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Livid at Disrespect

Posted by buffmuffy on September 14, 2009

Well good afternoon ladies.  Before I start back where I left off, I wanted to rant a little.

So I was feeling a bit cold and tired.  I decided to go sit in my car for a few minutes, debating whether or not I should drive to Walmart. I decided against it, but was enjoying the warmth.  I love being outside but the A/C during  summer/fall kills me sometimes.

So anyway, there I am, sitting in my car, when all of the sudden the person parked next to me comes up and opens her car door.  She is on my passenger side.  As she opens her door, she rests it on my car door.  I immediately start getting livid.  How dare she touch my car.  Those of you that read often might know that my car is my pride and joy, and that I also have had a lot of bad luck concerning this type of thing.

I’m about to explode out of my car, but I am going back and forth on whether it would be worth it or not.  She gets into her car though, and as she sits down the door BOUNCES off of my door.  And at this point I do explode out of my car and yell at her through her shut door, pointing at my door, to be more careful.  I even said please.  I don’t even know if she heard, but I suspect she did.  I got back in my car, started shaking, and texted my boyf instead of screaming like I wanted to do.  I marched back into the union and immediately bought a comfort snack.  It will make its debut at the end of this post, but I’m almost done with it now.

Besides, I was feeling really draggish (tired) so I figured it was needed.

I am just astounded at the complete and utter lack of respect that people have nowadays.  It flusters me every time.  I often can’t stand going out because of how certain people act or are.  Especially at work… the teenagers have no respect for the why of things.  They don’t care about food safety.  They don’t care about product quality.  Some of them follow the rules, and others stop following them when I turn my back.  It is highly irritating that they can’t even do the simple things out of respect like using the right size bag so that the customer’s food doesn’t unwrap in the entirely too large bag.  Sigh.

Anyway.  Onto the important stuff… eats!  I left off with Friday morning breakfast.

Many of you wished me luck on my quiz, and I am unsure of my grade but I felt pretty comfortable once I saw the 3 questions.  I got the grade back on my paper today for the same class and got a 13/15.  Not bad, but apparently no one answered the first question right on the paper discussion . . . So I doubt that the missed points are necessairly my fault.  😉

I was also pleasantly surprised to discover I got an 8.175 on my anatomy quiz out of 10.  I was so underprepared for that quiz in which we had to know every nook and cranny of the skull including cranial nerves.  So I am super excited about that grade!

Anyway, on the way home after class I munched on a bunch of dried fruit, some cheddar cheese, and some Newman’s Own Organics pretzels.IMG00237-20090911-1227I don’t even remember what I ate at work was a flatbread with chicken, lettuce, and tomato.

Upon arriving home I had 2 squares of this chocolate bar (sorry about this and future sideways pics O.O):


In this bowl of frozen blended fruit:

IMG00239-20090911-2241Followed by this entire chocolate bar <.<


And some cheese.


Yeah, I was a hungry beast.

Surprisingly enough, upon weighing in the morning I was happy.  Unfortunately it hasn’t followed that pattern though the weekend, but my body is acting all weird and I’m pretty positive I’m retaining water (I don’t get a large opportunity to drink enough fluids during the weekend because of working most of the day).

For breakfast on Saturday, I tried this Apple Cinnamon Pure bar.


I honestly didn’t think I would like this bar too much, but holy moly was it delicious!  It tasted like apple pie with nuts condensed into bar form.  I loved it!  Not too much cinnamony flavour at all, which I think is what I was afraid of.  And I swear I tasted some dried apples in there too.  Love it!

At work, I had some sort of snack involving beans but I really don’t remember.  I also ended up digging into another Pure bar: CranberryOrange.

IMG00244-20090912-1621Well this was pretty tasty.  I enjoyed the tartness and nutiness of it.  Sorry the pic is upside down, though, lol.  Not my fave but really good.

When I got home, we were planning on making steaks but we had a blip in the night so we ended up just stopping at Hyvee and I got some brown rice california rolls.  I also indulged in a crab rangoon from my boyf’s chinese meal.


Following these delicious bad boys was some more chocolate eating.  I did have the entire bar again.  Did I mention something odd is going on with my body?  Yeah, so it was kind of required.


Mmm mm good!  Love Newman’s chocolate.

Also followed by cheese.  Why do I always crave cheese after chocolate?

IMG00248-20090912-2220Notice the jacket sleeve… was cold.  Again, the A/C kills me sometimes!

For breakfast, I tried my new bag of yummy Orowheat forksplit extra crispy english muffins.


I topped them with blackberry preserves, sadly finishing off my jar 😦

At work I had like half a bean and chicken soft shell with lettuce and tomato.  Meh.  It wasn’t that great.

To balance out my light day of eating thus far, I decided to have a nice delicious dinner.

I divided up the rest of my romaine, using the bigger and smaller leaves to make a greek salad containing tomatoes, feta, and parthenon greek dressing and some romaine tuna wraps with tomato, pepper, sea salt, and light olive oil mayo.  I totally forgot to add egg like last time.  Whoopsie!  Oh, and a few multigrain crackers.  Hm, I bet cottage cheese would have been good too.  I think I had some on my things last time too.


This was delicious though, and even my boyf said it looked awesome.  The crackers were awesome dipped in the left over feta crumbled in greek dressing.

I had another bowl of frozen fruit.  This one was huge.  I may or may not have topped it with a couple kashi dark chocolate coconut bars.  Lol.  Big dessert, really.


Thankfully I stopped there.  Haha!

And that brings me to today.

For breakfast, I had a green monster and an english muffin with smart balance olive oil nh margarine, coconut sugar, and cinnamon.   I toasted them, topped them, and then nuked them for 20 sec.  WOW these were amazing.  I was hoping they would be good because I was pretty depressed I was all out of preserves.


In my green monster, I had my new energy blend:

-1 frozen banana

-1 type of fruit (i used some applesauce today)

-1 scoop BSN noxplode (blue raspberry- not the best flavour to add but whatever, it isn’t awful lol)


-1/2 scoop Amazing Grass wheat grass (see link on sidebar)

-1/2 scoop Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood (see link on sidebar)

-1 scoop Greens+ Omega3 Chia™

-handful of greens (spinach)

-ice (this won’t cut it in the winter, any suggestions?)

It was really thick and yummy.  Yay Chia seeds!  Unfortunately they get stuck in my cavernous molars … but oh well.  It gives me something to do on the drive to school, lol!

For lunch, I had a sandwich thin with farmer’s cheese, some multigrain crackers, and a kashi raspberry chocolate bar.


This was good, but I was really feeling tired.  Like I said last post, it wasn’t a nodding off kind of tired like normal, just a low.  Maybe it has to do with my blood sugar?  I would like to get a monitor to track my status with that and maybe use it to help refine my eating a little better during the school year.

Anyway, I had my snack after my angry attack in the parking lot of a m&m cookie and an unsweet tea.


oops, sideways again!

Lots of cals, but much needed.  Plus I feel a lot better.  Maybe my blood sugar is not spiking because I’m eating a lot of whole grains and having fats to balance it out etc, and then it just drops.  Who knows?  I really would like to look into it.  They do have a pink monitor at walmart <.<  Haha.

I have a class in 45 minutes and I’m getting cold again, so I may go sit outside for a while or walk around.  My phone is already getting low on battery from sending myself pics all morning, lol.  I’ll have to charge it on the way home.

I have a snack for the way home too – honey wheat Newman’s own organics pretzels and some of their ginger sandwich cookies too.


But enough of the boring stuff.

I have been able to salvage the poor ol tomatoes that had to have surgery!  The saran wrap held up the whole time, and if you don’t remember, clicky here!


My baby tomatoes sprouted into two cute little tomatoes!  I can’t wait to eat them.  So happy they were able to survive!

Hm, guess that was pretty boring too.  Lol.
Ah well, I think we are going to work on our menu planning project in class today, but I’m not sure.

Tomorrow I have a test in my food science lab so I have to study for that now, and then I have a quiz in my anatomy lab tomorrow night so I have to try and finish my notecards tonight so I can study during my tuesday break.  I have to know all the nooks and crannies of the pelvic girdle, vertebrae, clavicle, and scapula.  Bleh.  We learned this on Thursday last week.  Ah well, I feel more hopeful after seeing my last quiz grade, and I am actually going to be more prepared this time.

Wish me luck tomorrow!  Have to work tonight, so it is my 4 hour sleep night tonight.  I almost feel like I’m coming down with something, but out of pure exhausting and weakening immune system.  I don’t know, but I hope it doesn’t manifest into anything.



9 Responses to “Livid at Disrespect”

  1. Mia {runs and rests} said

    Woot woot for the fantastic quiz results! 😀 So happy for you. Also loving all that dark chocolate snacks. Sending you good vibes for the test and quiz tomorrow girlie! 😀

  2. Katharina said

    So much cheese going on LOVE IT 😀 And the dried fruit toooo! Girrrl go get yourself some blackberry jam goodness! I wish you the best of luck!!

  3. Ugh! What a b!tch you ran into today! You’re right, people have no respect.

    Anyway, your dried fruit/snack mix looks good 🙂

  4. Sorry about your car! I absolutely hate it when someone does that! And it’s happening more and more these days, people just don’t seem to care!

    I love all the snackiness in this post! I am such a snack junkie! Your smoothies all look delicious!

  5. Meredith said

    Mmmm chocolate!

  6. janetha said

    ugh, sorry about the disrespectful biotch! that is whack! sounds like you handled the situation with tact, but she is just lame.

    great scores on your tests! that rules! you are a smartie pants.

    i am loving the abundance of cheese you have been eating.


  7. allsheis said

    Hope you’re doing well! 🙂 Awesome job on the quiz.

    I give you so much credit for all you’re doing right now! Eating well, school, work… and you handle it with such balance!

  8. boy, I know what you mean abt disrespect. But that’s just how society is. There ain’t no perfect people around, and I guess there isn’t much we can do about it except keep to our own standards, be a good example, and be patient. To a degree, of course. 😉

  9. lowandbhold said

    I hate when people bump my car!!

    I would love to be enjoying a whole bar of Newman’s chocolate right now! You’re right, sometimes that’s just what our bodies’ need!

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