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New Running Route

Posted by buffmuffy on October 7, 2009

Okay so I have to admit.  Right after I posted on Monday, I went out to explore what was beyond the parking lots on East Campus and I definitely found a new running route!  I went running immediately.  I didn’t do much because I was VERY short on time, but I got the picture.  It is basically down a few sidewalks and into a corn field.   I run along the tracks for the tractor.  More on this later…

There is also a tractor testing track made of concrete and I always wondered about it for running but I was too afraid to ask.  But I saw a runner out there stretching the other day so…. Yeah.  Thinking it might be another option.  Because I’m done on treadmills.  An option for wet days … and yeah.  More on this later.

Anyway, I left off with lunch on Monday so I’ll hop, skip, and jump into dinner.


Remember my garbage soup?  Well this, ladies and gents, is garbage rice.  Sounds exciting right?  And boy was it!  In it I have brown rice (obvi), lima beans, water chestnuts, green beans, assorted color peppers, salt, pepper, and mesquite flavoured chicken breast.  This was great!  It needed a little more flavour or kick though, and next time if I use regular chicken I am SO making a curry dish.  We made a curry dish in lab that I will talk about in a bit and I loved it.  I have never had it before!

Anyway, I worked and cheated a bit… and had some of this ….


It is fried flatbread covered in cinnamon sugar.  Yeah… We can forget that ever happened 🙂

When I woke up, I felt pretty good.  Not too tired.  Four hours is something I can handle-it’s the 3 hours that kills me from the inside out and back in.

For breakfast, I had 2 orowheat sourdough english muffins.  One had strawberry preserves and the other had apricot preserves – all on nh margarine.  Yummy!  These Polander apricot preserves don’t taste as good and zingy to me as the sugar free smuckers kind, but meh.  They do taste more real.  Perhaps they are too zingy, and I’m using too much. Haha.  Noted…

No picture though and I’m not sure why!

In lab that morning, we made meat dishes.  I reeked of meat afterwards and it was disgusting!  I hated it.  But I got to try a lamb curry dish and I loved it.  It was so amazing.  I had a few bites of that, a couple bites of stir fry, and a few bite size pieces of different kinds of meats.  I probably had about 100 calories or so of food, so it warranted eating lunch afterwards. 🙂


For lunch I made a dark chocolate blackberry sandwich… which wasn’t as good as strawberry but only because I didn’t have enough preserves on it I think.  Because the middle was amazing, just not the edges.  Glob on those preserves I tell you!  Lol.

After eating this and going to lecture, we went over to Desi’s house where I proceeded to have a couple halloween oreos (i know, but they were for HALLOWEEN) and a couple tootsie pops (again … for halloween…) and like 5 flavoured tootsie rolls (HALLOWEEN people HALLOWEEN!!  I have to celebrate!)… I wanted to run so bad but I had to study for my anatomy quiz.  Blech.  And then I had some Tuscany Soup from Campbell’s Select Harvest… Oops this one is not rotated!


We went to lab dreading the quiz … This had to be the worst quiz to date.  We had to know the anterior muscles and the nerves that innervate them, and for half of them we had to know their origins and insertions as well.  Needless to say this was not my best quiz.  And then we also had a popquiz at the end of class which I also did horrible on.  There is just way too much to remember!  Ask me something about the skeleton again, please!  Lol.  I know most of the muscles and where they are and the majority of the nerves that innervate them, but I fall short on origins and insertions.  Not to mention we had 2 days in class to learn them ALL and the rest was up to us.  And then we learned about the posterior muscles… same situation … and we have thursday to start Nerves I think…. annnnd then we have a quiz on tuesday again.  Argh!  This class is going to kill me!

Anyway, when we got back home Desi made some “Desirae Soup” that I had a bowl of.  The whole apt reeked of bacon thereafter though and I was getting pretty sick of smelling like meat, lol.  Anyway the soup had a base of velveeta, water, and skim milk.  Added in was potatoes, bacon, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots I think.  It was pretty good.


And for dessert, I had a delicious Pineapple Chobani.


I SWEAR this yogurt tastes like less cold ice cream.  I am so in love with it’s thick, creaminess.  Perfect dessert for winter because it doesn’t chill you!  Besides pie obviously.

And then I got a good 8 hours of sleep!  Woo hoo!

When I woke up this morning, I was ready to go.  I wanted to get to campus early and go running on my newly found east campus track.  For prerun, I ate a pomegranate Chobani.


And here is what you’ve been waiting for from the beginning (or not, lol).

I got to campus around 855 and was expecting to get out by 9.  I just had to change my shoes and put on my garmin.  Well, my garmin hr strap was cold and didn’t want to work. It was only 34 degrees out this morning!  Crazy! So I spent a while warming it up until it finally started working.  And then I was off!  The downside of this trail is not only that is only just over 2 miles long … it is the fact that it is in a field and it gets muddy when it is wet.  It didn’t rain or anything, but it must have drizzled a little over night or something.  My shoes got caked in mud on the bottom.  The tops didn’t get too dirty thank goodness, and I was able to run most of the mud off of my shoes.  I spent a little time pausing the garmin and taking mud off my shoes, and forgot to turn it back on so I tried to rerun what it missed to figure out how long the course was, but I ended up going probably 2.3 miles instead of just 2.  I wanted to go more, but dang was it muddy.  Next time… well I don’t know about next time.  I just hope it isn’t as muddy haha.  Perhaps I will just run on the sidewalks, since it looks like that seems to be an option too.  I’ll try that next time.

Anyway, by the time I got back it was warmed up 10 degrees 🙂  All that heat coming off of me during my run must have warmed the skies!

I turned in a lab report and then went to go get a yummy breakfast!  I was thinking that a bagel and cream cheese sounded amazing, so I got that with a side of this fruit that I just couldn’t resist…


It contained kiwi, watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe, and pineapple.  Omg, heaven.

You can see my amazing grass shaker back there – I love putting water in it.

Well, I’m off to class now!

After class, I’m heading back to Omaha (and yes I’m skipping my 4pm class lol) because I’m getting a new tattoo!!!!

I’ll be posting it on twitter, so follow me @buffmuffy and see it there later tonight 🙂



7 Responses to “New Running Route”

  1. janetha said

    the garbage rice looks awesome, i love water chestnuts! i love that you cry “halloween” haha.. nice one! the muddy run sounds like.. well, not very much fun. nice job for doing it. cant wait for the big reveal!

  2. Holly said

    fried cinnamon sugar flatbread sammie? ummmm YES PLEASE!!!!!

  3. lowandbhold said

    The garbage rice looks great! I just bought some Dark Chocolate dreams! I’ve been drooling over it since your chocolate covered strawberry sandwich.

    Sorry about the rough quiz! I hate having to cram that much info into my brain.

    Yay for the new running trail!

  4. traynharder23 said

    ya new running route! omg. i hate quizzes. pineapple chob is the bomb. bomb diggity.

    rice dish looks yummmyyyyyyyy

    origins and insertions. i had to know that for a crazy lab practical. like where the serratus anterior inserted and such like that.

    for the practical we had to identify bones, and one station was one small bone. thank god i figured out that it was the patella. some people were not so lucky.

  5. Mia {runs and rests} said

    Sorry, I’ve been away for sooo long. Thank you for your comforting words.
    New tattoo? Awesome!

  6. maggie said

    Yummmm! That rice dish looks delicious!



  7. brandi said

    new running routes are fun 🙂

    can’t wait to see the new tat!!! have a great day girl!

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