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Still Eating Too Much

Posted by buffmuffy on August 21, 2009

Gosh, I love being able to maintain my weight by eating as much real, clean food as I want, but I’m not trying ot maintain right now!  I have some pesky last pounds to get rid of!  After eating a normal amount yesterday, and still weighing the same, I am feeling frustrated.  But you know what?  I am the one that can make the change and I am the one who hasn’t made the change yet, so all I need to do is start and continue.  I can still listen to my body, but I often get bored and snack too much currently and therein lies my problem.  That is the good part though, because I will not go hungry and I will continue to listen to my body.  I just need to make sure I am actually hungry each time I reach for food.  It is possible that I may need to calorie count to get out of this rut, so starting today I am adding it all up.  My goal is to eat anywhere from 1200 to 1500 calories daily, depending on hunger levels and activity levels.

Anyway, I would like to share some of my artwork I did last night!  I made these little covers to go in my binders.  Hope you like em!


After my arts and crafts last night, I took a shower with my new blackberry shower smoothie.  It was a nice smell, but it didn’t linger enough!  I still loved using it though!  I’m hooked.


So, to start off today, I had a big slightly larger than half mini watermelon chunk and an ab&bp sandwich thin.  Yum yum!


[breakfast calorie total: ~415]

I ate lunch without being terribly hungry again, but seeing as how I had to work at 3pm, I had to make sure I ate beforehand.

I ate a little smorgasboard of goodies including a Kashi Blackberry Graham bar, one square of Newman’s Own Organics dark chocolate and a few of their dried apples, some Terra Chips Exotic Harvest, a small banana, and some almond butter.


[Lunch calorite total: ~510]

For dinner, I am bringing a baggie of Newman’s Own Organics pretzels and a Weil Banana Manna bar.


[Dinner calorie total: ~310]

This is a good calorie level for me today.  I didn’t workout and I’m working an easy shift, from 3-10pm.

Last night I made up a bunch of baggies (don’t worry, I plan on recycling as many bags as possible over the semester) of single serving goodies from Newman’s Own Organics.  The stash includes 4 different varieties of the oreo like cookies, 2 different varieties of Hermits, and low fat Fig Newmans.  I threw them in this Vega bag with a few containers of oatmeal and granola, which I plan to have more of.  This bag is currently over half full and it is a big bag!  It will probably be full by the time the semester starts.


And now an update on Bill and Eric!


It has been about a week since they moved into their new jars, and they are thriving!  The heat lamp has really made them productive.  So far, the pH is setting at the dreaded 4, but I am hopeful they will be done soon!  It may just be my pH paper, and I’ll have to start taste testing.  Hopefully I’ll be able to bottle them up over the weekend!  I have blackberries and raspberries to throw in the bottles this time.  Yum yum!





As you can see here, Bill and Eric seem to be impregnated at the same time.  You always hear the stories of mother and daughter being preggers at the same time and how it can be a little stressful and crazy, but Father and Son?  That is a new one!  However both babies look to be super healthy.  They are going over names right now.  Unfortunately Bill and Eric are fighting over the same name: Sookie.  Therefore they have been forced to pick a different name for each baby to settle the battle.


During my makeup today, I thought I would try out my sample of Smashbox Lash DNA.  I really liked it!  No clumping, huge almost too huge brush (TWSS … janetha –  lol)…


Don’t forget, I’m still taking my greens+ shots … my 30 day challenge ends on Sep 5!  Taking greens daily is something everyone should do for instant energy 😀

And who else is enjoying this cooling off fall weather!  Normally I’d be first to complain as I am normally always cold, but after eating so healthy most of my summer I am feeling a lot better with temp changes.  I love when the temp is around 70 or so like today!  It feels sooo nice!  Too bad I have no time for a run!

Anyway, time for me to go to work!  Hope everyone has a great day!



10 Responses to “Still Eating Too Much”

  1. VeggieGirl said

    STUNNING artwork!!

    Yes, I too am embracing the cooler temperatures – bring on the autumn season!! 😀

  2. love your artwork! and i wish it was cooler where i am…its still in the 90s here!! im ready for Fall by now 🙂 enjoy your weekend

  3. janetha said

    love the binders! you have some talent my dear. if calorie counting is a must, so be it. good luck in that endeavor. oh bill and eric.. speaking of eric..alex skarsgard, he is so dang sexy.

  4. Great artwork! It’s still crazy hot here in Japan! Can’t wait for fall weather.

  5. hey dear, it’s actually really not abt the weight….don’t really believe the scale, it’s misleading. You’re eating a lot of bulky items, and that weighs quite a lot…I find that when I eat more fiber-full meals, my weight shoots up even though the calorie amount is the same…These days I weigh a bit less…even though I’m eating SO much more richer foods…it’s really because I haven’t been eating much bulky stuff!

  6. Lainie said

    Love your artwork girl! And your eyes are GORGEOUS!

  7. LOVE the artwork, so cute! I have so been there with a few extra stubborn pounds, calorie counting usually works, as bad as I hate to, I usually just resort to it because I am impatient because I know if I just use moderation it will eventually come off, but it will be slower!

    Also, I have a random comment, the other day I was on OSG, the post with the all the questions, and I saw that you are afraid of escalators, and I was so happy because I am so deathly afraid of escalators, and my friends think I’m such a weirdo, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one! 🙂

  8. Wow, I didn’t know you were such an artist! Your binder art is awesome…so intricate and detailed!
    I am always on the hunt for a new mascara, so I will check that one out! I have never tried any smashbox products before. Your lashes are beautiful!

  9. Emily said

    Love the binder artwork girl! Fun stuff like that always makes schoolwork more bearable. And I’m with ya on the weather. Usually in August, Memphis is like 100 and a gajillion degrees and HUMID but it has been like 80 and breezy…delicious!

  10. lowandbhold said

    Love the binder covers and your eyes look great with that mascara!

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