later, I almost passed out in the office.  I had to sit down, I drank water, and one of the out of store bosses went to go get me some candy.  I ate one candy and felt okay, and then I had more and felt a lot better.  In both instances, the second thing I ate had protein in it (cookie was made with oats, peanut butter in the candy) which apparently helps with hypoglycemia as I recently found out.

I have purchased a blood sugar monitor from walmart, but unfortunately it came with no test strips.  So I’m at a loss of what to do.  The strips are expensive and i have no health insurance (people keep telling me to go to a doctor but that’s not an option!).  I want to test my blood sugars to see if I really do have a problem, and to monitor said problem so that this doesn’t happen again.  Because it is often sudden onset.  Any suggestions?

Anyway, on to eats!

I left off on Wednesday lunch.  I went home to get my tattoo, and then I had my lacking in carbs dinner that led me to my downward spiral of blood glucose… Jimmy Johns!  I had a veggie unwich (boyfriend thought I didn’t want cheese- wtf?  This probably didn’t help, lol) and some salt and vinegar kettle chips.


Yum yum!

Oh, and I received this lovely package from Pom Wonderful!  It is nectarine and kiwi flavoured pomegranate juice, and I can’t wait to try them!!!!  Yes I got this package for free and no I am not being paid by Pom Wonderful (anyone else think these new blogger rules are dumb?).


But I DO love me some Pom Wonderful.  Holy my I can’t wait to try these!

And then I was brought the following two candies … two of my faves:

Cookies and Cream king size Hershey bar …


Yeah I ate the whole thing and it was amazing but not enough for my blood sugars I guess … and no Hershey’s is not paying me for this (>.<).

And peanut butter m&m's (not paying me either… man I'd be rich if all these companies were though!)


This one made me feel much better.  Yummy!  A coworker ate a few of them for me, hehe.  So I guess I can’t say I ate the whole bag, but I kind of did lol.

Anyway, woke up with 3 hours of sleep like always on Thursday mornings and decided to have a carbalicious proteintastic breakfast.  Enter 2 extra crispy orowheat english muffins with bees knees pb and wholesome sweeteners honey:


Delicious!  Paid for orowheat and bees knees … got wholesome sweeteners honey for free but am not being paid to advertise.  Gosh, I feel like I’m being excessive on this new rule – do I really have to disclose everything?

I went to my lab and I didn’t pass out!  I even accidentally stayed longer than I was supposed to.  I was working in another residence hall kitchen.  It was fun.  I got many compliments on my work ethic there. 🙂  I didn’t get to eat there though, and I had to go to anatomy lecture so I didn’t get to eat lunch until almost 1.  But it sure was delicious!


Another dark chocolate covered cherry sandwich!  This time I piled on the preserves and it was PERFECTO.  Yum yum!  Look at all this gooey goodness:


!!!! In love with these.

I didn’t realize that I hadn’t eaten much until I was in lab.  I was failing on food intake!  I did have a caramel apple sucker though.   So I was super ready to eat dinner when I got home around 930pm.

I had a Campbell’s Select harvest chicken noodle with whole grain pasta (not free, bought it at store) and a Chobani Pineapple (free, won in a contest; don’t fine me 11 grand)…


Great dinner!  I am in LOVE with pineapple Chobani.  IN LOVE!!!

I had another caramel apple sucker too.. those things are good!

This morning I woke up and failed to find that I brought my favorite jeans along with.  Instead I only had a pair of too-tight-to-wear-with-new tattoo jeans.  So I had my breakfast in the parking lot of Scheels, waiting for it to open.  I got a lovely pair of black dodger pants – these sweat pants are my FAVORITE.  I get them a size too big and they are amazing.  I already have black ones but I can’t find them and you always need more than one pair.  I promptly changed in my car, lol.

Breakfast was another dark chocolate covered cherry sandwich and a raspberry kombucha!


Desi decided that she hates kombucha, so I got all 3 of her bottles!  Yay!  Lol.

Anyway, time for class!  You all have a great day!


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New Running Route

Posted by buffmuffy on October 7, 2009

Okay so I have to admit.  Right after I posted on Monday, I went out to explore what was beyond the parking lots on East Campus and I definitely found a new running route!  I went running immediately.  I didn’t do much because I was VERY short on time, but I got the picture.  It is basically down a few sidewalks and into a corn field.   I run along the tracks for the tractor.  More on this later…

There is also a tractor testing track made of concrete and I always wondered about it for running but I was too afraid to ask.  But I saw a runner out there stretching the other day so…. Yeah.  Thinking it might be another option.  Because I’m done on treadmills.  An option for wet days … and yeah.  More on this later.

Anyway, I left off with lunch on Monday so I’ll hop, skip, and jump into dinner.


Remember my garbage soup?  Well this, ladies and gents, is garbage rice.  Sounds exciting right?  And boy was it!  In it I have brown rice (obvi), lima beans, water chestnuts, green beans, assorted color peppers, salt, pepper, and mesquite flavoured chicken breast.  This was great!  It needed a little more flavour or kick though, and next time if I use regular chicken I am SO making a curry dish.  We made a curry dish in lab that I will talk about in a bit and I loved it.  I have never had it before!

Anyway, I worked and cheated a bit… and had some of this ….


It is fried flatbread covered in cinnamon sugar.  Yeah… We can forget that ever happened 🙂

When I woke up, I felt pretty good.  Not too tired.  Four hours is something I can handle-it’s the 3 hours that kills me from the inside out and back in.

For breakfast, I had 2 orowheat sourdough english muffins.  One had strawberry preserves and the other had apricot preserves – all on nh margarine.  Yummy!  These Polander apricot preserves don’t taste as good and zingy to me as the sugar free smuckers kind, but meh.  They do taste more real.  Perhaps they are too zingy, and I’m using too much. Haha.  Noted…

No picture though and I’m not sure why!

In lab that morning, we made meat dishes.  I reeked of meat afterwards and it was disgusting!  I hated it.  But I got to try a lamb curry dish and I loved it.  It was so amazing.  I had a few bites of that, a couple bites of stir fry, and a few bite size pieces of different kinds of meats.  I probably had about 100 calories or so of food, so it warranted eating lunch afterwards. 🙂


For lunch I made a dark chocolate blackberry sandwich… which wasn’t as good as strawberry but only because I didn’t have enough preserves on it I think.  Because the middle was amazing, just not the edges.  Glob on those preserves I tell you!  Lol.

After eating this and going to lecture, we went over to Desi’s house where I proceeded to have a couple halloween oreos (i know, but they were for HALLOWEEN) and a couple tootsie pops (again … for halloween…) and like 5 flavoured tootsie rolls (HALLOWEEN people HALLOWEEN!!  I have to celebrate!)… I wanted to run so bad but I had to study for my anatomy quiz.  Blech.  And then I had some Tuscany Soup from Campbell’s Select Harvest… Oops this one is not rotated!


We went to lab dreading the quiz … This had to be the worst quiz to date.  We had to know the anterior muscles and the nerves that innervate them, and for half of them we had to know their origins and insertions as well.  Needless to say this was not my best quiz.  And then we also had a popquiz at the end of class which I also did horrible on.  There is just way too much to remember!  Ask me something about the skeleton again, please!  Lol.  I know most of the muscles and where they are and the majority of the nerves that innervate them, but I fall short on origins and insertions.  Not to mention we had 2 days in class to learn them ALL and the rest was up to us.  And then we learned about the posterior muscles… same situation … and we have thursday to start Nerves I think…. annnnd then we have a quiz on tuesday again.  Argh!  This class is going to kill me!

Anyway, when we got back home Desi made some “Desirae Soup” that I had a bowl of.  The whole apt reeked of bacon thereafter though and I was getting pretty sick of smelling like meat, lol.  Anyway the soup had a base of velveeta, water, and skim milk.  Added in was potatoes, bacon, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots I think.  It was pretty good.


And for dessert, I had a delicious Pineapple Chobani.


I SWEAR this yogurt tastes like less cold ice cream.  I am so in love with it’s thick, creaminess.  Perfect dessert for winter because it doesn’t chill you!  Besides pie obviously.

And then I got a good 8 hours of sleep!  Woo hoo!

When I woke up this morning, I was ready to go.  I wanted to get to campus early and go running on my newly found east campus track.  For prerun, I ate a pomegranate Chobani.


And here is what you’ve been waiting for from the beginning (or not, lol).

I got to campus around 855 and was expecting to get out by 9.  I just had to change my shoes and put on my garmin.  Well, my garmin hr strap was cold and didn’t want to work. It was only 34 degrees out this morning!  Crazy! So I spent a while warming it up until it finally started working.  And then I was off!  The downside of this trail is not only that is only just over 2 miles long … it is the fact that it is in a field and it gets muddy when it is wet.  It didn’t rain or anything, but it must have drizzled a little over night or something.  My shoes got caked in mud on the bottom.  The tops didn’t get too dirty thank goodness, and I was able to run most of the mud off of my shoes.  I spent a little time pausing the garmin and taking mud off my shoes, and forgot to turn it back on so I tried to rerun what it missed to figure out how long the course was, but I ended up going probably 2.3 miles instead of just 2.  I wanted to go more, but dang was it muddy.  Next time… well I don’t know about next time.  I just hope it isn’t as muddy haha.  Perhaps I will just run on the sidewalks, since it looks like that seems to be an option too.  I’ll try that next time.

Anyway, by the time I got back it was warmed up 10 degrees 🙂  All that heat coming off of me during my run must have warmed the skies!

I turned in a lab report and then went to go get a yummy breakfast!  I was thinking that a bagel and cream cheese sounded amazing, so I got that with a side of this fruit that I just couldn’t resist…


It contained kiwi, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, and pineapple.  Omg, heaven.

You can see my amazing grass shaker back there – I love putting water in it.

Well, I’m off to class now!

After class, I’m heading back to Omaha (and yes I’m skipping my 4pm class lol) because I’m getting a new tattoo!!!!

I’ll be posting it on twitter, so follow me @buffmuffy and see it there later tonight 🙂


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Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sandwich

Posted by buffmuffy on October 5, 2009

Hello all!  I left you on Wednesday lunch.  It has been too long again.  You’ll just have to get used to these monster posts I guess 🙂

After my boring drive home Wednesday, I was ready for dinner before I had to go to work.

IMG00423-20090930-1831I tried something new … savory oats.  And I’m going to say now that these definitely are not my thing – because of the texture of the oats in there.  But this dish with rice I bet would be freaking amazing.

Anyway, you guys might like it – I had a serving of oatmeal cooked up with chunks of farmer’s cheese and turkey sausage, and on top I added a couple eggs and topped them with sea salt and I think a bit of pepper.  The oats just were too bland at the bottom though, and the first half was good but the second half was not.  I’m not sure why, but like I said this dish would be amazing with rice in my opinion, and a bit of spinach cooked in!

Anyway, I went to work and blah blah.  I can’t wait to get a new job, lol.

I woke up extremely tired, as if I had gotten maybe a half hour sleep instead of 3 hours.  Still, I was running close to empty.

For breakfast, I had a cup of noxplode, some chai tea, and a peanut butter amazing grass protein bar.

IMG00424-20091001-0647This breakfast was a mistake I think.  I didn’t drink much of the tea, but I forced the noxplode down (blue raspberry is not so great, lol) and I ate the bar and it just wasn’t doing it for me.

I went to my morning lab which was at a residence hall this time, and worked in the salads kitchen tubbing up fresh lettuce and veggies and fruit.  I then made a salad dressing and started to pour in the salad ingredients when I got switched down to the bakery to make monster cookies.  I had a lot of fun in the bakery… until I started to feel really woozy.  I started to stagger a bit and I knew this feeling – I was going to pass out.

I calmly notified the bakery girl I was working with who was extremely sweet and she had me go sit down.  It wasn’t helping, but I wasn’t passing out.  My body was craving sleep and energy.  She then took me upstairs and told me to get something to eat.  My body was on empty.  It had no more energy left.

Here is my theory.  When I get this little of sleep and don’t eat much for breakfast, I haven’t given myself any energy to run off of let alone any sleep to run off of.  I’m assuming my blood glucose level gets really low and I start to feel hypoglycemic.  With the addition of noxplode, an energy booster, it only accelerates this.  When I consume sugar, I feel much better.  So I’m attributing it to a blood sugar problem.  I got a monitor, but it didn’t come with any test strips…so I guess I’ll have to wait to test that out because those things are expensive and I have no health insurance 😦

Anyway… moving on.  While I was at the residence hall (which by the way has awesome food) I had a mini muffin and I tried to have an apple but the apple was too sour for my sensitive tummy.  I then grabbed one of the monster cookies that I helped make in the bakery and I also had some cold water.  I felt much better but I went ahead and left early.  I stopped at the rec center and laid down in the sauna for a while which also helped, along with walking around in the fresh air.

I went to lecture feeling great.  After lecture, we went to Desi’s house and we were actually planning on going on a run.  Granted I was super sore from my workout the day before (lifting and some cardio) and feeling like I had minor shin splints but I wanted to go anyway.  It was such a nice day out.IMG00425-20091001-1456

I had this Total sample as a prerun snack.  It was tasty!  I thought about getting some in the store the other day – it was really good to eat as finger food.  Maybe next time I’ll get a box.

And then we ran around her apartment complex.  I am so happy we did this because there is a gorgeous trail behind it that seems to go on forever and ever and I’m going to be able to go there on my own during my breaks when I go over to her house.  I finally have a place to run outside besides driving to the lake we went to a couple times.  Now I just have to find a place to run outside that is on east campus.  I can’t find anything that is within walking distance and it irks me!  Perhaps I’ll just go running and explore or something one day.

Anyway, when we got back I had the best sandwich known to mankind, thus my title.  A Dark chocolate covered strawberry sandwich on Nature’s Pride 12 grain bread.  Oh. Em. Gee.  Everyone has to try this combination now:


YUM.  It tasted SO good.  I ate it while I was stretching immediately after my run, and as you can see in the picture I’m also icing my shins.

This sandwich contained pb&co dark chocolate dreams pb, strawberry preserves, and 12 grain nature’s pride bread.  MUST TRY!

Speaking of icing, I iced and I felt amazing afterwards.  My legs weren’t sore!  I know I need to stretch more, but icing really helps.  I couldn’t believe it.  I would have never iced my legs in the past because I was always so cold, but now that I’m a lot healthier I don’t get as cold as easily.


Desi made us some Red Zinger tea before lab, and it was delicious.  You probably can’t read the quote on the tag and I can no longer remember it, lol.

After lab, I had a bowl of Campbell’s select harvest soup: chicken with egg noodles.


I also snagged a piece of pepperoni pizza since Desi’s roommate got pizza for her and her friends and they couldn’t eat the last piece.  Why the heck not, right?  Lol.

Later that night during studying I wanted a sweet snack, so I dove into my Kashi Honey Sunshine sample.


(whoops my pic is upside down!  dang phone)

This I didn’t like so much, so I got a mug and poured in some skim milk and it was a little better.  Just tasted a little off – I gave my bf one of the coupons I got with the box and he is going to try it … I’ll have to report on how he likes it.  I think it would have been really good with fresh fruit on top though.

I was studying for an exam that I had in the morning for my food safety class.  Meh.

I ate breakfast …


This was a bees knees and blackberry preserves sandwich on Nature’s Pride 12 grain bread.  Delicious.
IMG00438-20091002-0910Look at this bread!  I love the oatmeal flakes on top and the seeds in the bread.  So yummy.

My exam went well.  I felt confident about pretty much all the questions and gave as elaborate answers as I could.  I am hoping that I aced it.

Anyway, I was on my way home (early!) and stopped at home to pick up my tattoo design and then headed out to my tattoo artist.  I showed him my pics … and we set up a date for the upcoming Saturday!  I can’t wait!!! I’m mondo excited!!!  I’m hoping it doesn’t put me out from running for too long … it could be up to a week!  Depends on how it is healing, but I’m sure it will only be a couple days – Saturday night through Monday is what I’m hoping for, and then back to training on Tuesday which would be perfect.  That means I have to pump it out HARD this week.


I had this bar as a snack.  GOSH I love this flavour!

And my package from Chobani came!  I won healthy HealthyTastyChow’s giveaway (a local omahaian!  lol!) and got 6 Pomegranate and 6 pineapple Chobani Greek yogurts.  YAY! (sorry for the sideways pic >.<)


I also got a lovely package from my buddy Janetha b!  Love you sweety!  I wanted to try this flavour of PB&Co and haven’t seen it anywhere in town.  And she added a cute little silverware set with it 😀

IMG00442-20091002-1407Aw 🙂

Anyway, I immediately wanted to try my new things so I made a prework meal… A pita pancake with Greek Yogurt on the side.


I tried the pomegranate Chobani and it was delicious.  It had little pomegranate seeds(?) in it and was lovely.  This one is 0% milkfat,

which is normally what I prefer just because it is still thick and creamy and delicious without the added fats.

The pita I spread mighty maple on, Wholesome sweeteners organic honey, and some strawberry preserves.  It was yummy!


Work was okay and busy I guess … then went home to have yet another breakfast as a meal.  This time I had some turkey sausage, some eggs, some pineapple chobani, and some qdoba chips that my boyfriend had leftover.  Big dinner but it got the job done.

FUNNY STORY about this dinner (or not so funny)… I poked into one of the egg yolks and it exploded into my eye.  Most of it went on my eyelid though and I now have a burned eyelid.  Heh.

Now this pineapple chobani was more of a dessert.  It was absolutely delicious.  Like ice cream, but not cold.  Omg.  I loved it.  This one is 2% milkfat.  It is like 30 more calories I think.  I might be able to sacrifice 30 dirty calories for this taste.  Haha.  But no discrimination to 0% milkfat yogurts.  I think I am in love with Chobani.  I just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive!

Anyway.  Saturday was a stressful day.  We were shorthanded and very busy.  I held up my own making food by myself though, so I can’t say it was awful.  For breakfast I had a chocolate brownie Pure bar.


I had some food at work too, but it wasn’t much and I don’t remember what it was.

I also had a CranberryOrange Pure bar because I could feel my blood sugars dropping after such a hard day.


When I got home, the boyf and I were planning on going to Walmart and then getting dinner at Jason’s Deli, a local real food deli.   To counteract the healthiness, I grabbed this at Walmart and scarfed it down.


Hey, my blood sugars were crying again.  I wanted to comfort them.  It often seems that I need straight up sugar in larger amounts when this happens to feel completely better.  And this is one of my faves!

At Jason’s Deli, I got a free Mediterranean wrap since they screwed up my last one if you might recall.  Yay!  My boyf didn’t think they would give it to me and he didn’t really even care (he was paying too), but I work in food service and knew they’d be idiots to not give it to me because every good business cares more about customer service than food costs.

Anyway, I got organic blue tortilla chips with homeade salsa on the side along with some peppers my boyfriend got for me from his salad bar and two hardboiled eggs.  Yum, another big dinner!  Haha I have been a hungry girl (and my weight has been maintained I might add).

This wrap had field greens, roasted red pepper hummus, turkey, avo slices, roma tomatoes, and the peppers I added.  It was kind of bland to be honest, but oh well.  Their salad bar is nuts though – I think next time I am just getting a side salad!


For dessert (#2) I had a bag of strawberry peanut butter m&m’s to try.  They weren’t too bad, but I prefer just regular pb m&m’s 🙂


While we were out, I also stopped at Ulta because I needed new makeup and I found this set that would satisfy my needs for cheap!  And then I also got this lovely blackberry body lotion 🙂  It smells amazing!


On Sunday, I was not looking forward to work at all.  Can’t I just have a day off of everything for once?  Okay, it is coming on the 20th of October and I am going to relish every second of it.

Anyway, I had a chocolate amazing grass energy bar (which are pretty good!) for breakfast.


I had a bunch of teenagers that day so it was quite annoying.  But it was also super slow that day so I was bored out of my mind most of the day.

For lunch I had chicken, lettuce, and tomato on a flatbread.

When I got home, the boyf was taking me to Hyvee so I could get salad bar.  I got some romaine, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and egg and then topped it with greek dressing I had at home.  I also got some mixed fruit on the side and had a few crab rangoon 😉


For a snack later I had some of the Bear Naked Fruit and Nut granola I got with a coupon in a pomegranate chobani.  It was pretty yum.


Sorry for the sideways pic again!

I am def missing my chocolate now though … I long for adding in dark chocolate chips.  I need to remember to buy some!

I got a lot of stuff done last night which was nice.

This morning I had a big yummy breakfast.  It consisted of an orowheat sourdough english muffin with nh margarine and blackberry preserves followed my a savory sourdough english muffin with turkey sausage, egg, and farmer’s cheese.  Yum!

IMG00457-20091005-0936Check out this layerage!


And for lunch I packed a golden delicious apple and a sandwich with almond butter and black cherry preserves on 12 grain bread.  I think I like the pb&co pbs on pbj combos and almond butter better on fruit or as a topping or on sandwich thins.  Too much bread hides the flavour of the almond butter!


On the side I had an unpictured cup of chicken noodle soup that was mostly broth and had no chicken in it, lol.  That was kind of what I wanted anyway, as I already had a hefty lunch in store.  I just wanted something to warm me up.

And with that said, that is all I have for you food wise!

As far as school goes, I’m pretty frustrated with my food management lab ta.  He gave me an awful grade on my first lab report (but thankfully the second one was not so awful) and I don’t know why!  And I don’t want to email or meet with him about it because I’m pretty sure he hates me.  I just didn’t want to do bad on my second lab report!  I emailed him last week asking where to turn in our lab reports, and he responded with “Did you not listen in class?” !!!! Nothing else – no name, no response, just that smart a** comment.  I emailed him back that I had forgotten and that there was no reason to be rude.  He emailed back to put it in his mailbox.  Well gee, that really helps.  So I finally found it in my notes and was able to turn it in.  I lost 5 points on my attire if you will recall (I forgot my uniform) but after that only lost 3 more points, so I’d say that is pretty darn good!  The first one I just have no clue as to why I did bad.  I’ll have to wait to find out I guess.  Since I did well on the second lab report, I’ll just assume it was one of those assignments you hand in that just doesn’t get a good grade.  Ah well.

The last thing I want to talk about today is my frustration with running on treadmills.  I just hate doing it.  I wish there was a place to run on east campus, and I have mentioned that thousands of times.  I love running outside.  I feel like I’m part of nature.  The wind pushes or pulls and creates a wonderful, crazy feeling in me.  On my run on Thursday around the trail, I felt alive.  I was slow and sore but I felt like roaring and I did a couple times.  I was just so happy and feeling so great that I wanted to have the wind wrap me up and fling me into a far away land where nature rules supreme.

And for all you runners out there that DON’T ice when sore … try it.  It works.  And don’t forget to stretch!

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Training Urges

Posted by buffmuffy on September 30, 2009

Hi, all!  It’s me, not updating a week later!  Aren’t you excited?

First things first … food.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

I left off on Monday midday…

When I got home I found a lovely package from Foodbuzz!  They sent out an email for a new product to try from Nature’s Pride.

IMG00400-20090928-1827My boyfriend has bought this bread before, and he liked it.  These were two newer flavours I’m guessing.  They have 110 calories per slice and all natural ingredients.

For dinner that night I had a pita pizza with farmer’s cheese, spinach, tomato, and basil.  On the side, I had the last of my Terra sweet potato chips.  Delicious!


I was craving sweets after this dinner, so I had a big spoonful of PB&co Dark Chocolate Dreams.  The perfect snack!  Loves it!


At work, I found what I was craving …. cupcakes.  So I had some frosting and a tiny bite of cupcake and called it good.  Moderation, right?

Anyway, worked all night and my boyf helped me wake up the next morning.  He was in a good mood and was so sweet laying in bed with me until I was awake and ready to get up.

For breakfast I had two orowheat english muffins with strawberry preserves and nh margarine.  Delicious.


I packed a lunch, but ended up not eating it until today … will get to it in a minute.

Instead, we had our gelatin and salads lab this morning.  I actually ate lunch pretty much in class.  I don’t know how much I ate, but I ate enough to sustain me for a while.  I didn’t sample any of the tuna salads because they looked awful (I don’t like crunchies in my tuna), but I did have some of the antipasto platter (1 slice ham, 1 deviled egg), some fruit salad (a piece of kiwi, chunk of pineapple, sliver of orange, grape half, banana slice), some of the fruit salad which was really good with sugar coated almonds and mandarin oranges, some hot german potato salad (2 spoon servings of this, it was great with eggs, tatos, bacon, chives?, and vinegar)… pineapple fluff, lime bavarian cream with chocolate graham cracker crust, orange jellos of different types, and last but not least, what i made: strawberry chiffon.

Strawberry Chiffon

Isn’t it pretty????

I had a spoon or two of everything listed sans the tuna salads.  Again, not sure how much food I really ate, but it wasn’t too much.

I took a half hour nap in my car and then went to lecture.

Anyway, after anatomy lecture Desi and I had planned a run, so I ate my Love Force Chocolate Orange bar.


It was delicious!  Perfect amount of orange flavour and wonderful coconut shred texture like normal.  I love these bars.  I hope I can find them in a store somewhere soon.


I love how they are pretty much made with a base of ground, soaked nuts and then a bunch of stuff is mixed in.  Love these so much.  Maybe I should try making my own, eh?  May not look as pretty but I bet they’d be easy to make!

We then went on our run.  I wanted to go two times around the lake (just over 5.5 miles) but unfortunately Desi had studying to do so I could only go around for 2.28 miles.  I was tired from 4 hours of sleep, but I was feeling good.  Afterwards however I was really feeling exhausted, so I took a nap.  We are planning on running around the lake every Tues and Thurs (hopefully we will be able to do it 2 times around, otherwise I’m going to just drive there myself probably or finish running back at her apt).  I have lots of training to do.  On Monday and Wednesday, I run on east campus treadmills (they don’t have a track >.<).  I need to start running on Friday mornings before class too, but my schedule hasn’t permitted it thus far.

I want to do one long run a week on the weekend, but it is hard with my work schedule.  Therefore I’m going to start running at night on either Saturday or Sunday and it will be over 5 miles.

The plan is to up my mileage .5 miles each week.  I currently do at least 3 miles, but can easily do more.  Since I am running 5.5 miles on Tues/Thurs starting hopefully Thurs, I need to start running 5.5 miles on MWF as well, and then once I’m comfortable doing that every day, I will up it to 6.

Anywho, after the run and my nap, I had a few black pepper and olive oil triscuits (dang those things are strong but good) and then we had our anatomy lab.

After lab, I made a can of Campbell’s select harvest Italian Style Wedding.  It was good texture, but I think the chicken broth threw the flavour off.


Desi made something called Taco Pie, which I sampled and then had a second serving of…


It had cheese, sour cream, ground beef, refried beans, black olives… and then you add tortilla chips, romaine, and a sour cream/salsa mixture on top.  Delicious actually!  The lettuce really made it yummy.

And then it was bedtime!

Upon waking up, I felt rested but sore!  Not from my run, but from sleeping on the futon.  Heh.  I was sore yesterday from lifting… my back and shoulders mainly.  This means I need to work harder on my abs, I want them to be sore sore sore!  I can definitely tell a difference in my running with stronger muscles though, especially a stronger core.  I think training your arms is also essential because otherwise they get tired.

For breakfast, I had my last *sniffle* Love Force bar.  My gosh these things have treated me well.  This flavour was Fig Ginger.  I was very skeptical about this flavour.


You know what?  Not bad.  It tasted like a big fatty Fig Newton, but with a hint of Ginger added.  I personally think it would have tasted better sans ginger, but only because I’m not a ginger fan.


Good breakfast though, and good nutrition stats.  Just perfect!

I had time before class when I got to campus, so I worked on my menu project.  I think it turned out really nice, so hopefully we get a good grade on it.  I would have rather done it all myself to be honest, but oh well.

For lunch, I tried my new 12 grain Nature’s Pride bread.  Mind you this bread has been sitting in my car/fridge since yesterday morning so I was worried it would have been soggy.  I had carrot sticks on the side.


On the sandwich was almond butter and apricot preserves.  Surprisingly the bread was not soggy in the least bit!  Pb usually doesn’t make bread soggy but preserves sure will.  So I was pleasantly surprised.  This bread had grain chunks in it, and it tasted so awesome!  I wish it had less calories, but that is okay.  If it is good for me, I will compromise.

I was going to grab a cup of soup from campus to go with, but I didn’t like the flavours I saw today.  I then saw a pan of delicious looking fruit crisp bars … and I had to have one.


Yummy!  Would you pay a dollar for this?  I sure would.  Fresh made here on campus, too.

And that is where I’m at now.  I was going to write a lab report but I just realized I kind of need my book for that…  So I’m going to attempt writing something but otherwise I’m heading to the gym!  I only have until 245, but I plan on being there until then.  I hate treadmills though, so that is my only obstacle.

As my title suggested, I am training.  I don’t have any 5ks or 10ks or half marathons that I know of to enter, but I want to train for one so that when one pops up I can enter.  I did 5ks back in the day, and I miss them.  I wasn’t near in the shape I am now as far as running goes though.  I could run them the whole way but I wasn’t very strong so it was a struggle.  Now, I can run a lot longer without struggling, I just need to build up my endurance so I can run without stopping.  I do a lot of walk run training anyway though, because it helps endurance increase.

That’s all for now!


PS Want to try pumpkin butter?  I sure do…  Check out this giveaway!

Annnd this amazing bar giveaway!

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Monster Post… Again

Posted by buffmuffy on September 28, 2009

Hi guys!  I know it has been nearly a week since I last posted … I’ve been entirely way too busy but I got all my anatomy tests over and done with.  I have a couple exams coming up still but they aren’t as information intensive.  I ended up getting a pretty avg grade on my lecture exam, but I did get an 85% on my lab practical.  Considering that I had that whole stack of notecards to know just for the lab practical and half of them were covered on one side with information, I think I did fairly well.  I think I made a lot of stupid mistakes, or things were just marked unclearly for certain things I missed.  It’s hard not to have those kind of mistakes.  Oh well.

Today is a fall day for sure.  It is chilly out, and I’m loving it.  I decided to wear a tank with a long sleeve … thingy… over it.


Unfortunately I spilled some of my tea on it and had to washit immediately, but thankfully I also had a black one that actually went better with my outfit so I put that one on instead.  Woot!

I last left off Tuesday midday.  I had a snack somewhere in the middle of the day of bagel and cream cheese.  I don’t remember when… but here it is on my phone … haha.


Yum… sideways too.  They taste better that way 😉  I actually think I ate this on wednesday.  I dunno.

For dinner, I had a all natural Campbell’s soup … savory sausage and vegetable.

IMG00336-20090922-2351Check out the nutrition facts on this baby:


This soup was awesome.


For dessert, I had possibly this whole bag of chocolate covered mixed fruit that I actually found at walmart.  I also tried some chocolate covered goji berries, but I’ll post about those in a bit.  These little morsels sure were addicting and delicious!



For breakfast, I had a Chocolate Lemon Love Force bar.


I definitely think it should have included more lemon flavour!  Don’t be shy, Love Force!  It was a yummy breakfast.


IMG00342-20090923-1200Lunch included this banana and bees knees pb.  Yummy!

I then had a handful of these before my workout.

IMG00343-20090923-1204These things are soooo good and I can’t believe I found them at walmart.  They also had pom too… I need to try it!  Expensive but you get tons.  These were a great preworkout booster and were slightly cold and tasted great that way.  They also tasted great later in the day a little warmer … and the rest of them disapeared over the next couple days… I dunno how it happened but they aren’t there anymore!

Anyway, I also had dos mango O.N.E. coconut waters for my workout…


…and I rememebered to bring my footpod!


I could barely even tell it was there unless I looked down and saw it!  It was awesome!  And I had to calibrate it… I went 2 strong miles and then just wasn’t in the mood anymore.  So I lifted some weights and did some strong abs.  I’m starting to feel the effects!  I am feeling awesome!

For dinner, I had a bowl of corn, some Goji Pomegranate green tea, and some Terra sweet potato chips.


The tea…look at this super cute box!!!!


And then off to work I went!


Thursday started out in disaster.  I woke up an hour late, threw on clothes, and burst out the door 15 minutes late.  Breakfast consisted of a sugar free redbull (gift from a coworker), some goji pom tea (yes, in a nalgene), and a Granola Cacao Love Force bar.


Holy Moly was this bar good!  I was in love with the cacao beans on top… I don’t know if these were cacao beans actually but whatever they were … they were DELICIOUS.  I knew I needed a higher calorie bar since I wasn’t going to be eating for a while (4 hour lab).


I drove a little more aggressively on my hour long drive to Lincoln and made it there by 8am.  I walked into lab where everyone was putting on their hairnets and aprons (it is a food management lab and we spend most of the weeks helping out in the kitchens at campus or dining halls).  I walked up to my teacher to ask for an apron and she inquired about my attire … said it didn’t match.  Like an idiot (with only 3 hours of sleep) I replied that my socks matched and promptly showed them to her.  She then looked at me and said, “yes, but it isn’t white.   And you’re wearing jeans.  Where is your uniform?”

O. M. G.  I had totally forgot that I needed to be wearing black pants and a white shirt… and here I was standing in an orange shirt with dark jeans.  Wow.  I was totally embarrassed and I felt like I dissapointed a grandparent.

Anyway, lab went fine I guess.  I panned up some beef, cut up celery, made some reubens (ew), made some asian chicken salads, and a few other random tasks.  I lost 5 points for my outfit.  *cry*

At this point I was ready for lunch.  I tried out the new Amazing Grass Peanut Butter Protein bar.


Oh. Em. Gee.  This bar was GLORIOUS.


Look at its greeny gloriousness!  It tasted soooooo peanut buttery and good.  I LOVED this bar.  AMAZING job, Amazing Grass (See link on sidebar to order!!!)!!!!! 10 thumbs up!  And 270 cals with 12g of protein, along with the amazing grass green superfood blend.  Wonderful!

I was still hungry, but I had lecture to attend.  So I ate this Kashi raspberry chocolate bar instead on the way (also because I didn’t really bring anything for lunch).

IMG00358-20090924-1144I don’t remember when I ate this peach, but I’ll throw it in here.


For dinner, I had me some soup, the rest of my flax bread from Love Force, and the rest of my pepperjack cheese while I studied for my lab practical after a wonderful 3 hour nap.


The soup was from Cambell’s natural line of soups.  This flavour was Teriyaki Chicken Noodle.  Super Yum!IMG00363-20090924-1733And then was the lab practical, which we got in an hour later than expected.  Ah well.  Got to study extra.

When we got home, I was craving sweets, so I lucked out when Desi asked if I wanted a root beer float.  I said sure – without the rootbeer.  So I had some vanilla bean ice cream. 🙂



Friday started out blah.  I had a tremendous headache and I had to sit and watch a completely boring slightly entertaining lecture about Fiber during the Nutrition Update here on campus instead of class.  Yawn!  Before I went I tried the new Amazing Grass Berry Superfood bar.


Not so much.  Definitely not a favorite.  I think if it were chocolate covered I would have enjoyed it a lot more, or if it had chunks of fruit in it.


Would still be a good bar for those days when craving grass, but not on other days.

When I arrived on campus, I decided to grab a bagel and cream cheese because I was still hungry as the berry amazing grass bars have only 210 calories.

IMG00371-20090925-1006As mentioned already, the lecture thing was boring.

I was ready to go home for sure!!

Once I arrived at home, I had lunch/dinner.

IMG00372-20090925-13182 orowheat english muffins with blackberry preserves and nh margarine, a peach, and some turkey sausage patties.  Yum yum!  I caught up on 90210 and watched most of ANTM.  And then off to work I went!

Our area coach brought peanut butter m&m’s finally since he owed them to us for doing a good job on a sunday 3 or so weeks ago … so I had many handfuls ^_^


When I got home, I caught up on more DVR.


I started Saturday off right with a lovely Love Force bar.


Chocolate Mint was incredible.  There was a small hint of mint, but also a strong emination of coconut shreds.  Holy moly was this bar to die for!  The texture was incredible.


Great nutrition facts, too!  I love these bars so much!

At work, I sampled the bear naked granola sample I got in the mail…


Oops, forgot to rotate that one!  I added in some pb m&m’s…


It took me forever to eat this because we were MONDO busy.

The actual granola was very cinnamon raisiny but I liked it.  Not the best with pb m&m’s, but it was good.

For dinner, my boyf wanted to treat me to something nice.  So he got us Chili’s to go and surprised me with my fave dish: Cedar plank tilapia.  The lime pesto or whatever that is on top is freaking amazing.  I also had 3 unpictured shrimps that he got for me.  Yum yum!


That night we played some Halo ODST, caught up on tv, and indulged in some alcoholic treats… mine was Smirnoff Tuscany Lemonade with seltzer and Pom Wonderful added.  It was amazing!  I also had one without pom.  It was actually my boyf’s idea!


The night didn’t go very well at the end, but all that matters is that things are okay now!


For breakfast, I had another Love Force bar!  This time I tried Chocolate Vanilla.  I was a little depressed, so I didn’t eat it right away and instead ate it at work.


This bar was delicious.  I really enjoyed it.  I love how most of the bars have coconut in them.  It really makes for a pleasurable texture.


Hm, lunch.  I don’t recall what I ate.  Perhaps some bean on tort, or perhaps it was a bunch of pb m&m’s…. <.<  No pics so I guess we’ll never know!

For dinner, I had another breakfast.  Haha.  I had a couple eggs, turkey sausage, and some greek yogurt with pineapple and coconut on top.  On the side, I had some lovely chocolate mint oolong stash tea.

IMG00384-20090927-1839The greek yogurt I found was actually at walmart in lincoln- i got a cooler just to take it back to omaha with me!  It was only 3$ a big tub!

IMG00383-20090927-1835It is pretty good too.  It isn’t Fage or Oikos, but it will do.

During the night, I indulged in the following snacks …


(yes I ate the whole bar minus one square)


(many glasses of this!)


Yep…  And my weight is back down and hopefully on the way to my goal shape.

Monday (today)

For breakfast today, I made my own McMuffins.  I prefer McGriddles, but I didn’t have time to make maple infused pancakes.  Haha.

First I toasted some orowheat english muffins.  Then I added microwaved eggs.  On top, I added a slice of fake cheese (note to self: use real cheese next time), folding in the corners.


Then, I cooked the sausage in the microwave and added it on top of the cheese, and then put the whole sandwich in the microwave to melt the cheese.. and voila!


(ps I apologize for my dirty stove/toaster – I need to clean badly!)

MuffyMcMuffins (McMuffys?)  with creme caramel stash tea on the side.

Yes, I am Mizzou Alum.  But only because I transfered to University of Nebraska 😉

ANYWAY.  I brought the other half of my greek yogurt container (thankies I have one whole more container in the fridge) with some Muffy’s Trail Mix and coconut on the side and some sweet potato chips.  I added in some raw pom honey to the yogurt.  This made it delicious!


I also packed a dark chocolate coconut bar for after my workout… which I’m about to go do with some delicious O.N.E. pineapple coconut water.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update sooner next time! 🙂


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Anatomy Exam Down, Lab Practical to Go!

Posted by buffmuffy on September 22, 2009

All I can say is I have a bunch of pictures of things that I ate, and I can’t really recall a specific order, so I’m going to post them and talk about them.

If you don’t want to read all this post though, please skim to the bottom-there is awesome news!!!!

I have been eating a little more than normal the past few days and have not documented it all.  I will not mention it all.  I can’t even remember it all.

I’m sure no one will mind… since all the stuff I don’t have pics of was boring!

Before I begin, I am predicting a high C / low B on this anatomy exam.  I knew some of the answers I missed for sure that I just didn’t read thoroughly enough (first exam jitters – argh!) so boo to that.  I will know later on today how I did on the multiple choice and then eventually will figure out how I did on the diagram (10% of the exam grade).  Bah.  Nervous!  Have the lab practical on thursday.

I am happy to report that I got a 20/20 on my first lab report in my food science lab, even though the quiz I got back was really bad.  Haha.  But the questions on the lab quiz were ridiculous in my defense.


Here we go.  I’ll do them in somewhat order, since I took the pictures in order and such.



This was my protein smoothie.  It had oats, noxplode, amazing grass protein powder… almond milk… yeah it turned out awful.  It was thick and needed a less dirty-grassy taste and the noxplode just offset it (blue raspberry flavoured grass = no bueno).  So no thanks to that idea…. I’ll stick with energy bars of some sort or something.  Or perhaps give this another try without the noxplode (which I really don’t need on wed/fri anyway).  I drank maybe half of it and then decided to grab one of these:

IMG00276-20090916-0912Never fails!  Love these things, and when sick the protein smoothie just wasn’t cutting it.  I thought I would hurl, lol.

IMG00277-20090916-1206Ah yes!  I know what this is … Lunch!  I had some chicken noodle soup, some fresh fruit, and some multigrain crackers.  This was a good lunch, but these are not good soup crackers.  They are good salad crackers.


I don’t know how this got in here <.<

Hey what can I say?  Sugar makes me feel better when I’m sick or studying too hard.


I did some of this ….  And then I went to class.  When I arrived home, I had packages!  The lovely Aaron at Love Force sent me all these great products!

IMG00282-20090916-1841I swear, these bars are made just for me.  The types are so my flavours!  I was stoked to try these, and look how freaking cute they are!  I also got a bunch of their flax breads.


Aren’t these cute?

The best thing about these products is that there is an array of nutrition.  Some of the bars are super high calories and some of them are a regular amount.  Some of the breads are lower, some are midline, and some are higher.  I like that there is a variety.  Having a static nutrition stat is great and all, but what if you need just a little more oomph one day or a little less substance another?  And did I mention how cute these are?

Anyway.  I also got the books I was supposed to get for my half bday (aug 5 lol) from my boyfriend and a book that I ordered for myself.

The Food Inc Companion, Tricks by Ellen Hopkins, and Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella.  Yay!  I have been wanting to read the latter for forever.  I love Sophie Kinsella.  I can’t wait to finish the book I’m reading now (Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster) to start this one.


Moving on.  I had to work obviously.


I made this huge thing of whole wheat noodles, cooked them in chicken bouillon water, and then drained them out and added in peas.  It was really good and great for being sick to get some nutrition into me.


Again… where are all these pictures coming from?  I definitely didn’t eat these delicious, fried, cinnamon sugar covered flatbread pieces. Nope.  Not me.  Did I mention I was sick still … and … yeah.


IMG00288-20090917-0651Well this was breakfast pretty much, but I didn’t have any coconut water.  I was planning on hydrating myself but I believe I got irritated and neglected to drink them.  They are still in my car to be honest, but I can’t wait to drink them.  And half of my kombucha exploded out when I opened it… so yeah.

We had a tour at Sysco that morning and I finally was starting to recover from feeling nauseous and my appetite was coming back.  I was nodding off without the noxplode for breakfast… it was worse than it has ever been.


I went ahead and ate this Pure bar (yum!) on the way to anatomy lecture.

After class, Desi and I headed to the grocery to pick up some lunch mats.

IMG00290-20090917-1506They were having their anniversary of some sorts … and they had these mini portions of ice cream and cake.  Literally maybe 4 bites in total for both, haha.  It was delicious.  The perfect way to start an appetite back up.


I ended up getting an asian inspired healthy choice with beef of some sort and a stonyfield fat free black cherry yogurt topped with some cherry medley trail mix.  I had some more trail mix on the side later.  This trail mix is the bomb!  There are like cinnamon sugar crusted almonds, yogurt covered raisins, chocolate covered dried cherries, cashews, macadamia nuts, dried cherries, and maybe one other thing …


Since there was no class on Friday, I got to go back to Omaha!  This made me super happy.  I had a super late dinner.IMG00292-20090917-2306

When I got home, I decided to have breakfast for dinner.  It consisted of eggs and two english muffins with nh margarine and Wholesome Sweeteners organic honey.  YUM.  What a delicious dinner.


The next morning I was able to spend watching tv and having a nice relaxing morning before work at 3pm.

IMG00295-20090918-0903This was breakfast… I mashed up some defrosted frozen warmed strawberries with nh margarine and I think I added in coconut sugar.  It was okay.  In pita bread.  Maybe next time crispier and sweeter, but other than that it would have been great.

My boyfriend got to come home super early (around lunch time) so he brought home stuffs from Hyvee.  Yummy, a big huge sushi platter!  I ate part of this, but not all of it.  He had a couple pieces and I had 2 crab rangoonys with it.


I ate the rest of it later.

Before work, I grabbed a package that Teri Jo so kindly sent from Amazing Grass.  Their new bar flavours along with the old ones too!  Yummy these sound so good!  I have been wanting to try the new flavours-berry and pb. (see link on sidebar)


I had a Love Force Goji Lemon bar on the way to work.


This bar was pretty nutty.  As you can see, it contains lots of nuts and is very energy dense.  It was good.  I loved the goji berries and the lemon flavour, but you could definitely taste the cardamom and other spices that I think the bar could have done without.  Just add more lemon flavour!  Bring it on!  A bit high on calories, but that is a good thing for pre-work.  I don’t remember what I ate at work, but I’m sure I had something.


On Saturday I have no idea what I ate at work and I have no clue what I had for breakfast lol. I ate really bad this day … and I don’t remember much of what I did eat.  I think I had some rice and chicken, and a chicken on a fried flatbread with lettuce and tomato on both … like many hours apart.  And then we went to Walmart after work and made a pizza and had lime chips and a few chips and dip…

Also tried one of these:


Not bad, but not really worth the calories either.


Sunday I didn’t really eat breakfast… yeah.  My bad.  I think I brought a kombucha.  I don’t remember what I ate at work this day either.


Pretty sure it was a cheat day too, and I slightly recall eating this one of the days of the weekend.  Mmmm blended fruit.

Haha it is really sad that I just do not remember when or what I ate.


I do remember Monday!  So…


I had 2 different kinds of english muffins for breakfast.  One contained an egg and a slice of farmers cheese, and the other had preserves.

I used my new preserves that I bought … I got black cherry, apricot, strawberry, and of course more blackberry.  Yay for Polaner All Fruit!


I spread apricot and nh margarine on one side and black cherry and nh margarine on the other side.


I put them in this nifty ziploc 🙂 which actually caused my sweet english muffin to taste eggy but that is okay.  I had it sealed for a while, lol.

IMG00324-20090921-0935This breakfast was awesome, but it needed turkey sausage which I wish I had some of.  I’ll have to get some next time.

For lunch, I packed some almond butter, a few newman’s own organics arrowroot cookies, a banana, and some lime tortilla chips.  It was good, all up until the chips flew into the ab.  Haha, but I ate them anyway because they did not get soggy and it was only a few.

When I got home, I ate the rest of the lime tortilla chips <.< while I studied my butt off for my anatomy exam.

IMG00328-20090921-1951I had this Pure bar on the way to work..

And I think I ate some potatoes at work.  Granted they were fried… I have been off track lately but at least I have been eating a mostly normal amount of calories!


Tuesday (slash today)

Today I had a green monster for breakfast with my energy blend.


I had a lab this morning and we deep fried a bunch of stuff and then pan fried a bunch of stuff.  Yeah, it was a lab on oils.  Unfortunately the whole lab room smelled like oil smoke and it was making me sick.  Still, since I had a light breakfast.  So I had two little donut holes covered in sugar, a tiny pancake and bites of other  types of pancakes (maybe two tiny pancakes total).  It didn’t sit very well with me.  I nibbled on another plain donut hole for tasting purposes, but I really didn’t eat much.

And then it was time for my anatomy exam.  At this point I was feeling extremely nauseated.  I was so close to throwing up.  A combination of the fat smell and the exam jitters I’m guessing.

The exam went okay … I’m going to guess high C low B… I’m not sure though.

For lunch I had this Mango Pecan Love Force bar!


This bar was really good.  It had lovely mango chunks and a slight nutty flavour.  The pecan flavour was light though and I really enjoyed it.  It was a bit juicy, but it reminded me of a really moist pumpkin bread.  Then I noticed it had pumpkin spice in it and it made sense lol.

And now … I’m relaxing.  I’m having a bit of the Love Force sun flax original bread with pepperjack cheese.


The flavour is a little different, and the texture is way different.  It is a crispy slightly bendable bread but it is actually very soft to eat.  I enjoy it highly with crackers, and it has a slight sweetness to it.  I only ate one piece with about half the cheese, saving the rest for later.

This bread had 131 calories per serving with 9 g fat, 1g sat fat, 3g fiber, and 4 g fiber per slice.  There are 2 slices in the package.  It contains:

Raw organic sunflower seeds, raw organic flax seeds, raw organic agave nectar, ra worganic celtic sea salt.

I knew it tasted something sunflowery in there!

The sunflower seeds are soaked and the flaxseeds are ground.

And now for the important news!

Stephanie Morris, Avocate creator, emailed me today with super exciting news!  Avocate Skin Care won the 2009 Top Gear of the Year Awards!   She is so excited, that she is giving out the offer of 15% off individual products to all my readers in celebration.  Woot, go Stephanie!  I am so happy for you!!!!!!

I can testify to this stuff myself… It really works.  It is natural, causes no break outs, and makes skin SUPER soft. I am almost out of my scrub and lotion, so I’ve been conserving the heck out of it!  Haha!  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, that is all for now!

Hope everyone enjoyed my monster post!

Oh, and I promised I’d post pictures of the stuff I’m crocheting … so here ya go!


(This one is a blanket, but I curled it to show it all)


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Hectic Week

Posted by buffmuffy on September 21, 2009

Sorry it has been forever since posting, but I have been sooooo busy!

I have an anatomy exam for lecture tomorrow and an anatomy lab practical on thursday.  i have a stack of notecards as tall as a 16oz line on a 32oz nalgene bottle.  And those are just for the lab practical!  I still have to study all the chapters in the book (because that is how the professor differentiates between A students and B students, and I have to study my lecture notes as well.  Thankfully almost everything overlaps.  But it is still a lot of material for even one exam.  Agh!  I’m pulling my hair out!

I also have a project due in about 2 weeks that incorporates menus and I have to write a description about my group’s resort along with the coffee shop menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 7 daily sandwich specials).

I did get a 15/15 on my Food Safety quiz however, and a “good answer” comment on one of the questions!  So very happy about that.    I got a 9.9 on a popquiz in anatomy lab, and I think a 7 something out of 10 on the regular anatomy quiz.  Not doing too shabby so far, but this week is my first set of exams (minus my food management lab test that I didn’t do that great on) and I’m not looking forward to it.
So basically, I’m going to be studying all day today, tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday.  I work all night tonight though so I really only have study time from now until about 345.  Then I have class, then I drive home, and then I have about 1.5 hours that I’m going to eat dinner in etc.

I want to do a post about all the foods I’ve eaten, but I’ll have to wait.  And I’ll have to pick out a random few instead of posting the boring stuff too.  Look forward to a post tomorrow hopefully, consisting of all that and more, and how my first exam went for anatomy.

I have gotten a couple sample packages too, though, and I can’t wait to share those with you too!

Til tomorrow…

My view for now:



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