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New Stuff!!

Posted by buffmuffy on August 26, 2009

I had such a good day today!  After lecture, Desi (the friend I’m staying with in Lincoln) and I went to two different natural markets here in town.  They were amazing!  Everyone that walked by seemed to have a kombucha in hand so I HAD to get a few.  The second store we went to had them on huge sale, 2.65$ per (they were 3.99$ at the first plcae o.O)!  So I got like 4 more.  I had a strawberry flavoured one immediately!

Desi tried it and at first was shocked, but she kept looking back down at it, obviously intrigued.  So I took a shot and said, “you want some now don’t you.”  And she said yes, even though she didn’t love the taste immediately.  It just sticks with you!  The flavour is amazing and refreshing and crisp.  Awesome!!!!

I also got a bunch of crazy goodies!  I found stuff here that I haven’t been able to find, or that I haven’t ever seen.  Observe!

3Here is the kombucha I got, and then I got a blackberry Izze to try and also a different brand of kombucha.  This one is Goji berry flavoured!  I plan on having it with breakfast in the morning!


I found a jar of the Bees Knees!!! I am so excited to try this flavour.  I also found some raw pomegranate honey which I am super excited to try, and I found bags of dates!  Yum yum yum!


I also got some fruit leathers and this Chia Razz Weil bar.  The bar I had before my lab and it was really good.  It didn’t really keep me full for long, but I was pretty hungry at that point so it wasn’t a good measure.  The taste was pleasant and fruity, and the chia seeds got stuck in my molars and gelled.  Lol.  I liked it a lot though!

Also before lab, Desi and I worked out.  I haven’t run on a treadmill in forever, but I was able to run for a full mile without stopping and even then I could have gone on for a long time but I had some anxiety and it is hard for me to deal with when I am running on a treadmill.  I prefer outside running, but this was a nice change of pace.  I also lifted some weights for the first time in over half a year.  I am going to be sore tomorrow, but my muscles had such great memory that I didn’t have to cut back on weight at all and I actually felt stronger!

I did get a bit depressed working out because I have giant ankles.  Not fat, but big.  I hate it!!!

Anyway, afterwards we went to the grocery store (which is actually where I got the dates at), we got some frozen blackberries, spinach, an organic banana, and freshly grown wheat grass.   While there, we also saw a GIANT papaya!! Look at this thing!  I didn’t buy it as I am out of town, but it is gigantic….


Anyway, we took all that back to the apartment and made some green monsters… that were purple.  Desi had never had a green monster before, but often had smoothies.  I added the mats I described above with a cup of skim milk and blended to split into 3 with Desi and her boyfriend.

It turned out really good!


With my monster I had a simple salad made with romaine, tomato, balsamic vinegar, and mediterranian feta.  YUM.  With a side of pita bread.



Anyway, that was my day.  Fun, productive, and oh yes.  Lack of homework.  I have a lot of work to do on Wednesday before work unfortunately.  Heh.

Time for bed!



6 Responses to “New Stuff!!”

  1. janetha said

    dude that surely cant be a papaya?! HUMUNGO! funny thing, the boyf’s roomies have started drinking kombucha or however you spell it, and i am like DAMN that stuff is gross you guys, they are like yeah, we know, but we hear it is good for us so we drink it. haha um ok? i thought of you though when i saw it in their fridge 🙂 ❤ !

  2. Lainie said

    Holy crap that’s a big ol fruit. I’ve never had a kombucha…isn’t that weird? They kind of intimidate me.

  3. peanutbutterprerogative said

    ooo i never buy the dates at whole foods because it’s such a small container and so expensive. i bet that dole bag would be the perfect solution! now i know to look for it in the grocery store. thanks!

  4. Whoa, $2.65 for kombucha is awesome!! I’ve never seen it that cheap anywhere! I love those dates, that’s the kind I always buy too. Your salad sounds yummy, feta makes anything delicious! Glad you had a fun day!

  5. Food n Fitness said

    WOW that is a BIG papaya! Omg yum, your salad and pita bread look amazing!

  6. Katharina said

    Ooo how’s the pom honey? Sounds awesome!

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