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Sugar Overload

Posted by buffmuffy on August 27, 2009

Good morning everyone!  I have some serious google reader catch up to do, that is for sure.  I am such a busy girl!  I have almost 150, lol.

Anyway, on to my eats.  I left off last with the day before last, so I have some catching up to do.

Yesterday for breakfast I had 2 dates – one with the bees knees and one withraw pom honey.  I also had some double chocolate Newman’s Own Organics sandwich cookies, and this new brand of Kombucha I found.


The pom honey is to die for.   I can’t get enough of it.  But it is so rich you have to eat it in small amounts… but still.  Lots of little bites = yummy in my tummy.  I figured I would try that and the pb in dates because I always see stuffed dates flying around the blogosphere.  Love it!

The Kombucha was very different from GT’s Kombucha/synergy.  It had a bunch of scoby particles in it and tasted very similar to my m kind.  Makes me think that this brand might be local or local-ish.  I liked it.  It was very fizzy.  But I couldn’t detect any goji berries, lol.  Definitely a very strong form.

For lunch, I packed a simple bag of Newman’s Own Organics pretzels and an apple.  I actually ended up eating the other apple I had because the golden was bad. 😦


On the way home, I snacked on some Fig Newmans.


When I got home, I did some much needed organizing around the house and once my boyfriend got home, we ordered Milio’s (sandwich place).  I got a turkey on wheat with sprouts, tomato, and lettuce and I added my own light olive oil mayo.  I had it with a side of sour cream and onion chips.  Realistically I didn’t need the chips, but there was a deal for 2 sandwiches and 2 sides for 20$, and after reviewing the ingredients (potatoes, oil, and salt essentially) I felt good about my decision.


After that, I had a snack of some Terra chips and some cheddar cheese, and for dessert was 2 squares of Newman’s Own Organics milk chocolate.  I gave my boyfriend some and he wanted more.  I told him no. ^_^  Everytime he wants to try something of mine he ends up liking it (so far), so that makes me very happy!


I also had a glass of my homemade kombucha with a capfull of lime juice for flavour while I was writing my first paper about systems.


I am still getting used to my very strong brew, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that it isn’t fizzy.  Granted this is my second batch, and I think I have it figured out now.  The third batch should turn out better.

And then I was off to work!  Naturally, I became hungry while there (we work hard!) so I had a soft taco containing rice, chicken breast, tomato, and lettuce (~200 cals).


Work went decent but could have been better.  The new guy is slightly annoying and has a small attitude.

I then went home and proceeded to get my 2.75 hours of sleep.

I woke up feeling okay, but I am definitely tired today.

Now, if you noticed the title and are still wondering where it came into play, and if you noticed how sugary and dessert like my breakfast was, then you will now see a theme.  My breakfasts have become almost like desserts.  This isn’t on purpose – I just don’t have much else to eat!  The only sources of protein I really have are pb and cheese, which also provide some fats, but that is really it.  Mind you I normally have ot eat in the car, especially on mon, tues, and thurs.  Hopefully I figure out something.  I can always make a smoothie too, so I’ll have to start incorporating those.

And now, for today’s breakfast.  My sugar overload.

Today I decided I would try some Pom honey on a sandwich thin.  I think I used too much, and I probably should have combined it with something else.  Wow this stuff is strong!  I also took a couple dates containing almond butter, but that ended up tasting mostly sugary.  I took a slice of cheese to balance it all out, but really I should have eaten it last instead of my “honey sandwich” because this pom honey is so thick, its nearly like a thick pb.  Spreadable honey.


So yes.  Plenty of energy from that, but plenty of still being tired once I got to class.  Speaking of which, what is the point of a 8-1150 lab??  My goodness.  We got out an hour early today, but I found out the purpose of the lab is basically to work in kitchens cooking.  I have two cooking labs – this one is more like a job where the other one is just recipes and fun and the science behind everything (I took the supplement lecture last semester).  We got to cut up carrots today … and I had 6 carrot sticks accordingly.

Since I got out an hour early, I took my grumbly tummy over to city campus to eat lunch and blog.  I had another cheese sandwich thin with popchips, but this time I brought salt and pepper popchips that didn’t get soggy because they were wrongly packed with the sandwich.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice that extra baggy.


And that leaves me where I’m at now.  It is almost noon, I have a class in half hour, and then a big break.  Desi and I decided we would work out on our breaks M-R but I haven’t heard from her today so hopefully I see her in class!  I’m a bit worried but she often ignores her phone so I’m sure she is fine lol.

The weather is slightly cold today, but it is very fall-like also.

During my break today I absolutely need to get my anatomy lab readings done, along with some questions, and hopefully still have time to workout and all that jazz.

Tonight I have no idea what dinner will be, and I didn’t really bring anything now that I think of it.  I have my night lab at 630 and then have to rush over to catch the 955 showing of Food, Inc which is required by two of my classes.  Crazy, huh?

Anyway, that is all I have for now!  I hope I can find some time soon to catch up on some blogs.  I have about 15 minutes now, but that is not nearly enough!

I miss all my comments!  I don’t get as many when I’m busy lol 😦  I do appreciate those of you that do keep up on what little I have to say though!  I love you all! 🙂



9 Responses to “Sugar Overload”

  1. Brandi said

    i hope the rest of your day goes well!

    that pom honey sounds awesome!

  2. Food n Fitness said

    OMG that is my FAVORITE Kombucha Tea—it’s amazing!!

  3. janetha said

    girl that is not enough sleep! and you are too busy for my liking, i got a wrx you need to go see! haha i thought of your email when i was typing about it. sorry about the rotten apple, but hooray for cheddar and terra chips! xoxox love to you

  4. You are one busy lady, lady! Get some more sleepy time:)

  5. Sarah said

    Hey girl! I’ve been following you since your xanga days (I’m the one who sent you the felted purse once-upon-a-time!) I love your blog and you’re doing such a good job with it! Keep it up and good luck with the beginning of the semester!

  6. Mia {runs and rests} said

    You’re one busy girl but please do get enough sleep! 😀 I notice that I am hungry (and grumpy) all day if I don’t get at least 6 hours of sleep. You could also sneak in naps during your day if you can.

    I’m still amazed at the GIANT papaya from the prev post.

  7. I know how you feel girlie! I’ve been so busy this week, I haven’t even gotten to blog every day! It’s been very sad. 😦 It seems at the times when I get the busiest, I eat more sugar, too, usually out of convenience. Hope you get some rest soon! Your snackies look yummy!

    I hope all is well with Bill and Eric! 😉

  8. Lainie said

    Pom honey sounds YUM!!!! I’ve been so busy too – so I feel ya. Ugh. That chocolate picture you posted is making me seriously crave some right about now…

  9. Lainie said

    Pom honey sounds YUM!!!! I’ve been so busy too – so I feel ya. Ugh. That chocolate picture you posted is making me seriously crave some right about now…
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

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