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Cheese Protein

Posted by buffmuffy on August 31, 2009

First of all I have to say “oopsy” because I deleted a couple pics off the blackberry that I thought I already had sent here.  Argh!  It began with my Sunday breakfast and lunch, which were quite boring anyway so no bother.

By the way, for anyone who has seen Food Inc, please make sure you read the bottom of this post 🙂

*sorry for any sideways pictures!

For breakfast on Sunday, I had a small baggie of strawberries and some farmer’s cheese.  Farmer’s cheese is straight from the farm essentially and has no dyes in it.  And it is amazing!  I got a big hunk at Sam’s for like $6-7.  So this was definitely a light breakfast.  I ended up snacking on some cinnamon twists at work (sugar boost for the huge rush we had I guess lol) and also had a bean soft taco with lettuce and tomato only.  See?  Boring stuff, I promise!

Dinner last night was delicious.  I took a sandwich thin and put some farmer’s cheese on it and melted it.  YUM!  I had some multigrain crackers with dab of feta as well, some strawberries, and some raspberry drink that I sipped on the whole night (fermented drink).


I also had a few snacks throughout the night …. some tropical trail mix (full of sugar but amazingly yummy and the nuts balance it out some), some terra chips, cheese, and a small amount of fruit smoothie that Mike made (frozen mixed fruit, ice, and a little bit of juice).


Today not only do I look super cute… well I don’t really know what else I was going to say.  Here is a random pic of my lovely shirt!  Lol someone walked by when the picture shot so … yeah.

Photo 180

Close up (for janetha <3)

Photo 173

I packed a breakfast and lunch this morning.  For breakfast, I had some halved strawberries and a mixture of colby jack, muenster, and farmer’s cheese (about 2.5 servings of cheese total) and a Mango Synergy kombucha.

(Dang it, I don’t know what happened to this picture!!!)

For lunch, I packed a sandwich thin with cheddar and had a piece of cheddar on the side, as well as some salt and pepper popchips.  Not pictured is a diet dew that I wanted . . . Don’t judge!


Later I have a Kashi dark chocolate coconut snack bar and a Pineapple O.N.E. coconut water to drink for my workout in a couple hours (which may not even happen as I feel obligated to get through my 300 google reader posts lol).


(Update:  OMG this bar is AMAZING.  It has a nice oaty crunchiness to it and the dark chocolate layer is rich.  The coconut compliments it perfectly.)

That’s all for eats so far.  Again sorry for the sideways pictures <.<  I don’t have my regular computer today and I didn’t want to go through the editing process with them all.

Now, on to the important stuff…

I know many of you have seen Food Inc.

I have a question.  I know that there were 5 major meat companies like Smithfield and Tyson that participated in inhumane, concentrated farms.  Does anyone remember the other 3 and is there a way to figure out what subcompanies these larger ones own so I can avoid them all?  I told Mike all about the movie and thankfully he too wants to make a change.  But we are unsure what is okay to buy.  We live in Nebraska and most of the meat in stores is made in Nebraska, but is the target and walmart meat okay or is it bad?  Is there anyway to know?  I need some pointers here!  I don’t want to support the evils of these companies.

This movie really moved me.  I just can’t believe what is really going on out there.  I can’t afford to buy much, but I want to stop buying from these companies.

So how do I get my protein currently?  I went to Sam’s and looked at the deli meat but was unsure what was safe to buy.  I therefore have been eating lots of cheese to get protein and I know it isn’t the healthiest method, but I don’t really get any protein or fats from any other source unless I’m eating nutbutters or eggs which are much harder to transport.  I plan on hardboiling some eggs, but I have to find the time first.  And I need to start bringing ab&j’s to school as well.  Cheese is fattenting, but since I’m not getting much fat anywhere else either, so far it hasn’t been affecting me too much.  I was eating almost all carbs for my first week and I just had to find a way to add in some other nutrients that I was needing badly!  You all gave me tons of good ideas, but if you have any great on-the-go ideas for protein, I’m open to them!  Especially if I can find a good deli meat that isn’t from the evil companies.  Then I can bring turkey sandwiches!

That is all for now!



12 Responses to “Cheese Protein”

  1. janetha said

    awe you do look cute! too bad we can’t see your shirt closer. but from here it looks good. that farmer’s cheese looks/sound delicious mmmm. cheese is so damn good, i could easily be a mouse and be content. food inc definitely was an eye opener!! i have been shopping at the farmer’s market a lot more lately because of it. hope your day is good muffy!!

  2. janetha said

    haha we were commenting each other’s blogs at the same time!

  3. I try to buy organic meat, though it is hard!! Do you like tofu or tempeh? I also love cheese, but sometimes don’t eat organic brands. Oy. It’s so expensive!!! I like getting my fat from cheese too though! It is so yummy!!


  4. Katharina said

    Farmer’s cheese is soooo good! You look really pretty in your picture by the way 🙂

    I still haven’t seen that movie, but I feel like I should. And I will lol!

  5. Lainie said

    You look adorbable! Fab shirt.

  6. SHE-FIT said

    Tropical Fruit is amazing!
    Hope you have an amazing Monday!

  7. Mia {runs and rests} said

    I love your blouse! Shows off your slim waist and curvy hips! 😀

    I don’t cook with meat or fish anymore. My protein comes from eggs, tofu, nuts, and beans. How do you like beans? Maybe you can prep a bean dish that could last in the fridge for a couple days?

  8. Your shirt is super cute!! And I love all the snackiness!

    I really really want to see Food Inc. everyone says it’s life changing. I don’t know if I’m ready!! But seriously, I know there are a lot of really bad practices going on at companies that most people trust…not cool! I am not a vegetarian, but prefer to eat a mostly veggie diet because I’m just not sure where is safe to buy good meat either!

    I like to get my protein from things like beans, yogurt, cottage cheese, and eggs. Cottage cheese has something like 15g a serving! I was shocked to find that out!

  9. Ok, so for deli meat, I hate to say it, but you need to stay away. It’s too processed in most cases to make it worth it. You are much better cooking your own meat and then either slicing or shredding it. There really isn’t a safe deli meat. Also you are going to find that almost every meat product in your supermarkets are from one of the 5 companies. Laura’s lean beef is a good one I know of. Stay away from even the “Bare” chicken, it is a corporation of Tyson, though you have to search to find that if I remember right.

    Honestly, your best bet, is to find a local farmer that you can buy directly from. Your money is then going to someone you know supports a system you agree with rather then money going to these companies who are depleting our food sources. I might be able to help you find a few local sources, but start out with even Farmer’s Markets and see if you can make some connections. Also you can try Azure Standard for some things. Just because it says organic doesn’t mean anything. There are a few other necessities when it comes to clean meats.

    Make sure your chickens and eggs are absolutely free range never caged. Make sure that your beef is grass fed, NOT corn fed. And obviously that no hormone’s or antibiotics are administered.

    Look through this site for starters

  10. Dawn said

    LOVE the shirt! 🙂

  11. Oh one more idea/thing…Egg salads and chicken/turkey salads are good options. You can easily make your own mayo for these and it will give you good fats (which you DO need) and plenty of extra good protein in the mayo itself (from the eggs). You can make it in your blender with very little effort. It would be worth it for your health! You know how to do this from my article already.

    You might even want to invest in a small plug-in cooler for your car. I bought one for Adam which is great since he’s always in his van.

    btw, if you haven’t already bought Nourishing Traditions, don’t. You’ll see why later!

  12. wow, you’re ROCKING that color! If I wore that shirt I would look like crap, but you look STUNNING!
    As for the protein sources…I haven’t watched Food Inc, so mybe that’s why I’m not willing to reject meat yet…I just don’t feel it’s so practical to reject it totally, and also the money is the issue…I’d love to hear other people’s opinions, though.

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