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Anatomy Exam Down, Lab Practical to Go!

Posted by buffmuffy on September 22, 2009

All I can say is I have a bunch of pictures of things that I ate, and I can’t really recall a specific order, so I’m going to post them and talk about them.

If you don’t want to read all this post though, please skim to the bottom-there is awesome news!!!!

I have been eating a little more than normal the past few days and have not documented it all.  I will not mention it all.  I can’t even remember it all.

I’m sure no one will mind… since all the stuff I don’t have pics of was boring!

Before I begin, I am predicting a high C / low B on this anatomy exam.  I knew some of the answers I missed for sure that I just didn’t read thoroughly enough (first exam jitters – argh!) so boo to that.  I will know later on today how I did on the multiple choice and then eventually will figure out how I did on the diagram (10% of the exam grade).  Bah.  Nervous!  Have the lab practical on thursday.

I am happy to report that I got a 20/20 on my first lab report in my food science lab, even though the quiz I got back was really bad.  Haha.  But the questions on the lab quiz were ridiculous in my defense.


Here we go.  I’ll do them in somewhat order, since I took the pictures in order and such.



This was my protein smoothie.  It had oats, noxplode, amazing grass protein powder… almond milk… yeah it turned out awful.  It was thick and needed a less dirty-grassy taste and the noxplode just offset it (blue raspberry flavoured grass = no bueno).  So no thanks to that idea…. I’ll stick with energy bars of some sort or something.  Or perhaps give this another try without the noxplode (which I really don’t need on wed/fri anyway).  I drank maybe half of it and then decided to grab one of these:

IMG00276-20090916-0912Never fails!  Love these things, and when sick the protein smoothie just wasn’t cutting it.  I thought I would hurl, lol.

IMG00277-20090916-1206Ah yes!  I know what this is … Lunch!  I had some chicken noodle soup, some fresh fruit, and some multigrain crackers.  This was a good lunch, but these are not good soup crackers.  They are good salad crackers.


I don’t know how this got in here <.<

Hey what can I say?  Sugar makes me feel better when I’m sick or studying too hard.


I did some of this ….  And then I went to class.  When I arrived home, I had packages!  The lovely Aaron at Love Force sent me all these great products!

IMG00282-20090916-1841I swear, these bars are made just for me.  The types are so my flavours!  I was stoked to try these, and look how freaking cute they are!  I also got a bunch of their flax breads.


Aren’t these cute?

The best thing about these products is that there is an array of nutrition.  Some of the bars are super high calories and some of them are a regular amount.  Some of the breads are lower, some are midline, and some are higher.  I like that there is a variety.  Having a static nutrition stat is great and all, but what if you need just a little more oomph one day or a little less substance another?  And did I mention how cute these are?

Anyway.  I also got the books I was supposed to get for my half bday (aug 5 lol) from my boyfriend and a book that I ordered for myself.

The Food Inc Companion, Tricks by Ellen Hopkins, and Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella.  Yay!  I have been wanting to read the latter for forever.  I love Sophie Kinsella.  I can’t wait to finish the book I’m reading now (Pretty in Plaid by Jen Lancaster) to start this one.


Moving on.  I had to work obviously.


I made this huge thing of whole wheat noodles, cooked them in chicken bouillon water, and then drained them out and added in peas.  It was really good and great for being sick to get some nutrition into me.


Again… where are all these pictures coming from?  I definitely didn’t eat these delicious, fried, cinnamon sugar covered flatbread pieces. Nope.  Not me.  Did I mention I was sick still … and … yeah.


IMG00288-20090917-0651Well this was breakfast pretty much, but I didn’t have any coconut water.  I was planning on hydrating myself but I believe I got irritated and neglected to drink them.  They are still in my car to be honest, but I can’t wait to drink them.  And half of my kombucha exploded out when I opened it… so yeah.

We had a tour at Sysco that morning and I finally was starting to recover from feeling nauseous and my appetite was coming back.  I was nodding off without the noxplode for breakfast… it was worse than it has ever been.


I went ahead and ate this Pure bar (yum!) on the way to anatomy lecture.

After class, Desi and I headed to the grocery to pick up some lunch mats.

IMG00290-20090917-1506They were having their anniversary of some sorts … and they had these mini portions of ice cream and cake.  Literally maybe 4 bites in total for both, haha.  It was delicious.  The perfect way to start an appetite back up.


I ended up getting an asian inspired healthy choice with beef of some sort and a stonyfield fat free black cherry yogurt topped with some cherry medley trail mix.  I had some more trail mix on the side later.  This trail mix is the bomb!  There are like cinnamon sugar crusted almonds, yogurt covered raisins, chocolate covered dried cherries, cashews, macadamia nuts, dried cherries, and maybe one other thing …


Since there was no class on Friday, I got to go back to Omaha!  This made me super happy.  I had a super late dinner.IMG00292-20090917-2306

When I got home, I decided to have breakfast for dinner.  It consisted of eggs and two english muffins with nh margarine and Wholesome Sweeteners organic honey.  YUM.  What a delicious dinner.


The next morning I was able to spend watching tv and having a nice relaxing morning before work at 3pm.

IMG00295-20090918-0903This was breakfast… I mashed up some defrosted frozen warmed strawberries with nh margarine and I think I added in coconut sugar.  It was okay.  In pita bread.  Maybe next time crispier and sweeter, but other than that it would have been great.

My boyfriend got to come home super early (around lunch time) so he brought home stuffs from Hyvee.  Yummy, a big huge sushi platter!  I ate part of this, but not all of it.  He had a couple pieces and I had 2 crab rangoonys with it.


I ate the rest of it later.

Before work, I grabbed a package that Teri Jo so kindly sent from Amazing Grass.  Their new bar flavours along with the old ones too!  Yummy these sound so good!  I have been wanting to try the new flavours-berry and pb. (see link on sidebar)


I had a Love Force Goji Lemon bar on the way to work.


This bar was pretty nutty.  As you can see, it contains lots of nuts and is very energy dense.  It was good.  I loved the goji berries and the lemon flavour, but you could definitely taste the cardamom and other spices that I think the bar could have done without.  Just add more lemon flavour!  Bring it on!  A bit high on calories, but that is a good thing for pre-work.  I don’t remember what I ate at work, but I’m sure I had something.


On Saturday I have no idea what I ate at work and I have no clue what I had for breakfast lol. I ate really bad this day … and I don’t remember much of what I did eat.  I think I had some rice and chicken, and a chicken on a fried flatbread with lettuce and tomato on both … like many hours apart.  And then we went to Walmart after work and made a pizza and had lime chips and a few chips and dip…

Also tried one of these:


Not bad, but not really worth the calories either.


Sunday I didn’t really eat breakfast… yeah.  My bad.  I think I brought a kombucha.  I don’t remember what I ate at work this day either.


Pretty sure it was a cheat day too, and I slightly recall eating this one of the days of the weekend.  Mmmm blended fruit.

Haha it is really sad that I just do not remember when or what I ate.


I do remember Monday!  So…


I had 2 different kinds of english muffins for breakfast.  One contained an egg and a slice of farmers cheese, and the other had preserves.

I used my new preserves that I bought … I got black cherry, apricot, strawberry, and of course more blackberry.  Yay for Polaner All Fruit!


I spread apricot and nh margarine on one side and black cherry and nh margarine on the other side.


I put them in this nifty ziploc 🙂 which actually caused my sweet english muffin to taste eggy but that is okay.  I had it sealed for a while, lol.

IMG00324-20090921-0935This breakfast was awesome, but it needed turkey sausage which I wish I had some of.  I’ll have to get some next time.

For lunch, I packed some almond butter, a few newman’s own organics arrowroot cookies, a banana, and some lime tortilla chips.  It was good, all up until the chips flew into the ab.  Haha, but I ate them anyway because they did not get soggy and it was only a few.

When I got home, I ate the rest of the lime tortilla chips <.< while I studied my butt off for my anatomy exam.

IMG00328-20090921-1951I had this Pure bar on the way to work..

And I think I ate some potatoes at work.  Granted they were fried… I have been off track lately but at least I have been eating a mostly normal amount of calories!


Tuesday (slash today)

Today I had a green monster for breakfast with my energy blend.


I had a lab this morning and we deep fried a bunch of stuff and then pan fried a bunch of stuff.  Yeah, it was a lab on oils.  Unfortunately the whole lab room smelled like oil smoke and it was making me sick.  Still, since I had a light breakfast.  So I had two little donut holes covered in sugar, a tiny pancake and bites of other  types of pancakes (maybe two tiny pancakes total).  It didn’t sit very well with me.  I nibbled on another plain donut hole for tasting purposes, but I really didn’t eat much.

And then it was time for my anatomy exam.  At this point I was feeling extremely nauseated.  I was so close to throwing up.  A combination of the fat smell and the exam jitters I’m guessing.

The exam went okay … I’m going to guess high C low B… I’m not sure though.

For lunch I had this Mango Pecan Love Force bar!


This bar was really good.  It had lovely mango chunks and a slight nutty flavour.  The pecan flavour was light though and I really enjoyed it.  It was a bit juicy, but it reminded me of a really moist pumpkin bread.  Then I noticed it had pumpkin spice in it and it made sense lol.

And now … I’m relaxing.  I’m having a bit of the Love Force sun flax original bread with pepperjack cheese.


The flavour is a little different, and the texture is way different.  It is a crispy slightly bendable bread but it is actually very soft to eat.  I enjoy it highly with crackers, and it has a slight sweetness to it.  I only ate one piece with about half the cheese, saving the rest for later.

This bread had 131 calories per serving with 9 g fat, 1g sat fat, 3g fiber, and 4 g fiber per slice.  There are 2 slices in the package.  It contains:

Raw organic sunflower seeds, raw organic flax seeds, raw organic agave nectar, ra worganic celtic sea salt.

I knew it tasted something sunflowery in there!

The sunflower seeds are soaked and the flaxseeds are ground.

And now for the important news!

Stephanie Morris, Avocate creator, emailed me today with super exciting news!  Avocate Skin Care won the 2009 Top Gear of the Year Awards!   She is so excited, that she is giving out the offer of 15% off individual products to all my readers in celebration.  Woot, go Stephanie!  I am so happy for you!!!!!!

I can testify to this stuff myself… It really works.  It is natural, causes no break outs, and makes skin SUPER soft. I am almost out of my scrub and lotion, so I’ve been conserving the heck out of it!  Haha!  I highly recommend it.

Anyway, that is all for now!

Hope everyone enjoyed my monster post!

Oh, and I promised I’d post pictures of the stuff I’m crocheting … so here ya go!


(This one is a blanket, but I curled it to show it all)



13 Responses to “Anatomy Exam Down, Lab Practical to Go!”

  1. Tra said

    wow! how do you get these things sent to you?! they have your address?! stalkers?! jk. isn’t that flavor of kashi bar AMAZING?! i love the coffee flavor.

  2. Tra said

    no kabochA?!have you checked asian supermarkets?

  3. Katharina said

    Ooo those breads sound interesting! Polaner fruits preserves are where it’s at!!

    Ohh the chickadee cup is something my friend got for me when she went to Korea 😀 It’s sooo cute. I even get a little apprehensive about other people using it lol.
    WHOA New flavours of Amazing Grass bars? Cool! I wonder how they taste..

    I’ve found kabocha at the regular supermarket but they called it buttercup squash.

    p.s. I suggest you make a pillow for your oats too!! Or really.. to go with anything, by itself – it doesn’t matter. It’s just freaking delicious and awesome and so easy to whip up 😀 I hope you’e feeling better, love.

    p.s.s. I use to crochet a lot, and your projects look like they’re coming along beautifully! Nice colors 🙂

  4. Tra said

    AWW my heart cries out for you. I wonder if i could mail you seeds. and you could try growing it. thoughts?

  5. great monster post! and i love the crocheting!

    your whole wheat noodles in peas and chicken broth is genius!–definitely going to make this next time i feel a cold coming on (knock on wood!)

    is that picture of you lying on the bench? if so, very awesome tattoo!

    hope the rest of your week goes well!!

  6. lowandbhold said

    So many good eats! I eat sweets when I’m sick too, just did it today actually!

    Those bars look really good, they’re so big. Love that! And the pasta w/ peas seems like the perfect meal to help ease a cold.

    Good luck on your school stuff!

  7. hurray for love force!!!! aren’t their raw breads the BEST?!!!!!!!

    I totally need to try Amazing Grass bars.

    Oh and school? Haha I start NEXT Tuesday. Yes, it is reaaaaaaaaaaaally late.


  8. totally jealous of your polander load. I am loving their blueberry jam right now : )

    I need to get on that blueberry purebar stat! Ive heard it taste just like a poptart!
    have a fabulous day

  9. janetha said

    haha “i have a bunch of pictures of food i ate, i just don’t know the order” you are too busy for your own good! LOVE the photo of you snoozing on the bench. marshall drinks like 3 izzes a day. no lie. i want to learn to crochet! your stuff looks great, i want to learn to make beanies. you have been eating so much good food! no wonder you lost track of the order. hey if you want me to send you a jar of MM let me know, send me your address and i will ❤

  10. I want some of those flat crackers! Yum! And can I say how creative you are? Seriously! Girl, your inventions are rockin!

  11. Tra said

    yup! warmed up larabars are QUITE tasty indeed! i haven’t really met one that hasn’t tasted AWESOME in the microwave- haven’t tried tropical fruit tart or the jocolat ones.

  12. April (Foods of April) said

    Those bars look really good! I’m always afraid of high calorie bars but if they fill you up it’s worth it!

    And your crocheting is beautiful! Your very talented!

  13. Brandi said

    great job on your first lab report! I hope things with school go well today 🙂

    those love force items look SO good! I love how they look with the whole nuts on top.

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