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what could be wrong if my transmission fluid looks like strawberry milk?

Posted by buffmuffy on August 20, 2009

“what could be wrong if my transmission fluid looks like strawberry milk” was in my top search box today and I found it highly entertaining.  Don’t worry, I don’t even know what my transmission fluid looks like as the dipstick is completely hidden with tubes and piping.  Lol.

Anyway, moving on to other more important things …


For breakfast I had something that I’ve seen around but never tried myself …. oats in a jar!  And to top it off, they were ab&j oats in a jar!  Yummy yummy!  I should have added more preserves, but it was super yummy.  I had some flax on top and a couple eggs on the side.


Afterwards, I lounged around for a while and then decided to go shopping.  On the way out, I noticed I had a slip to pick up a package.


Thank you Navitas Naturals!  I have never even seen these little kits before, and I’ve been wanting an aluminum bottle, so I was super excited to get this!

I’m a sucker for packaging (ie probars) so I really love this company.  I tend to judge books by the cover <.<  Does that make me bad?  Lol.

Anyway, I did some school shopping today and got a bunch of goodies!  My loan check will be in soon and I’ll have plenty of money left over to pay for gas during the semester as well as putting a grand towards credit.  This makes me a happy girl!  And I can get my books and I also got these goodies:

Bare Minerals make up kit with eyeshadow and brush and lash stiletto mascara for school … also a Ulta blackberry blast shower smoothie and a free sample of Smashbox Lash DNA.


The smoothie was on sale for only $9.99!  And it smells AMAZING.

Next I went to Target and got some unpictured school supplies, some berries (on sale) for my homemade kombucha (which is brewing super fast now), bananas (on sale), a ripe avocado, Lipton Blackberry tea, and the Exotic Harvest Terra chips I’ve been wanting to try (on sale)!  I also got a box of Kashi Blackberry graham bars for free with a coupon I got in the mail! 🙂


I also got a pillowcase (sham) for my pillow and a matching comforter (which was only $20!) for when I stay the night in Lincoln.  They are so cute!


As you can tell, I was all about the blackberry purchases today! 😉

Upon arriving back at my car, I opened the bag of Exotic Harvest veggie chips and loved them!  They were partly crinkle cut and partly not.  The mixture of textures and flavours really makes this bag a winner.


The carrots tasted pretty carroty, but made great chip texture.  The blue potato chips were very potato-chip-like.  The kabocha chips kind of tasted like uncooked pasta, but in a good way and without that weird funky aftertaste.  There were a few gems of kabocha chips in the bag however that were more chip-like and very tasty.

And then it was time for lunch when I got home.

I was pleasantly surprised when I cut into my avocado.  It felt ripe at the store, but after having a bad experience last time, I was unsure if I had good judgement.


I got two romaine leaves and cut up a roma tomato.  I added my nice, ripe avocado slices.  I then added light olive oil mayo and light tuna.


These were very yummy!

For dessert, I tried one of the Kashi blackberry graham bars.  It was pretty tasty!


Of course, next was dinner.  We made the other bag of Bertolli pasta we got the other day, this time with chicken.  I added in a big diced zuke.  On the side was another salad of romaine, iceberg, roma, and cherry tomatoes with a dressing consisting of one egg, 2.5 capfuls of lemon juice, parm, pepper, and sea salt.  Super yum!  I loved it.  I had a side of organic blue tortilla chips.


Dessert was some Newman’s Own Organics double chocolate mint chip cookies.


A bit later I had a snack of Newman’s Own Organics dried fruit and a couple squares of their dark chocolate.


And now I’m packed full of  yum!

Lastly I went on a run in the nice cool night.  It is just too nice outside not to run!  I ran with too much food in my belly though, because I felt pukey most of the second half.  However….

I improved my 3 mile time by 27 seconds!!!!


(ignore the history line)

My stats are still not very impressive, but heck I ran almost the entire time and all my walking breaks were very short even despite my upset tummy.  Also, I took water and I run better with my O.N.E. coconut water. 🙂

I work tomorrow from 3-10pm like normal.  Beforehand, I need to call the bookstore and make sure they hold used books for me until I can get them on Monday, and I need to preportion a bunch of snacks to take with to school.

Hopefully I will be able to shed a couple pounds before school starts on Monday.  I want to feel good on my first day!

I am going to watch LA Ink and drink tons of water now after my stomach settles!  Excited!



5 Responses to “what could be wrong if my transmission fluid looks like strawberry milk?”

  1. lola said

    that pasta looks great!

  2. brandi said

    so much fun stuff in this post! and good job on the run! improvements on my time and everything come so slowly for me, but i think that’s the key to making real progress – not pushing myself too hard and burning out.

  3. Food n Fitness said

    WOW! All of your eats look so incredibly delicious, love them! I really want to try those veggie chips!
    LA INK? Is that still on? Great show!

  4. janetha said

    hahahahaha i love that search! hilarious! i hope they found their answer. i am fairly certain the reason companies make their packaging appealing is because most of us judge a book by it’s cover, so you are solid there. AB&J oats, drool. yay for the chips! they are so damn good huh? haha :the carrots tasted pretty carotty” no shit? 😉 sorry about the pukey run but nice job on the time! xoxoxo

  5. peanutbutterprerogative said

    hey, i’m loving the new look of the blog! so many more pictures! 🙂 i can’t wait to try the tuna lettuce wraps…i have some tuna in my cabinet too, maybe i should get on that! thanks for the idea! have an awesome weekend

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