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Posted by buffmuffy on October 28, 2009

Hi everyone!  Lately I have been totally MIA.  I have had a really rough time lately!  But I think things are finally turning around for the better.

I even got a 95.5% on my food management exam and an 80% on my anatomy exam (proclaimed to be one of the hardest courses here on campus) so that is great.

Before I get into food, I want to share a pic of my finished (nearly … he wants to do some more detail here and there as we go) tattoo!  It is on my lower back wrapping around to my hip if there is any confusion.  The biggest sunflower is on my hip.


The cream I use on it is this amazing hand cream that I got suggested by a tattoo fanatic and it is by one of my fave companies!


Let me share a few pics of the food I’ve been eating, but I won’t bore you with specifics.


neufantel cheese, bagel, and fruit!


Hey. I was sick of soup.


Much like this! Tomato bisque. Not bad.


I love these little buggers!


sandwich. i don't remember what kind. some sort of pbj!


crofters pomegranate jelly! Yum!


I ate mounds of these white choco chips. holy moly i love these.


leftover curry fail and delicious greek salad


vegan pb chocolate cookie. WHOA! Yummy.


tomato caprese calzone from old chicago with plentiful marinara dip. That was a bad day. I don't recall why!


yummy jenny-o turkey burger with sweet tater chips


My foodbuzz moo cards! They are so darling!!!!


oatmeal pancakes with dark choco chips. these weren't amazing, but they did the trick.


pumpkin fro yo from TCBY! With reeses on top. YUMMMMM.


bf's mom made us steak, asparagus, a special sweet tater for me :), garlic bread, and clementines. YUM clementines!


you can always tell if i'm having a bad day when i have all liquid for breakfast. i only had the kombucha and kiwi pom tho.


Kiwi pom was yummy! I loved it! Perfect tart and after butter taste like pom juice has. Here are Nutr facts!


sketti, chobs with choc chips, and sugar free pom lemonade. 🙂


a delicious inside pic of my aforementioned calzone


turkey, taters, lettuce, and grape globes. with skim! Jenny-o rotisserie turkey breast from grocery! who knew?!


more turkey and taters leftover ... one of my fave meals.



strawberry kombucha ... had this with an unpictured cinnamon raisin english muffin w/cc.


my study meal 🙂 half a medi sandwich with a bowl of chicken noodle @ panera 🙂 I had a chocolate duet cookie too <.<


another attempt at oatmeal pancakes ... blueberry this time. much better but i need maple syrup badly - honey doesnt cut it.


another view


ate a bunch of these yummy morsels...


blended frozen mixed fruit ...


had tons of these! love these terra chips!


huge cereal mess. nature's path mesa sunrise with grapes, a honey mixture, and bees knees pb


this is the honey mixture - i melted it with a banana 🙂


another turkey burger, lf cottage cheese, and grapes...


grapes were eaten piled with cottage cheese .... yummmmmmm.


tangelo eaten in car ... those things are so juicy.


another pbj


kombucha i love you!


juicy orange


nectarine pom. not as good as kiwi but still awesome! less buttery after taste that i love, more crisp.


trail mix bar. these are all gone now ... sad that they are not 100% natural.


random dinner of cottage cheese with grapes, orange, and farmer's cheese


late night reading and snack of cinnamon raisin english muffins dipped in warm neufatel


okay so pb&co jars do not work for oatmeal in a jar ... plus you have to make sure you get all the lid off or it sparks <.<


tried eating this... unsettled stomach ... threw oats away - shouldn't have added coconut butter too.


instead i had a 2nd orange and some turkey sausage... along with the book I'm reading now


the breakfast of someone who needs to go grocery shopping

That was easier than normal… I do have to say I enjoy posting this way because it is quite easier but it isn’t as nicely formatted.  Oh well, sorry for the messy post I guess!

I’m almost done reading the book that I posted in one of the latter pictures and I have to confess I did not take pictures from the past couple of days :-/

It has been really rough for me lately but I think things are finally looking up.  I hope.  I just need a lot of support I guess.  Anyway…

We have a new general manager finally at work and he is awesome.  My ex boss gave him raving reviews according to an employee that overheard, so I’m on my way to being boss’ pet (lol).  He is going to really turn the store around so I hope work gets better.  I wrote someone up on Sunday and instead of giving him 15 more chances like my ex boss, he is talking about firing the kid.  Wow!  I was impressed.

Anyway, I’m excited about that and I’m happy about my grades so far.  I just need to breathe and be positive!

I also want to be training for a half marathon, but I had this blip so it’s been put on hold.  But alas I will start training soon.

I have actually been keeping up on blogs of y’all but in my downer mood I haven’t been commenting.  Soon!  I promise.  Love you all!


4 Responses to “MIA”

  1. Taylor said

    Wow amazing tattoo, I bet that hurt.

    Great eats.

  2. traynharder23 said

    great tattoo! i’d like to get one if i wasn’t so afraid of needles.

    pain i can take. needles, not sure about.

    OMG. nut clusters are crack! CRACK!

  3. Katharina said

    Yes! Breathe and stay positive girl 🙂 I love Terra chips and those oatmeal pancakes sound interesting 😀 Jealous of the calzone action! Nowww for the tattoo – it’s incredible!!

  4. lowandbhold said

    1. I LOVE your tat.
    2. I love those truffles. Soooo good.
    3. I ate almost an entire bag of reg. choc. chips last week, haha.
    4. Caprese calzone sounds out of this world!
    5. Good job on the good grades lady!

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