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Eating Emotions [or rather not eating]

Posted by buffmuffy on September 9, 2009

Yes, this weekend was awfully rough for me.  I’m not going to go into detail, but I completely lost my appetite and therefore I don’t have much material from the weekend.  I have lost some weight though, and I seem to be keeping it off (of course a lb or two is added because I am not perpetually empty like I was before, but that is expected).

I had some cheese before work on Friday, but unfortunately that was all I ended up eating the rest of the night.  I didn’t eat anything on Saturday except two pieces of chocolate strawberry cake at work (which made me feel awful – should have stuck with one).  I began getting my appetite back on Sunday, but not all of the way.

For breakfast, I had a piece of tomato pizza and a small triangle of cheesebread that my boyfriend convinced me to eat since I hadn’t had much the past couple days.  I also had a Pomx Iced chocolate Coffee.


I didn’t eat at work until the end of my shift.  My body just wasn’t hungry.  It is crazy what 1.5 days of not really eating much will do to your hunger status!  I actually just forgot.  And then I had a bean soft taco with lettuce and tomato.

For dinner, it was the same meal as breakfast minus the Pomx Iced Coffee, so apologies for no pic.  Just look up ^_^

I believe that is all I consumed on Sunday.

On Monday, my appetite was somewhat back, but less urgent.  This may actually be a good thing.  I’ll eat when my body is hungry and my brain won’t be as hungry anymore.  I mean I’m sure it will get back to that point though 😉

For breakfast I had a 3-egg omelet made in my omelet maker (by the way – what a piece of junk, but it turned out decent despite) made with a little unsweet almond milk and a serving of farmer’s cheese, 2 small oranges cut into fourths, and a sandwich thin with blackberry preserves.


This breakfast held me over for forever.  Since it was Labor day, the boyfriend was off work and we had a much needed day out together.  It was quite enjoyable.  All we really got was a hat for him and some printer ink, but alas it was fun.  We also went into the game room in the mall basement and spent $2 on games.  We won 65 tickets.  Haha!  Too bad the prizes were awful.  So I just kept them.  While out, and I forgot to get a picture, I got a Venti Passion Tazo iced tea from starbucks.  YUM.  I love these.  The boyf got an iced chai tea and was floored by how delicious it was.  He said his was better than mine, but I liked mine better because it was still amazing but much healthier.

For “lunch” (even though it was around 430pm) we stopped at Qdoba (it is like Chipotle) and I got a naked burrito without rice… basically I had lettuce, fajita veggies, guac, and a bunch of pinto beans.  It was delicious once I picked out the onions.  I prefer Qdoba over chipotle because the guac is tastier and mostly avo with some onion chunks that are easily picked out.  Chipotle uses a spice blend or something and I hate the guac there.  I mainly just like avocado so… yeah.  I also had some of their fabulous chips (qdoba is often much more generous with chips than Chipotle as well) with a bit of guac on the side.


At work, I tried the Chocolate Brownie Pure bar.


This bar was great!  It was nice and chocolatey and delicious.  Definitely one of the better, more desserty bars!  The cherry cashew was more of a snack bar but this really was like a brownie!  Loves it.

I also had an unpictured chicken, lettuce, and tomato on flatbread at work as “dinner”.

When I walked into work mon night, the store looked AWFUL.  It was horrendous.  But within a matter of minutes of me cleaning, it looked much better.  This always makes me frustrated because the crew could take just a couple minutes and the store would look 500X better.  The small things add up fast!

Anyway, enough of my minirant.

**UPDATE: At this point, I had been writing this post on Tuesday, but I ran out of time to get all my pictures uploaded and post it.  So I’ll leave in all the tidbits as if it were still posted on Tuesday with some updates in bold, and a big update for the rest of Tuesday and today at the bottom!

This morning for breakfast I had some Blackberry Muffy Mix and a couple servings of farmer’s cheese.  Yummy.


Today in my favorite class (food science lab) we did beverages.  Upon arriving, we were informed that we would also be baking cookies in addition so that we had something to eat with our drinks.

No pictures for this as I would be eyed badly for snapping shots with my phone in class, but my snacking and drinking pretty much was a sufficient snack enough to make me not want to have lunch for a couple more hours.  I’ll have to eat after Anatomy lecture.

Basically here is a list of what we made and sampled today (each group of 4 made about 5 things … my group’s are in bold)

Coffees: filtered, percolated, instant cappuccino, instant freeze dried, Vietnamese iced

Teas: pg tips, chai, black, green, oolong, white, ginger twist herbal, russian, iced brewed, iced instant

Hot cocoas/chocolates: ghiradelli bar, dutch cocoa powder, swiss miss, baker’s chocolate bar, ovaltine, nestle

Smoothie: blueberry-strawberry-banana (made with apple juice)

The coffee was awful.  I hate coffee.  The guy in our group that made our coffee made it so strong that everyone hated it, lol!  The teas were really good.  Especially the Russian tea!  It was made with pineapple juice, orange juice, cinnamon stick, and lemon juice along with orange and lemon zests.  I LOVED this tea.  Too bad it has to be drank in moderation 😦

I had a sip of each of the drinks.

We also made chocolate chip cookies, and then the other groups made low fat chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal spice cookies, oatmeal cookies (i think), and walnut brownies.

I had one chocolate chip cookie, one low fat chocolate chip cookie, a bite of oatmeal cookie, and a couple bites of oatmeal spice cookie.  I also had a small bite of walnut brownie.

I would estimate this snack load to be around 200-300 calories, probably on the lower end.  But I definitely am full from it.

For lunch I have packed some multigrain crackers and two Rachel’s exotic yogurts.  The flavours are Mango Pineapple Passion Fruit and Kiwi Passion Fruit Lime.  Hopefully these will be delicious because so far I’ve been pretty disappointed.


Ah and alas I have about 45 minutes before my Anatomy lecture.

There is no anatomy lab tonight since the Monday class’ lab was cancelled for labor day.

**UPDATE: Went shopping instead and got some crochet mats… will have to post what I’ve been making!

I’ll be staying in Lincoln tonight anyway though, because it will save me 100 miles of gas for this week.  Desi and I are planning on working out tonight.  I am hoping we can go run around the lake she keeps telling me about.  I’ll hopefully remember to bring my garmin with… I can’t wait.

**UPDATE:  We ran 2.6 miles around the lake.  It was amazing!

**UPDATE: And now for my actual update for the rest of the night last night and this morning!

Okay, so I won’t write this part in bold, but just pretend!

I ate the crackers that I posted about earlier, but I did not eat the yogurts.  In fact I left them at Desi’s house by accident, so I guess I have them for snack on Thursday night.

During our shopping expedition (Barnes & Noble, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Sam’s, Scheel’s, and Michael’s) I had a snack …  a bag of the new coconut flavoured M&M’s.  These were really good!  I gave some of them to Desi, so I didn’t eat a whole bag.  I also had an unpictured Tazo iced passion tea from starbucks again.  Dang it, I have to remember to snap shots of those beauties!  And only 2.25$ with tax for a Venti!  Woohoo!  Need to find some sort of single tea bag iced tea maker cup type thingy though.  If they even make those, lol.


When we got home, we were a bit tired but we wanted to go running as I updated about earlier.  We both ate a Kashi Dark chocolate coconut bar beforehand and I brought a half water half O.N.E. pineapple coconut water with me.


When we got home, we made dinner.  I made myself a greek salad containing romaine, one roma tomato, a small avocado, parthenon greek dressing, and feta.  This was great, but needed more zing to it.  I’m unsure what I needed to add.  I also had a bowl of Desi’s homeade soup into which she added red potato, sweet potato, acorn squash, summer squash, chicken broth, a small amount of barley, and some other various veggies.


I had a small dessert of some Newman’s Own Organics hermits.  Yum.


While preparing dinner, I cut up a bunch of fruit to put into Desi’s dehydrator.  I’m getting my own this upcoming weekend I hope.  The boyf and I are going halfsies on it.  I got an asian pear, a granny smith apple, a banana, and a white peach? to try out.  While I am thinking I might have wanted to use some fruit fresh or something after seeing the final product, everything turned out okay.  I also made some strawberries and kiwi for Desi, and she let me have some of the strawberries.  Here are some of the pics of pre process….



And then here is a bunch of it dried up!


I think the strawberries are my fave.  I put some of each type in my oatmeal containing Greens+ chia seeds and dark brown sugar this morning.  I took a pic precook because it looked like a swamp, lol!


It tasted kind of bland, but the strawberries and raisins that I also had in there perked it up quite a bit.  Note to self: dried strawberries go great in oatmeal.

For lunch I had a sandwich from the union deli (since I forgot I stay on campus today).  I got a panini with wheat bread, turkey, feta, tomatoes, cucumber, leaf lettuce, vinegar and a red pear.  It was okay.


Dessert was an unpictured Kashi raspberry chocolate bar.

Now, time go to catch up on some bloggies!


Oh-PS.  The boyf picked up an exercise bike for $150 at sports authority yesterday.  I haven’t seen it yet, but maybe I can use it on the weekends in addition to some running, or if it is raining, or while I watch tv.  Who knows?  I may hate it ^_^  Lol.


16 Responses to “Eating Emotions [or rather not eating]”

  1. brandi said

    glad to hear your appetite is coming back!

    all that dried fruit looks so good, especially the strawberries.

  2. wow despite the lack of appetite all your food looks great!! love the before/pictures of the fruit 🙂 have a great day 🙂

  3. janetha said

    this is quite the post! and i loved it. sorry about the down days, are you ok? i sure hope so. looks like the appetite is back in place though so that is good. i love all the dried fruit! that is so awesome. i wish i could eat candy so i could try those m&ms. you are such a busy girl so thanks for finding some time to post! i was wondering where you were!! xo

  4. VeggieGirl said

    I’m praying that everything gets 100% better for you soon.

  5. Lainie said

    Wow – wonderful eats! I’m so sorry to hear life is a little down for you right now – sending nothing but wonderful thoughts your way!

  6. Katharina said

    I hope you start feeling better girlie! Cheer up, buttercup 😀

  7. So sorry to hear things have been a little rough lately. I hope things smooth out for you soon! All of your food looks absolutely delicious! I so wish I had a dehydrator, dried fruit is just fun to mix into things.

    BTW, I LOVE those chocolate brownie pure bars! SO good.

    I haven’t tried the coconut M&M’s but I did break down and try the strawberry peanut butter ones over the weekend, I split a bag with my mom. It was a worthy splurge!

    And to answer your question, those were Garden of Eatin’ sesame blue chips, they are my fave, the sesame adds lots o’ flavor!

  8. Mia {runs and rests} said

    Glad to know you’re feeling better. Rest well, dear.
    I’m drooling over that big bag of dried fruits! 😀 The strawbs look especially amazing. Hope you’ll like the exercise bike!

  9. ack, a poor appetite is NOT fun. I hate it when I’m not hungry at all. I still force myself to eat, though. It sucks.

    But anyway, your homemade dried fruits is SO cool! Lucky!

  10. ack, a poor appetite is NOT fun. I hate it when I’m not hungry at all. I still force myself to eat, though. It sucks.

    But anyway, your homemade dried fruits is SO cool! Lucky!
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  11. lowandbhold said

    Sorry about the lack of appetite. Glad it’s back. All the food still looks really great 🙂

  12. I hope you continue to feel better, hun!

  13. Allison said

    I just came across your blog and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading! I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling 100% lately…I’m hoping that everything is okay soon! I’m glad you had a nice time out with the boy on Labor Day…sounds like the perfect relaxing day to ease the stress of the weekdays! Have a great day! 🙂

  14. pizzaaaaaaa! drool!

    Hope you feel 100% soon! I hate not being hungry!!!

    love the dehydrated fruit action too! In fact, I’m kinda jealz!!!

    And i totally want to try that choc. PURE bar!!


  15. Lele said

    I always thought that lack of appetite due to stress was something drug-addicted Hollywood celebrities lied about, but as I’ve hit my college years, it’s started happening to me. It’s rough, and getting back on track afterwords is especially rough, because you want to make up the calories in a healthy way, but you don’t want to binge. I sympathize. Good luck, all your recent eats look tasty!

  16. Holly said

    sooo much goodness! hope you got your appetitie back, and it looks like it. those dehydrated fruits look AWESOME! yummmm on the salad and Qdoba (even though my loyalty sides with Chipotle) and have a fabulous weekend!

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