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Monster Post… Again

Posted by buffmuffy on September 28, 2009

Hi guys!  I know it has been nearly a week since I last posted … I’ve been entirely way too busy but I got all my anatomy tests over and done with.  I have a couple exams coming up still but they aren’t as information intensive.  I ended up getting a pretty avg grade on my lecture exam, but I did get an 85% on my lab practical.  Considering that I had that whole stack of notecards to know just for the lab practical and half of them were covered on one side with information, I think I did fairly well.  I think I made a lot of stupid mistakes, or things were just marked unclearly for certain things I missed.  It’s hard not to have those kind of mistakes.  Oh well.

Today is a fall day for sure.  It is chilly out, and I’m loving it.  I decided to wear a tank with a long sleeve … thingy… over it.


Unfortunately I spilled some of my tea on it and had to washit immediately, but thankfully I also had a black one that actually went better with my outfit so I put that one on instead.  Woot!

I last left off Tuesday midday.  I had a snack somewhere in the middle of the day of bagel and cream cheese.  I don’t remember when… but here it is on my phone … haha.


Yum… sideways too.  They taste better that way 😉  I actually think I ate this on wednesday.  I dunno.

For dinner, I had a all natural Campbell’s soup … savory sausage and vegetable.

IMG00336-20090922-2351Check out the nutrition facts on this baby:


This soup was awesome.


For dessert, I had possibly this whole bag of chocolate covered mixed fruit that I actually found at walmart.  I also tried some chocolate covered goji berries, but I’ll post about those in a bit.  These little morsels sure were addicting and delicious!



For breakfast, I had a Chocolate Lemon Love Force bar.


I definitely think it should have included more lemon flavour!  Don’t be shy, Love Force!  It was a yummy breakfast.


IMG00342-20090923-1200Lunch included this banana and bees knees pb.  Yummy!

I then had a handful of these before my workout.

IMG00343-20090923-1204These things are soooo good and I can’t believe I found them at walmart.  They also had pom too… I need to try it!  Expensive but you get tons.  These were a great preworkout booster and were slightly cold and tasted great that way.  They also tasted great later in the day a little warmer … and the rest of them disapeared over the next couple days… I dunno how it happened but they aren’t there anymore!

Anyway, I also had dos mango O.N.E. coconut waters for my workout…


…and I rememebered to bring my footpod!


I could barely even tell it was there unless I looked down and saw it!  It was awesome!  And I had to calibrate it… I went 2 strong miles and then just wasn’t in the mood anymore.  So I lifted some weights and did some strong abs.  I’m starting to feel the effects!  I am feeling awesome!

For dinner, I had a bowl of corn, some Goji Pomegranate green tea, and some Terra sweet potato chips.


The tea…look at this super cute box!!!!


And then off to work I went!


Thursday started out in disaster.  I woke up an hour late, threw on clothes, and burst out the door 15 minutes late.  Breakfast consisted of a sugar free redbull (gift from a coworker), some goji pom tea (yes, in a nalgene), and a Granola Cacao Love Force bar.


Holy Moly was this bar good!  I was in love with the cacao beans on top… I don’t know if these were cacao beans actually but whatever they were … they were DELICIOUS.  I knew I needed a higher calorie bar since I wasn’t going to be eating for a while (4 hour lab).


I drove a little more aggressively on my hour long drive to Lincoln and made it there by 8am.  I walked into lab where everyone was putting on their hairnets and aprons (it is a food management lab and we spend most of the weeks helping out in the kitchens at campus or dining halls).  I walked up to my teacher to ask for an apron and she inquired about my attire … said it didn’t match.  Like an idiot (with only 3 hours of sleep) I replied that my socks matched and promptly showed them to her.  She then looked at me and said, “yes, but it isn’t white.   And you’re wearing jeans.  Where is your uniform?”

O. M. G.  I had totally forgot that I needed to be wearing black pants and a white shirt… and here I was standing in an orange shirt with dark jeans.  Wow.  I was totally embarrassed and I felt like I dissapointed a grandparent.

Anyway, lab went fine I guess.  I panned up some beef, cut up celery, made some reubens (ew), made some asian chicken salads, and a few other random tasks.  I lost 5 points for my outfit.  *cry*

At this point I was ready for lunch.  I tried out the new Amazing Grass Peanut Butter Protein bar.


Oh. Em. Gee.  This bar was GLORIOUS.


Look at its greeny gloriousness!  It tasted soooooo peanut buttery and good.  I LOVED this bar.  AMAZING job, Amazing Grass (See link on sidebar to order!!!)!!!!! 10 thumbs up!  And 270 cals with 12g of protein, along with the amazing grass green superfood blend.  Wonderful!

I was still hungry, but I had lecture to attend.  So I ate this Kashi raspberry chocolate bar instead on the way (also because I didn’t really bring anything for lunch).

IMG00358-20090924-1144I don’t remember when I ate this peach, but I’ll throw it in here.


For dinner, I had me some soup, the rest of my flax bread from Love Force, and the rest of my pepperjack cheese while I studied for my lab practical after a wonderful 3 hour nap.


The soup was from Cambell’s natural line of soups.  This flavour was Teriyaki Chicken Noodle.  Super Yum!IMG00363-20090924-1733And then was the lab practical, which we got in an hour later than expected.  Ah well.  Got to study extra.

When we got home, I was craving sweets, so I lucked out when Desi asked if I wanted a root beer float.  I said sure – without the rootbeer.  So I had some vanilla bean ice cream. 🙂



Friday started out blah.  I had a tremendous headache and I had to sit and watch a completely boring slightly entertaining lecture about Fiber during the Nutrition Update here on campus instead of class.  Yawn!  Before I went I tried the new Amazing Grass Berry Superfood bar.


Not so much.  Definitely not a favorite.  I think if it were chocolate covered I would have enjoyed it a lot more, or if it had chunks of fruit in it.


Would still be a good bar for those days when craving grass, but not on other days.

When I arrived on campus, I decided to grab a bagel and cream cheese because I was still hungry as the berry amazing grass bars have only 210 calories.

IMG00371-20090925-1006As mentioned already, the lecture thing was boring.

I was ready to go home for sure!!

Once I arrived at home, I had lunch/dinner.

IMG00372-20090925-13182 orowheat english muffins with blackberry preserves and nh margarine, a peach, and some turkey sausage patties.  Yum yum!  I caught up on 90210 and watched most of ANTM.  And then off to work I went!

Our area coach brought peanut butter m&m’s finally since he owed them to us for doing a good job on a sunday 3 or so weeks ago … so I had many handfuls ^_^


When I got home, I caught up on more DVR.


I started Saturday off right with a lovely Love Force bar.


Chocolate Mint was incredible.  There was a small hint of mint, but also a strong emination of coconut shreds.  Holy moly was this bar to die for!  The texture was incredible.


Great nutrition facts, too!  I love these bars so much!

At work, I sampled the bear naked granola sample I got in the mail…


Oops, forgot to rotate that one!  I added in some pb m&m’s…


It took me forever to eat this because we were MONDO busy.

The actual granola was very cinnamon raisiny but I liked it.  Not the best with pb m&m’s, but it was good.

For dinner, my boyf wanted to treat me to something nice.  So he got us Chili’s to go and surprised me with my fave dish: Cedar plank tilapia.  The lime pesto or whatever that is on top is freaking amazing.  I also had 3 unpictured shrimps that he got for me.  Yum yum!


That night we played some Halo ODST, caught up on tv, and indulged in some alcoholic treats… mine was Smirnoff Tuscany Lemonade with seltzer and Pom Wonderful added.  It was amazing!  I also had one without pom.  It was actually my boyf’s idea!


The night didn’t go very well at the end, but all that matters is that things are okay now!


For breakfast, I had another Love Force bar!  This time I tried Chocolate Vanilla.  I was a little depressed, so I didn’t eat it right away and instead ate it at work.


This bar was delicious.  I really enjoyed it.  I love how most of the bars have coconut in them.  It really makes for a pleasurable texture.


Hm, lunch.  I don’t recall what I ate.  Perhaps some bean on tort, or perhaps it was a bunch of pb m&m’s…. <.<  No pics so I guess we’ll never know!

For dinner, I had another breakfast.  Haha.  I had a couple eggs, turkey sausage, and some greek yogurt with pineapple and coconut on top.  On the side, I had some lovely chocolate mint oolong stash tea.

IMG00384-20090927-1839The greek yogurt I found was actually at walmart in lincoln- i got a cooler just to take it back to omaha with me!  It was only 3$ a big tub!

IMG00383-20090927-1835It is pretty good too.  It isn’t Fage or Oikos, but it will do.

During the night, I indulged in the following snacks …


(yes I ate the whole bar minus one square)


(many glasses of this!)


Yep…  And my weight is back down and hopefully on the way to my goal shape.

Monday (today)

For breakfast today, I made my own McMuffins.  I prefer McGriddles, but I didn’t have time to make maple infused pancakes.  Haha.

First I toasted some orowheat english muffins.  Then I added microwaved eggs.  On top, I added a slice of fake cheese (note to self: use real cheese next time), folding in the corners.


Then, I cooked the sausage in the microwave and added it on top of the cheese, and then put the whole sandwich in the microwave to melt the cheese.. and voila!


(ps I apologize for my dirty stove/toaster – I need to clean badly!)

MuffyMcMuffins (McMuffys?)  with creme caramel stash tea on the side.

Yes, I am Mizzou Alum.  But only because I transfered to University of Nebraska 😉

ANYWAY.  I brought the other half of my greek yogurt container (thankies I have one whole more container in the fridge) with some Muffy’s Trail Mix and coconut on the side and some sweet potato chips.  I added in some raw pom honey to the yogurt.  This made it delicious!


I also packed a dark chocolate coconut bar for after my workout… which I’m about to go do with some delicious O.N.E. pineapple coconut water.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update sooner next time! 🙂



9 Responses to “Monster Post… Again”

  1. lowandbhold said

    I’m so glad you got your tests over with. All the eats look great. I’ve only had one AG bar and I hated it, but the peanut butter one sounds pretty good.

  2. totally & completely in love with that Superfoods bar!! too darn good 🙂 love your hair by the way!

  3. welcome back to you too!! 🙂

    Those bars look amazing! I haven’t seen them for sale anywhere, but I’ll have to keep my eyes out for them!

    Cute pic of you too, I love your hair color!

  4. Katharina said

    Girl, you are stunning!

    I am now officially hungry 😀 Time to grab a nighttime snack!! And the PB Amazing Grass bar sounds really interesting! That’s a flavor I’d definitely like to try out.


  5. Katharina said

    Girl, you are stunning!

    I am now officially hungry 😀 Time to grab a nighttime snack!! And the PB Amazing Grass bar sounds really interesting! That’s a flavor I’d definitely like to try out.

    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  6. janetha said

    the photo of you is tres cute! watch your mailbox 😉 xo

  7. Tra said

    YES YES YOU ARE MY SOLE READER! HAHHAHA. aren’t quaker oat meal squares awesome ? now i only have 1/2 a box after my raiding it this morning. =D
    never tried anything but brown sugar. mmm.

    crunchy goodness. =D

    i’m jealous you had a amazing grass bar. JEALOUS!

  8. brandi said

    welcome back 🙂 I’m glad things are going well, even though it’s super busy.

    I love that tank!

  9. Holly said

    wooooo love all that recap goodness! i need to try those love force bars – they sound and look amazing! and i need to find that brown cow greek yogurt – i hear it is cheap (for greek yog that is). have a wonderful day girl!

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