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Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sandwich

Posted by buffmuffy on October 5, 2009

Hello all!  I left you on Wednesday lunch.  It has been too long again.  You’ll just have to get used to these monster posts I guess 🙂

After my boring drive home Wednesday, I was ready for dinner before I had to go to work.

IMG00423-20090930-1831I tried something new … savory oats.  And I’m going to say now that these definitely are not my thing – because of the texture of the oats in there.  But this dish with rice I bet would be freaking amazing.

Anyway, you guys might like it – I had a serving of oatmeal cooked up with chunks of farmer’s cheese and turkey sausage, and on top I added a couple eggs and topped them with sea salt and I think a bit of pepper.  The oats just were too bland at the bottom though, and the first half was good but the second half was not.  I’m not sure why, but like I said this dish would be amazing with rice in my opinion, and a bit of spinach cooked in!

Anyway, I went to work and blah blah.  I can’t wait to get a new job, lol.

I woke up extremely tired, as if I had gotten maybe a half hour sleep instead of 3 hours.  Still, I was running close to empty.

For breakfast, I had a cup of noxplode, some chai tea, and a peanut butter amazing grass protein bar.

IMG00424-20091001-0647This breakfast was a mistake I think.  I didn’t drink much of the tea, but I forced the noxplode down (blue raspberry is not so great, lol) and I ate the bar and it just wasn’t doing it for me.

I went to my morning lab which was at a residence hall this time, and worked in the salads kitchen tubbing up fresh lettuce and veggies and fruit.  I then made a salad dressing and started to pour in the salad ingredients when I got switched down to the bakery to make monster cookies.  I had a lot of fun in the bakery… until I started to feel really woozy.  I started to stagger a bit and I knew this feeling – I was going to pass out.

I calmly notified the bakery girl I was working with who was extremely sweet and she had me go sit down.  It wasn’t helping, but I wasn’t passing out.  My body was craving sleep and energy.  She then took me upstairs and told me to get something to eat.  My body was on empty.  It had no more energy left.

Here is my theory.  When I get this little of sleep and don’t eat much for breakfast, I haven’t given myself any energy to run off of let alone any sleep to run off of.  I’m assuming my blood glucose level gets really low and I start to feel hypoglycemic.  With the addition of noxplode, an energy booster, it only accelerates this.  When I consume sugar, I feel much better.  So I’m attributing it to a blood sugar problem.  I got a monitor, but it didn’t come with any test strips…so I guess I’ll have to wait to test that out because those things are expensive and I have no health insurance 😦

Anyway… moving on.  While I was at the residence hall (which by the way has awesome food) I had a mini muffin and I tried to have an apple but the apple was too sour for my sensitive tummy.  I then grabbed one of the monster cookies that I helped make in the bakery and I also had some cold water.  I felt much better but I went ahead and left early.  I stopped at the rec center and laid down in the sauna for a while which also helped, along with walking around in the fresh air.

I went to lecture feeling great.  After lecture, we went to Desi’s house and we were actually planning on going on a run.  Granted I was super sore from my workout the day before (lifting and some cardio) and feeling like I had minor shin splints but I wanted to go anyway.  It was such a nice day out.IMG00425-20091001-1456

I had this Total sample as a prerun snack.  It was tasty!  I thought about getting some in the store the other day – it was really good to eat as finger food.  Maybe next time I’ll get a box.

And then we ran around her apartment complex.  I am so happy we did this because there is a gorgeous trail behind it that seems to go on forever and ever and I’m going to be able to go there on my own during my breaks when I go over to her house.  I finally have a place to run outside besides driving to the lake we went to a couple times.  Now I just have to find a place to run outside that is on east campus.  I can’t find anything that is within walking distance and it irks me!  Perhaps I’ll just go running and explore or something one day.

Anyway, when we got back I had the best sandwich known to mankind, thus my title.  A Dark chocolate covered strawberry sandwich on Nature’s Pride 12 grain bread.  Oh. Em. Gee.  Everyone has to try this combination now:


YUM.  It tasted SO good.  I ate it while I was stretching immediately after my run, and as you can see in the picture I’m also icing my shins.

This sandwich contained pb&co dark chocolate dreams pb, strawberry preserves, and 12 grain nature’s pride bread.  MUST TRY!

Speaking of icing, I iced and I felt amazing afterwards.  My legs weren’t sore!  I know I need to stretch more, but icing really helps.  I couldn’t believe it.  I would have never iced my legs in the past because I was always so cold, but now that I’m a lot healthier I don’t get as cold as easily.


Desi made us some Red Zinger tea before lab, and it was delicious.  You probably can’t read the quote on the tag and I can no longer remember it, lol.

After lab, I had a bowl of Campbell’s select harvest soup: chicken with egg noodles.


I also snagged a piece of pepperoni pizza since Desi’s roommate got pizza for her and her friends and they couldn’t eat the last piece.  Why the heck not, right?  Lol.

Later that night during studying I wanted a sweet snack, so I dove into my Kashi Honey Sunshine sample.


(whoops my pic is upside down!  dang phone)

This I didn’t like so much, so I got a mug and poured in some skim milk and it was a little better.  Just tasted a little off – I gave my bf one of the coupons I got with the box and he is going to try it … I’ll have to report on how he likes it.  I think it would have been really good with fresh fruit on top though.

I was studying for an exam that I had in the morning for my food safety class.  Meh.

I ate breakfast …


This was a bees knees and blackberry preserves sandwich on Nature’s Pride 12 grain bread.  Delicious.
IMG00438-20091002-0910Look at this bread!  I love the oatmeal flakes on top and the seeds in the bread.  So yummy.

My exam went well.  I felt confident about pretty much all the questions and gave as elaborate answers as I could.  I am hoping that I aced it.

Anyway, I was on my way home (early!) and stopped at home to pick up my tattoo design and then headed out to my tattoo artist.  I showed him my pics … and we set up a date for the upcoming Saturday!  I can’t wait!!! I’m mondo excited!!!  I’m hoping it doesn’t put me out from running for too long … it could be up to a week!  Depends on how it is healing, but I’m sure it will only be a couple days – Saturday night through Monday is what I’m hoping for, and then back to training on Tuesday which would be perfect.  That means I have to pump it out HARD this week.


I had this bar as a snack.  GOSH I love this flavour!

And my package from Chobani came!  I won healthy HealthyTastyChow’s giveaway (a local omahaian!  lol!) and got 6 Pomegranate and 6 pineapple Chobani Greek yogurts.  YAY! (sorry for the sideways pic >.<)


I also got a lovely package from my buddy Janetha b!  Love you sweety!  I wanted to try this flavour of PB&Co and haven’t seen it anywhere in town.  And she added a cute little silverware set with it 😀

IMG00442-20091002-1407Aw 🙂

Anyway, I immediately wanted to try my new things so I made a prework meal… A pita pancake with Greek Yogurt on the side.


I tried the pomegranate Chobani and it was delicious.  It had little pomegranate seeds(?) in it and was lovely.  This one is 0% milkfat,

which is normally what I prefer just because it is still thick and creamy and delicious without the added fats.

The pita I spread mighty maple on, Wholesome sweeteners organic honey, and some strawberry preserves.  It was yummy!


Work was okay and busy I guess … then went home to have yet another breakfast as a meal.  This time I had some turkey sausage, some eggs, some pineapple chobani, and some qdoba chips that my boyfriend had leftover.  Big dinner but it got the job done.

FUNNY STORY about this dinner (or not so funny)… I poked into one of the egg yolks and it exploded into my eye.  Most of it went on my eyelid though and I now have a burned eyelid.  Heh.

Now this pineapple chobani was more of a dessert.  It was absolutely delicious.  Like ice cream, but not cold.  Omg.  I loved it.  This one is 2% milkfat.  It is like 30 more calories I think.  I might be able to sacrifice 30 dirty calories for this taste.  Haha.  But no discrimination to 0% milkfat yogurts.  I think I am in love with Chobani.  I just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive!

Anyway.  Saturday was a stressful day.  We were shorthanded and very busy.  I held up my own making food by myself though, so I can’t say it was awful.  For breakfast I had a chocolate brownie Pure bar.


I had some food at work too, but it wasn’t much and I don’t remember what it was.

I also had a CranberryOrange Pure bar because I could feel my blood sugars dropping after such a hard day.


When I got home, the boyf and I were planning on going to Walmart and then getting dinner at Jason’s Deli, a local real food deli.   To counteract the healthiness, I grabbed this at Walmart and scarfed it down.


Hey, my blood sugars were crying again.  I wanted to comfort them.  It often seems that I need straight up sugar in larger amounts when this happens to feel completely better.  And this is one of my faves!

At Jason’s Deli, I got a free Mediterranean wrap since they screwed up my last one if you might recall.  Yay!  My boyf didn’t think they would give it to me and he didn’t really even care (he was paying too), but I work in food service and knew they’d be idiots to not give it to me because every good business cares more about customer service than food costs.

Anyway, I got organic blue tortilla chips with homeade salsa on the side along with some peppers my boyfriend got for me from his salad bar and two hardboiled eggs.  Yum, another big dinner!  Haha I have been a hungry girl (and my weight has been maintained I might add).

This wrap had field greens, roasted red pepper hummus, turkey, avo slices, roma tomatoes, and the peppers I added.  It was kind of bland to be honest, but oh well.  Their salad bar is nuts though – I think next time I am just getting a side salad!


For dessert (#2) I had a bag of strawberry peanut butter m&m’s to try.  They weren’t too bad, but I prefer just regular pb m&m’s 🙂


While we were out, I also stopped at Ulta because I needed new makeup and I found this set that would satisfy my needs for cheap!  And then I also got this lovely blackberry body lotion 🙂  It smells amazing!


On Sunday, I was not looking forward to work at all.  Can’t I just have a day off of everything for once?  Okay, it is coming on the 20th of October and I am going to relish every second of it.

Anyway, I had a chocolate amazing grass energy bar (which are pretty good!) for breakfast.


I had a bunch of teenagers that day so it was quite annoying.  But it was also super slow that day so I was bored out of my mind most of the day.

For lunch I had chicken, lettuce, and tomato on a flatbread.

When I got home, the boyf was taking me to Hyvee so I could get salad bar.  I got some romaine, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and egg and then topped it with greek dressing I had at home.  I also got some mixed fruit on the side and had a few crab rangoon 😉


For a snack later I had some of the Bear Naked Fruit and Nut granola I got with a coupon in a pomegranate chobani.  It was pretty yum.


Sorry for the sideways pic again!

I am def missing my chocolate now though … I long for adding in dark chocolate chips.  I need to remember to buy some!

I got a lot of stuff done last night which was nice.

This morning I had a big yummy breakfast.  It consisted of an orowheat sourdough english muffin with nh margarine and blackberry preserves followed my a savory sourdough english muffin with turkey sausage, egg, and farmer’s cheese.  Yum!

IMG00457-20091005-0936Check out this layerage!


And for lunch I packed a golden delicious apple and a sandwich with almond butter and black cherry preserves on 12 grain bread.  I think I like the pb&co pbs on pbj combos and almond butter better on fruit or as a topping or on sandwich thins.  Too much bread hides the flavour of the almond butter!


On the side I had an unpictured cup of chicken noodle soup that was mostly broth and had no chicken in it, lol.  That was kind of what I wanted anyway, as I already had a hefty lunch in store.  I just wanted something to warm me up.

And with that said, that is all I have for you food wise!

As far as school goes, I’m pretty frustrated with my food management lab ta.  He gave me an awful grade on my first lab report (but thankfully the second one was not so awful) and I don’t know why!  And I don’t want to email or meet with him about it because I’m pretty sure he hates me.  I just didn’t want to do bad on my second lab report!  I emailed him last week asking where to turn in our lab reports, and he responded with “Did you not listen in class?” !!!! Nothing else – no name, no response, just that smart a** comment.  I emailed him back that I had forgotten and that there was no reason to be rude.  He emailed back to put it in his mailbox.  Well gee, that really helps.  So I finally found it in my notes and was able to turn it in.  I lost 5 points on my attire if you will recall (I forgot my uniform) but after that only lost 3 more points, so I’d say that is pretty darn good!  The first one I just have no clue as to why I did bad.  I’ll have to wait to find out I guess.  Since I did well on the second lab report, I’ll just assume it was one of those assignments you hand in that just doesn’t get a good grade.  Ah well.

The last thing I want to talk about today is my frustration with running on treadmills.  I just hate doing it.  I wish there was a place to run on east campus, and I have mentioned that thousands of times.  I love running outside.  I feel like I’m part of nature.  The wind pushes or pulls and creates a wonderful, crazy feeling in me.  On my run on Thursday around the trail, I felt alive.  I was slow and sore but I felt like roaring and I did a couple times.  I was just so happy and feeling so great that I wanted to have the wind wrap me up and fling me into a far away land where nature rules supreme.

And for all you runners out there that DON’T ice when sore … try it.  It works.  And don’t forget to stretch!


9 Responses to “Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Sandwich”

  1. Brandi said

    i hope this week of school goes well!

    you got some fun packages in the mail 🙂

    that dark chocolate covered strawberry sandwich sounds AMAZING!

  2. That sandwich combo does sound delicious!! Also, I agree the savory oats might be better with brown rice, I’ll have to give that a try some time, because I love brown rice for breakfast!

    How absolutely sweet of Janetha to send you that PB!!

  3. lowandbhold said

    I really need to buy some dark chocolate dreams so I can try that sandwich, it sounds so good. Sorry about the near-fainting spell. I’m glad you got some sugar in you and felt better. Try to get more rest girlie!

  4. Taylor said

    Hi I just found you blog and wanted to say hello. chocolate, strawberry and sandwich are the most important words in my foodie language.

  5. oooh I love Total cereal! Never seen that new flavor before so I’m glad you pointed it out to us 🙂 Have a great week girly!!!

  6. I’m glad you liked the yogurt- I check WF all the time to see if they have these flavors and they don’t! Maybe if we both ask they’ll be inspired to order it?

  7. janetha said

    i am playing catch up a bit 🙂 glad you got the PB! yayer! kinda gnarly about the egg yolk.. lol..

  8. That’s my faaavorite Amazing Grass bar! And my fav Bear Naked granola!

  9. Lots of fun packages, yay!
    Strawberry Peanut Butter M&Ms? Hmmm never seen those before!

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