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Get Ready For This One…

Posted by buffmuffy on October 14, 2009

A GIANT POST!  What’s new?

Where the heck did I even leave off?

Oh yes … Friday breakfast of kombucha and sandwich and some brand new black dodger pants from Scheels 🙂   They are only 16.99$ and are the most comfortable pants in the world.  Get a size too big and they still look wonderful.  I have so many pairs but I think they were made a little differently cut a year or two ago when I got my first batch…

Anyway.  Moving on to Friday lunch…


This was a delicious baked grilled cheese with nh margarine slathered on the Nature’s Pride whole wheat bread I got from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s Program and some farmer’s cheese.  Definitely a must-remake.  On the side, I had some Terra sweet potato chips and a golden delicious apple.  To drink was stash red, white, and blueberry tea.

And then more tea- mangosteen green.


And then I was off to work – blah!  I am really sick of my job, but there just really isn’t that much else out there. At work, they saved me my fave kind of donut – Triangle donut!  Filled with frosting and icing and coconut on top.  Mm mm!


When I got home, I had dinner:

IMG00495-20091009-2259This was some romaine with feta, golden delicious apple chunks, and greek dressing with some more apple on top and a side of Terra sweet potato chips.  This was pretty good!  I think a vinaigrette would have tasted better, but this was all I had.

IMG00496-20091010-0003This was my delicious Chobani dessert.  I love this stuff!

Saturday morning I decided to try out the samples I got in the mail of Nature Valley nut clusters and trail mix bars.  They had a sample giveout online, so I took advantage of it.

IMG00497-20091010-0810With, I had goji berry green tea.  Unfortunately the trail mix bar, though it says 100% natural ingredients, has high maltose corn syrup in it.  This frustrates me.  I loathe how companies deem it fit to put natural on a product when it contains a high ___ corn syrup in it.  Especially 7up – how dare they? High Fructose Corn syrup is by NO means natural.  It is highly processed.  This makes me so angry I don’t even know what else to say.

ANYWAY.  At work, I believe I had a couple tortillas with beans on them, lettuce, and tomato, and then later a tortilla with tomatoes and cheese.

After work, the boyfriend and I went to Sam’s, Target, and Best Buy.

I got some more farmer’s cheese at Sam’s.  And I found this which the boyfriend bought for us!!!


And boy was this stuff delicious!  I had a small glass when we got home.

At Target, I got a few different things including the following:


CRINKLE sweet potato terra chips WITH sea salt.  PERFECT!


Foodbuzz sent me a coupon to try out another loaf of Nature’s Pride bread, and when I saw this honey wheat, I HAD to have it.  The best part about Nature’s Pride bread is that for 110 calories a slice, the slices are WORTH it.  I like orowheat bread, but the slices are the same calories and a smaller square.  I want to have room to put stuff in there!  Another neat little thing about this bread is that my university uses it!  I was so excited when I saw it in the residence halls.  Woot woot!

Anyway…. the samples from Nature’s Valley also came with coupons, so I bought the other flavour of trail mix bar (actually I think there are 3 or 4) and another flavour of nut clusters (3 or 4 of this too).


After this, I won’t purchase the trail mix bars for the unnatural sweetener, but the nut clusters are freaking amazing!

The boyfriend got us a mini 22″ Samsung LCD to put in the computer room as well.  He wouldn’t pose with it or pose it with the 50″ samsung because he wants to get more in shape first.  What a freaking silly guy huh?

IMG00505-20091010-2049Anyway, it’s pretty cute and he is in love with it.  It make a lot more room in our apartment too.

I also got some cocoa roast almonds at Target and had a bag when we went in Best Buy.


Dinner was a deep dish Pizza Uno pizza that I found at Target.  I had this x2:


Man… the real thing sure is 100x better.  I wish we had one in Omaha.

Anyway, moving on, I had dessert as well… brown cow greek yogurt topped with white chocolate chips, andes chunks, broken up nut cluster, and frozen strawberries.


I also had another bowl of greek yogurt with just the white chocolate chips and andes chunks …  Geez what is wrong with me lately?  I am eating like a guy!




I had a breakfast of nature valley trail mix bar, golden delicious apple, and cocoa roast almonds.  Delicious!  And some stash creme caramel tea.

For lunch I had maybe half or 3/4of this concoction…

IMG00509-20091011-1035Meh.  I hate taco bell, even if made healthy.

Had my best friend’s baby shower to go to for dinner… there I had some puff cheetoes (i know, i know), some meatballs, some fruit, some veggies, some mini weenies, and a few lays.  We had a great time there.

Monday started out with a breakfast of cinnamon raisin english muffins with neufatel cheese… and goji berry green tea.


Isn’t that mug cool?  It is a 32oz insulated mug for hot or cold contents.

For lunch I had a banana with almond butter and some terra sweet potato crinkles…


And while studying for my food management exam, I had a couple snacks…

cocoa roast almonds:


which by the way I am a little irked about!  They contain artificial sweeteners.  This makes me upset.

And then I indulged in a chocolate chocolate chip cookie iced with chocolate frosting.  Holy cow was this huge and DELICIOUS.  They bake these cookies I’ve been showing off here on campus and they are amazing.


And then I took my exam… which I think I may have aced!  Crossing my fingers!

For dinner, I stopped at the grocery (and saw honeycrisp apples and almost died and bought some but resisted for now) and got some veggies and made a curry dish!  I even experimented with tofu.  But upon arriving home, I realized you must drain tofu overnight.  Wtf?  Can anyone give me a tofu cooking lesson, lol?  Anyway, I used the quick drain method (squeezing it as hard as you can and breaking it into little tiny chunks that don’t really add to the dish much) and sauteed them in olive oil and added some sliced tomatoes at the end to heat up…  And I made some brown rice which could have been hydrated a bit better … and then I steamed some acorn squash, carrots, and brussel sprouts.  These were the prettiest veggies ever – it was the first time I used my little steamer that I’ve had for years.. you know those metal things that you put in pans?  Well I didn’t know how to use one until we did our vegetable lab in my food science lab, lol.

Anyway, I added a couple tbsp of curry (could have probably added more) and then mixed together and served.


The boyfriend and I agreed it could have been more flavourful.  Next time  I must use better flavoured veggies (like peppers… the tomatoes added a great taste though) and maybe more curry and definitely some salt and pepper.


It sure is pretty though!  I even had leftovers, which will be consumed tonight before work 😉

Dessert was some white chocolate chips <.<


I ate a bunch of snacky things at work that night.   Eventually I started to feel guilty, and then convinced myself that I would have a long run tomorrow and this was my fuel.

And boy was it!

I started Monday … I mean Tuesday (it felt like monday) off with 3 hours of sleep and a couple extra crispy english muffins with neufatel cheese and raspberry preserves.  The preserves stuck to one side so I had to eat these like sandwiches instead of open face. 😦


Along with, I had some tea.

Oh and during lab we did a bean lab… I had a few samplings of beans but not many and then I had a small piece of red bean pie – tasted like pumpkin pie and I had real whipped cream on top.  YUM!

Prerun, I had some noxplode.  Gosh I hate blue raspberry flavour.  It is okay at first, and then it just annihilates the senses with its vile taste.  Oh well, it must be done.  While I had been falling asleep in class, this immediately perked me up and gave me energy.  I had it in my navitas naturals stainless steel bottle which gets super cold!


I also had a nature valley trail mix bar.


And then I was off!  While I was out, I was determined to run a longer distance than normal.  I ended up running longer than I ever have – 10k! It was difficult to run the whole 6.2 miles without looping around a bunch of times, but that is okay.  Now I know.  My hips were getting really sore near the last couple of miles but I endured.  It took me a long 1:20, but I have embraced that I will never be a fast runner and I did take a lot of walking breaks, though I did run most of it.  It was only maybe 40 degrees out and I had all my gear on!

Ready to run! Wish me luck-shooting for a long one today!

It drizzled in the middle of my run but it stopped after a while.

When I got home, I had a bees knees and strawberry? preserves sandwich and golden delicious apple.


I was feeling sore and a bit off.  I took a very small nap and was interrupted about 10 minutes in … I was cold as well.

We went to barnes and noble and I was feeling REALLY off by this point.  I started to feel nauseous and I knew that the noxplode was accelerating my blood glucose usage.  I knew I had to get some sugar in me.  I’m sorry, but natural sugars (in fruit) are often too slow on uptake and do not help.  And there were not enough preserves to replenish my blood glucose on my sandwich.

So I did what was only necessary.  I got a cookie and hot green tea at Starbucks!  I was glad to get in the car and eat this thing because I was getting really teeter tottering while standing in line with Desi.


Look at how delicious it looks – and it sure was.  It didn’t make me feel better immediately, but it gradually started to go away as the sugar was absorbed into my bloodstream.  By the time we started our lab quiz that night, I started to feel a lot better.  And the green tea warmed me up.

The lab quiz went awful, but I expected as much esp since the last lab quiz.  Muscles were just too hard of a unit.  Knowing specific origins, insertions, and innervations of each freaking muscle is NOT easy.

Anyway, dinner was a can of Campbell’s select harvest savory sausage soup.


Yum!  Love that flavour.  I also had some sandwich thin garlic cheese bread…x2.


And that brings me to today!

Before breakfast, I stopped at the local natural food market in lincoln and got some goodies.  A few highlights besides kombucha were some on sale Chobanis (1.25 each!!!)


some light pomegranate lemonade (sounded so good) and pomegranate jelly (omg can you imagine how good it is going to be?)


Some buy2 get one free fruit leathers …


And these vegan cookies …


Which I had one of for breakfast.  Look, it has a layer of chocolate on the bottom!


I also got a few of these chocolate coconut thingys and had a couple:


They aren’t bad.  Taste a little weird, but doable.

For lunch, I’m having a dark chocolate half cherry half blackberry preserves sandwich and the peach Chobani I got.


Thoughts on the Chobani… not amazing but not bad.  Tastes a little bland, kind of like fruit without the flavour was added.

Annnd last but not least, I bought a couple of books today… hm.  Which one to start first?


Time to rest my EXTREMELY DOM-tacular hips.  Oh man, I hope these heal soon.

Have a great day everyone!  And if you read all that … well … pat yourself on the back.  WOW.  You’re a true muffy-fan. 🙂



11 Responses to “Get Ready For This One…”

  1. florabee16 said

    GREAT POST!! im a sucker for sweets, my sweet tooth will get the best of me at all times. how do you combat these not so good cravings? would you suggest substituting with something else? or just letting it pass? or endulging lol (iwish)

  2. traynharder23 said

    pineapple chobani is the shit! that and peach!

    hahahha. love the ninja attire. HAIIIYAH!

  3. janetha said

    haha, AWESOME bundled up photo!! i love those terra chips and the cocoa almonds! hooray for the good job on the exam. good to hear. i cant find peach or strawberry chobs for sale around here. bummer! patting myself on the back now, hope your hump day is FAB!

  4. brandi said

    congrats on the run!!!

    I totally got sidetracked by the CHAI Spiced CIDER!! That sounds delicious.

  5. Congratulations on that great run!!! 🙂 LOVE the pic! hahaha

  6. thanks for finding my blog! SO happy you did because now I found you!

    great job on that 10k you look so cute all bundled and ready to run!! 🙂

    love chobs myself and also love even more when they go on sale! at my grocery store they often have 5 for 5 dollar or 10 for 10 when that happens i take them so fast!!

    be careful with that no explode stuff and taking a proper dosage. I am sure the dosage is meant for someone bigger than you so maybe do half next time…all that stuff scares me a bit…I used the XTEND for a while and hated how it made me shakey so I gave it to the BF who enjoyed it a bit more!

  7. lowandbhold said

    Haha, I love that pic of you all bundled up! All the eats look great as usual!

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Great job on the run! love your bundling up 🙂

  9. traynharder23 said

    hahahah. i totlaly surprised myself by saying like, sure, i’ll just give you my number so i can tell you when we’re doing power cleans. WHOA who AM i. hahaha. you know what is totally awks? i was deadlifting and he was in back of me waiting….so he got 5 sets of 5 reps of my ASS in his face

  10. Tom Bailey said

    I have never seen those exact vegan cookies or that mangosteen tea (I drink that brand) but have never seen that one. Your BF not posing. I see you eat alot of vegan… as a guy that is vegan it is really tough to keep muscle on and fat off.. I have to eat a ton of pea protien and tons of hemp protien to makeup for not having meat protien. Just a suggestion…

  11. Holly said

    your giant post was full of goodness! i especially enjoyed the mangosteen green tea, the picture of you all bundled up for your run and the cocoa roast almonds. they are soooo good!

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