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Too Busy :(

Posted by buffmuffy on August 29, 2009

OMG my google reader is up to 234.

Where did I even leave off?

Oh yes, Thursday lunch.  Okay!

I had some snacks while studying midday… though not much studying got done as I was mondo tired.



These triscuits are really good but extremely strong!  Can only eat a couple!  I had that trail mix times like 7, lol.

Since I was so tired, I grabbed one of these before lab:


For dinner after lab, I was starving and I didn’t want to eat greasy fries, so I just got 10 nuggets at Wendy’s.  Not the best option, but they were cheap and I had little money.  And I needed more than 280 calories (5 pieces).  With ketchup.


Speaking of ketchup, I rarely eat regular ketchup, but immediately after ingesting the HFCS I was craving sweets and food.  If that isn’t proof, I don’t know what is.

Then we went to go see FOOD INC!!!!  I never want to buy from those companies again.  Ever.  It is ridiculous.  Some of the stuff in the movie I just can’t believe!  I’m now afraid to buy any meat at the grocery because I am unsure of what companies are subcompanies of those 5 major ones.

I finally got to go to bed around 1 or 130.

Friday morning I had a bowl of oatmeal with a spoon of light brown sugar, raisins, and dried cranberries.  I had to eat it in the car, but boy was it yummy.


Still hungry, I had a fruit leather.  It was pretty good.


After my one Friday class, I drove home, had a snack (Only had one tea – had the other for breakfast today)….


…and made lunch:


I took my remaining romaine leaves, topped them with a dab of lf cottage cheese, tuna, and eggs and then sprinkled with paprika, sea salt, and pepper.  These were really great.


My dessert was Newman’s Own Organic’s milk chocolate!!!  Yes, I ate half a bar!IMG_4615

I worked 3-10, and then came home for some more dessert.


Banana soft serve topped with chunks of Newman’s Own Organics dark chocolate, coconut, and dried cranberries.  It was YUMMY!!!

I ate a few other snacks that night too … I’m finding that school is making me extremely hungry, but I often don’t have time to eat.  Thankfully I seem to be losing weight instead of gaining weight.  The body knows when it needs food I guess!  I just listen!

Anyway, as far as today goes, it was kind of a cheat day munch day.  I took a break from photographing my stuff, so I’ll write down what I had.  I had donuts at work throughout the day, but also fruit.  I also had some beans on a tortilla.  Probably 850 calories worth of stuff throughout my shift (830am-6pm).  For dinner I had beans, lettuce, chicken, and tomato in a platter (250 more calories).  We then went grocery shopping and I came home and snacked on some cheese slices (maybe another 200 calories) and then some trail mix (200 more).  Only reason I’m showing cals is because I want to show that I really didn’t eat that much today though I felt like I did.  About 1500 calories at this point in time, give or take a few.  And now I have to go do some homework.  But before I do, I want to share something I found at Sam’s today ….


A huge package of Orowheat sandwich thins (I got two and threw them in the freezer) and a multiflavour box of Kashi bars!  Yay!  I have been wanting to try the dark chocolate coconut flavour for a while now.  I am a happy girl.

Now I’m going to pour myself some (possibly too tart) berry kombucha and some new flavour of terra chips I got (original) and study.  Working again 830-6 tomorrow.  Blah.  Hopefully I can get caught up enough on my homework tonight to catch up on DVR and relax tomorrow night.

Sorry it has been so long and I hope I have time to catch up on google reader (during DVR watching) tomorrow night!!!!!  I’m such a bad busy blogger!



3 Responses to “Too Busy :(”

  1. Sarah said

    Aren’t the blackberry Kashi bars amazingly yummy?!

  2. janetha said

    poor busy girl!! hang in there, glad you finally got to see food inc. hope you enjoy that mike’s!! xoxo

  3. lowandbhold said

    Yum so many good eats! Sorry you’re so busy. It will get easier though!

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