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Posted by buffmuffy on September 16, 2009

I can’t believe it but I am actually sick.  It is a congestion of sorts, and a little bit of feeling weak, and I crave hot foods (maybe greasy too but I haven’t given in …).

But before I go into that more, I’ll pick up where I left off!

When I arrived home on Monday night, I decided that I would make a garbage soup.  Now what is a garbage soup, Bob?  I’m glad you asked!

A garbage soup is what I have so lovingly named the soups that Desi creates, and have decided to start attempting myself.  So what did I throw in my pot?

–1 can vegetable broth

-sprinkles of chicken boullion crystals

-2 eggs (will only use one next time as it expanded tremendously … not bad but crazy and weird to look at!)

-1 tomato

-small bunch of baby carrots

-1 small can of water chestnuts

-small bunch of baby spinach

-sea salt


-garlic salt

-1/2 serving pepperjack cheese (didn’t really add much, won’t use next time)

This soup rocked my socks off!  I had with some pita bread, which actually didn’t compliment it that great.  Goes awesome with salads, but I need more of a bread chunk for soup.


I then unfortunately had to go to work.  I did eat a flatbread with cheese and tomatoes melted on it there, and wish I hadn’t.  I don’t know what is going on with my body right now – maybe it was the sickness (I started to feel it that night).  My weight is up some and I’m not happy about it, but I know I’m retaining some water weight.

Anyway, in the morning I had my energy blend green monster along side a synergy trilogy kombucha and an unpictured orowheat english muffin topped with nh margaine, coconut sugar, and cinnamon.  I inhaled it before I remembered to take a pic – sorry!  Lol.  Just look at the last post.


I also blended a protein shake for today’s breakfast, but it will be featured in the next post.  I took it with in the car, and hopefully it was on ice long enough to not go bad but because Desi is sick too, I didn’t go over to her apt until after lab.  More on this in a bit…

In lab we created a bunch of different fruit and vegetable things.  I got the pleasure of making an eggplant lasagna, and we also made applesauce, coddled apples, and a few other things we only made to observe and not eat.  I also had small bites of oven-fried eggplant (yum), plum cafoutti (really yum), other types of applesauces, broiled tomato, scalloped corn (mmm), and sweet and sour red cabbage (blech).  I think there may have been a couple more things, and I sampled our fruit leather from the first lab – it wasn’t bad!

I did take very small bites of everything however, so once I got back to my car I was hungry.  I packed a small lunch today, and I realized it was definitely a good thing that I did!

Here you see a bees knees and raw pom honey sandwich thin specimen and some Newman’s Own Organics Arrowroot alphabet cookies prior  to consumption.


I then went to anatomy lecture.

Afterwards, I wasn’t really feeling the sick much, so I went to the gym.  I ran on the indoor track, and then I did arms day that I couldn’t do Monday and I did legs day.  I did some stretching and some crunches.   Here is a list of what I did….

-~3 miles on indoor track


-50 regular crunches

-15 side crunches, each side

(# sets X reps @ lb)

-2 X 10 @ 15lb bicep curl (each arm)

-2 X 10 @ 15lb tricep ext (one weight, both arms)

-2 X 10 @ 10lb front raise (each arm)

-1 X10, 1X 5 @ 10lb lateral raise (each arm)

-1X 10, 1 X 5 @10lb shoulder raise (each arm)

-2 X10 @ 30 lb bench press

-2X 10 @30lb standing dead lift

-2X 10 @ 30lb squats

-2X 10 @ 110lb leg press

-2X 10 @ 110lb calf press

-2 X 10 @ 50lb leg curl

-2 X 10 @ 80lb back machine

I got a protein naked juice to repair up the muscles – good because it also contains a lot of sugar which in combination with protein after a workout is the best formula for your muscles, especially if in liquid form.   Lots of calories, but that is why you budget things like this into your diet instead of pretending it is water.  It hda 30 lovely grams of protein for my tired muscles.


I also probably walked about 5 miles back and forth to my car, carrying a heavy backpack, and 1/5 of those miles carrying a gym bag too.  So needless to say, I was slow moving after that.  But I was cold, and I didn’t want to sit around at the union looking at my flashcards the whole time.  But while I was there I did get a pomegranate green tea from the cute little coffee shop we have.


I also saw that they have those heart thrive bars!  I can’t wait to try one next time.  Lots of good teas there too, from the tea rebublic.  This tea flavour was amazing.

I also ate some cheese I shouldn’t have that had been in the car too.  It was gooey, but still in form.  It was on ice most of the day, and I didn’t get sick from it, but it made me queasy just thinking of how it felt after I had it and that was bad enough for me.

I went to lab and we had our quiz.  I think I did pretty well, but I better not assume.  We learned about the femur, humerus, ulna, radius, fibula, tibia, hand, and foot.  Next lab is all about joints, but no quiz.  And then we have an exam on Tuesday in class and a lab practical on Thursday.  Yikes!  That is a lot of information to know.  I’m freaking a little.

For dinner, I had a can of corn with some marg, salt, and pepper.


Dessert was a kashi pumpkin pie bar, even though I really wanted some fries.

IMG00274-20090915-2242And then I feel asleep.

I woke up after a horrible, awful dream about my car being completely torn apart by some kids, and then they came up to me to apologize as if they were drinking and now regretted their activities … it was so awful.  My car was vandalized so bad in the dream that it was completely undriveable, and not just because of the glass all over!  Yikes!  Glad it was fake!

I’m feeling kind of feverish today, so maybe I did catch what Desi has.  She has been throwing up a lot though, so hopefully I don’t have what she has.  My head hurts too, but I suspect that is from my sleeping quarters.  I need to get up and get ready for class, and I’ll be posting about today at a later time, so all you get is a recap. 🙂

By the way, you all might be wondering, “Who should I nominate for Foodbuzz’ ‘Best New Blog’?”  Well, I sure wouldn’t mind carrying around that title for you!  😉

Wish me good health!


PS.  a little rant… I got a text this morning about a speed trap on east campus from probably the most pms-y guy i know, though he denys being irritable like he is.  Anyway, I proceeded to tell him thanks, but I don’t speed.  He asked me why I had a nice car then.  I told him that breaking the law isn’t what I need to do to feel good about my car.  I learned that lesson 4 years ago, and have since then matured.  May be that I sounded like I was on a high horse, but come on.  Speeding?  Really?  I grew out of it.  He told me he hoped he never grew out of it, and I just can’t even believe the immaturity of this guy.  I somewhat rudely laughed as I texted “you hope you don’t grow out of breaking the law? wow…” and then he told me he was done talking to me because he didn’t feel like arguing.  God I hate this guy sometimes.  He takes things so personally, and he is completely immature.  And he is getting upset with me for having an opinion that speeding is bad … since it is against the law and everything?  Really?  Come on!  He then proceeds to tell me I act morally superior every time he talks to me.  So why talk to me?  Really?  Lol.  I am so frustrated because he thinks he is really bashing me here, when honestly I can say that I only stand up for what is right.  At that point I told him that perhaps he needs to grow up a little, and then he’ll see where I’m coming from.  I will not stand by and be made to feel bad because I follow the law.  My goodness.  People these days!  Seriously!

Sorry… that was all jumbled together as I typed out of frustration.

Back to blog reading.


12 Responses to “Sick”

  1. brandi said

    I hope you start feeling better!!!

  2. Katharina said

    Oh no! Feel better!

    What the heck is plum cafoutti? It sounds FUN like a party in the mouth or something lol.. I think because cafoutti reminds me of confetti and also ratatouille haha. Damn, that honey sounds the Love the water chestnuts by the way. I eat them straight from the can haha.

    For real though, I hope you feel better- get some rest and drink green tea (I overdo the green tea thing lol.. like a 1 liter in a day if I’m sick) 😀

    Vote me vote me! mwahaha :p

  3. janetha said

    nice workout lady!! it sucks ass that you are sick, im sorry 😦 i love the term “garbage soup” and it sounds like it was fabulous. haha, sorry about the dumb dude. lameo! xoxoxoxoxo FEEL BETTER!

  4. lowandbhold said

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well! Sounds like you need some rest 😦 That tea/tea shop sounds so cute!

  5. Oh no! Sorry that you’re sick 😦 Try and get some rest and hopefully it passes quickly!

  6. April (Foods of April) said

    That soup sounds so good and comforting! I hope you feel better!

  7. LoL at your text convo with PMS-y guy!

    I love big pots of everything soup! So comforting!

    Hope you feel much better soon!

  8. Aw, I hope you feel better soon! Drink some Emergen-C!

    Love the garbage soup:)

  9. Damjana said

    It’s great you love Greek yoghurt! What a coincidence, both of us wrote in our last post about our recent dreams :D. Garbage soup is a cute name – I’d imagine it consists of the veggies&co you wish to use up soon.

  10. Emily said

    i bet your muscles were tired after that tough workout!! sheesh. thanks for the rec on the spiralizer…just got a coupon in the mail from BB&B, so i will def pop over there! have a great weekend! 🙂

  11. Sarah said


  12. Oh, poor baby! Get plenty of rest, and haha, don’t get mad about that guy…it’ll just stress you out and prevent you from getting recovered faster! Smile, relax, chill, and pamper yourself! 😀

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