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Training Urges

Posted by buffmuffy on September 30, 2009

Hi, all!  It’s me, not updating a week later!  Aren’t you excited?

First things first … food.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

I left off on Monday midday…

When I got home I found a lovely package from Foodbuzz!  They sent out an email for a new product to try from Nature’s Pride.

IMG00400-20090928-1827My boyfriend has bought this bread before, and he liked it.  These were two newer flavours I’m guessing.  They have 110 calories per slice and all natural ingredients.

For dinner that night I had a pita pizza with farmer’s cheese, spinach, tomato, and basil.  On the side, I had the last of my Terra sweet potato chips.  Delicious!


I was craving sweets after this dinner, so I had a big spoonful of PB&co Dark Chocolate Dreams.  The perfect snack!  Loves it!


At work, I found what I was craving …. cupcakes.  So I had some frosting and a tiny bite of cupcake and called it good.  Moderation, right?

Anyway, worked all night and my boyf helped me wake up the next morning.  He was in a good mood and was so sweet laying in bed with me until I was awake and ready to get up.

For breakfast I had two orowheat english muffins with strawberry preserves and nh margarine.  Delicious.


I packed a lunch, but ended up not eating it until today … will get to it in a minute.

Instead, we had our gelatin and salads lab this morning.  I actually ate lunch pretty much in class.  I don’t know how much I ate, but I ate enough to sustain me for a while.  I didn’t sample any of the tuna salads because they looked awful (I don’t like crunchies in my tuna), but I did have some of the antipasto platter (1 slice ham, 1 deviled egg), some fruit salad (a piece of kiwi, chunk of pineapple, sliver of orange, grape half, banana slice), some of the fruit salad which was really good with sugar coated almonds and mandarin oranges, some hot german potato salad (2 spoon servings of this, it was great with eggs, tatos, bacon, chives?, and vinegar)… pineapple fluff, lime bavarian cream with chocolate graham cracker crust, orange jellos of different types, and last but not least, what i made: strawberry chiffon.

Strawberry Chiffon

Isn’t it pretty????

I had a spoon or two of everything listed sans the tuna salads.  Again, not sure how much food I really ate, but it wasn’t too much.

I took a half hour nap in my car and then went to lecture.

Anyway, after anatomy lecture Desi and I had planned a run, so I ate my Love Force Chocolate Orange bar.


It was delicious!  Perfect amount of orange flavour and wonderful coconut shred texture like normal.  I love these bars.  I hope I can find them in a store somewhere soon.


I love how they are pretty much made with a base of ground, soaked nuts and then a bunch of stuff is mixed in.  Love these so much.  Maybe I should try making my own, eh?  May not look as pretty but I bet they’d be easy to make!

We then went on our run.  I wanted to go two times around the lake (just over 5.5 miles) but unfortunately Desi had studying to do so I could only go around for 2.28 miles.  I was tired from 4 hours of sleep, but I was feeling good.  Afterwards however I was really feeling exhausted, so I took a nap.  We are planning on running around the lake every Tues and Thurs (hopefully we will be able to do it 2 times around, otherwise I’m going to just drive there myself probably or finish running back at her apt).  I have lots of training to do.  On Monday and Wednesday, I run on east campus treadmills (they don’t have a track >.<).  I need to start running on Friday mornings before class too, but my schedule hasn’t permitted it thus far.

I want to do one long run a week on the weekend, but it is hard with my work schedule.  Therefore I’m going to start running at night on either Saturday or Sunday and it will be over 5 miles.

The plan is to up my mileage .5 miles each week.  I currently do at least 3 miles, but can easily do more.  Since I am running 5.5 miles on Tues/Thurs starting hopefully Thurs, I need to start running 5.5 miles on MWF as well, and then once I’m comfortable doing that every day, I will up it to 6.

Anywho, after the run and my nap, I had a few black pepper and olive oil triscuits (dang those things are strong but good) and then we had our anatomy lab.

After lab, I made a can of Campbell’s select harvest Italian Style Wedding.  It was good texture, but I think the chicken broth threw the flavour off.


Desi made something called Taco Pie, which I sampled and then had a second serving of…


It had cheese, sour cream, ground beef, refried beans, black olives… and then you add tortilla chips, romaine, and a sour cream/salsa mixture on top.  Delicious actually!  The lettuce really made it yummy.

And then it was bedtime!

Upon waking up, I felt rested but sore!  Not from my run, but from sleeping on the futon.  Heh.  I was sore yesterday from lifting… my back and shoulders mainly.  This means I need to work harder on my abs, I want them to be sore sore sore!  I can definitely tell a difference in my running with stronger muscles though, especially a stronger core.  I think training your arms is also essential because otherwise they get tired.

For breakfast, I had my last *sniffle* Love Force bar.  My gosh these things have treated me well.  This flavour was Fig Ginger.  I was very skeptical about this flavour.


You know what?  Not bad.  It tasted like a big fatty Fig Newton, but with a hint of Ginger added.  I personally think it would have tasted better sans ginger, but only because I’m not a ginger fan.


Good breakfast though, and good nutrition stats.  Just perfect!

I had time before class when I got to campus, so I worked on my menu project.  I think it turned out really nice, so hopefully we get a good grade on it.  I would have rather done it all myself to be honest, but oh well.

For lunch, I tried my new 12 grain Nature’s Pride bread.  Mind you this bread has been sitting in my car/fridge since yesterday morning so I was worried it would have been soggy.  I had carrot sticks on the side.


On the sandwich was almond butter and apricot preserves.  Surprisingly the bread was not soggy in the least bit!  Pb usually doesn’t make bread soggy but preserves sure will.  So I was pleasantly surprised.  This bread had grain chunks in it, and it tasted so awesome!  I wish it had less calories, but that is okay.  If it is good for me, I will compromise.

I was going to grab a cup of soup from campus to go with, but I didn’t like the flavours I saw today.  I then saw a pan of delicious looking fruit crisp bars … and I had to have one.


Yummy!  Would you pay a dollar for this?  I sure would.  Fresh made here on campus, too.

And that is where I’m at now.  I was going to write a lab report but I just realized I kind of need my book for that…  So I’m going to attempt writing something but otherwise I’m heading to the gym!  I only have until 245, but I plan on being there until then.  I hate treadmills though, so that is my only obstacle.

As my title suggested, I am training.  I don’t have any 5ks or 10ks or half marathons that I know of to enter, but I want to train for one so that when one pops up I can enter.  I did 5ks back in the day, and I miss them.  I wasn’t near in the shape I am now as far as running goes though.  I could run them the whole way but I wasn’t very strong so it was a struggle.  Now, I can run a lot longer without struggling, I just need to build up my endurance so I can run without stopping.  I do a lot of walk run training anyway though, because it helps endurance increase.

That’s all for now!


PS Want to try pumpkin butter?  I sure do…  Check out this giveaway!

Annnd this amazing bar giveaway!


11 Responses to “Training Urges”

  1. Danica said

    MMMM- I’d totally pay a dollar for that fruit crisp bar – looks delish!

    thanks for the contest shoutout and tweeting the contest

  2. I have seen a lot of that bread going around lately, may have to check it out. The PB&co…seriously how can I not find that at the store, it looks amazing!

  3. janetha said

    i am kicking myself for not being a tastemaker! i keep seeing everyone get free carbs! ha. noted, i joined today. gelatin and salads lab? that sounds interesting! mm i love that variety of triscuits! and the fruit bar looks so decadent, i want it with some coffee please, k thanks. xo!

  4. lowandbhold said

    I don’t understand how the tastemaker thing works? I would love to try free food!

    I would pay much more than $1 for that delicious bar. YUM!

  5. Katharina said

    How did you get the bread? You’re the second person I’ve seen in the blogosphere with the Foodbuzz goodies lol. Peanut butter and apricot preserves sounds very yummy 😀 And I’m loving all the Love Force haha

    p.s. I would definitely pay $1 for that!!!

  6. Brandi said

    good luck with getting your running schedule set! I try to run on the same days and have my longest on the weekends too and it usually works. I just have to be okay if things come up that switch it up a bit 🙂

    those love force flavors sound so good!

  7. Tra said

    WOOT WOOT is right. but you were the first commenter on that “sole reader” blog post and so you are MY SOLE READER LOL you rock.
    omg. what cereal are you crazy about?

    i am NOT, i repeat NOT cuckoo for cocoa puffs. =)

  8. I got that bread for Tastemaker, too! It’s really good, kind of sour-tasting, but in a good way, isn’t it?
    That bar is only a $1? Cool. I wouldn’t pay for that though…I’m not a sweets fan…now if that was made with pumpkin and topped with cheese, that’s another matter…;-)

  9. Lele said

    Your strawberry chiffon is SO cute and SO girly looking, hah!

  10. april said

    You have the best desserts!! and reviews!

  11. Ooooh, that strawberry chiffon looks so pretty!

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