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Hectic Week

Posted by buffmuffy on September 21, 2009

Sorry it has been forever since posting, but I have been sooooo busy!

I have an anatomy exam for lecture tomorrow and an anatomy lab practical on thursday.  i have a stack of notecards as tall as a 16oz line on a 32oz nalgene bottle.  And those are just for the lab practical!  I still have to study all the chapters in the book (because that is how the professor differentiates between A students and B students, and I have to study my lecture notes as well.  Thankfully almost everything overlaps.  But it is still a lot of material for even one exam.  Agh!  I’m pulling my hair out!

I also have a project due in about 2 weeks that incorporates menus and I have to write a description about my group’s resort along with the coffee shop menu (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 7 daily sandwich specials).

I did get a 15/15 on my Food Safety quiz however, and a “good answer” comment on one of the questions!  So very happy about that.    I got a 9.9 on a popquiz in anatomy lab, and I think a 7 something out of 10 on the regular anatomy quiz.  Not doing too shabby so far, but this week is my first set of exams (minus my food management lab test that I didn’t do that great on) and I’m not looking forward to it.
So basically, I’m going to be studying all day today, tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday.  I work all night tonight though so I really only have study time from now until about 345.  Then I have class, then I drive home, and then I have about 1.5 hours that I’m going to eat dinner in etc.

I want to do a post about all the foods I’ve eaten, but I’ll have to wait.  And I’ll have to pick out a random few instead of posting the boring stuff too.  Look forward to a post tomorrow hopefully, consisting of all that and more, and how my first exam went for anatomy.

I have gotten a couple sample packages too, though, and I can’t wait to share those with you too!

Til tomorrow…

My view for now:




5 Responses to “Hectic Week”

  1. janetha said

    hey lady! hopefully i did not miss much while i was gone. you sound ultra busy. good job on the nice grades!! xoxo

  2. great job on all of your work, and best of luck with your exams coming up–you’ll do great!! chex mix is the best study fuel 🙂

  3. Holly said

    ohhh good luck with everything! i don’t know how you manage that crazy sched of yours!

  4. lowandbhold said

    Sorry about all the stress. I hate tests. That is seriously a TON of notecards!! Good luck with everything 🙂

  5. brandi said

    I hope your school stuff goes well today!!! Good luck!

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