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11 Hours of Sleep and a Probar Review!

Posted by buffmuffy on August 19, 2009

That is right!  I got about 11 hours of sleep last night and it was grand.  I did a little tossing and turning around the grand stretch but all in all I feel refreshed and ready for my first shift in 6 days.  It is the normal 8pm-2am.

Today I received a goody package from Vega.  Thanks Vega!


I liked their mission statement.


I also got a cute little Purevia sample in the mail the other day.


Make sure you check out the bottom of this post, because there is a Probar review waiting for reading down there!

For breakfast (lunch lol) this morning I had almost half of a mini seedless watermelon, a ab+bp sandwich thin, and an orange.


I was going to go on a run today, but it has been rainy!  Blech!  And now it is just hot and humid. So I’ll wait til tomorrow.

I watched a few shows, caught up on blogs, printed out some lab stuff, and had a snack of extra sharp cheddar.


For lunch (i guess i should call it 2nd meal) I had a big glob of 1% fat cottage cheese, an apple, and some salt and vinegar popchips.  Mmm!  I dipped the apple in the cottage cheese, and even tried a few popchips the same way.  It was amazing.


For a snack, I had some Newman’s Own Organics dried apricots and apples, and some Newman’s Own Organics Double Chocolate Mint Chip cookies.


On to dinner.  I had a toasted open faced tuna sandwich made with light olive oil mayo and tomatoes and a side of organic blue tortilla chips.  YUM!!!!


Annnddd then I had a few more Newman’s Own Organics Chocolate Chocolate Mint chip cookies… My boyfriend LOVED these.

I can’t get over the fact that school starts Monday.  It is unbelievable!  I got an email today stating that my refund has been initiated, which means the extra money from my student loans is heading for my bank account.  This is so exciting!  I’m using a huge chunk of it to put on my credit card, and then I’m going to purchase a few school essentials.  I’m hoping it is in before the weekend so I can pick up some school supplies, a pillowcase, and makeup.  I also need to call the bookstore and have them hold my books until Monday!  I’m pretty excited, I must admit.  Even though there are two days where my sleep is threatened a week (3-4 hours only) I can still nap and be okay.  I also have many breaks for gym time, so I’m mondo excited.  I just hope I don’t get too worn out.

I’ll probably be blogging only once a day at nighttime, but I will still blog once a day unless I have to postpone something in which case I will let you all know!

And now, without further ado, I want to present a product review.



I have tried 4 of their flavours now with big thanks to Kendall!

The 4 flavours I tried included:

original barThe Whole Berry Blast bar is made with a delicious Almond Butter base and delivers a harvest taste in every bite. Plump strawberries and sweet blueberries abound this fruity favorite!


Whole Berry Blast:  This Probar had lots of dried fruit and was amazing.  It was very trail-mixy and I love that I can nibble on it all day long.

original barSuperfood slam is a nutritional powerhouse. Our organic acai berries, pure raspberries, dark chocolate and live greens are blended together with PROBAR’s 15 signature whole food ingredients for a bar that is good for you and tastes SUPER.


Superfood Slam:  This bar was slightly greenish due to its addition of Amazing Grass.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it in the ingredients list!  I could definitely tell when I bit in that it was possible.  I loved the chocolate chips that were included in this bar as well.  It was the perfect combination and it tasted really healthy.  I also enjoyed the dried fruit chunks.

original barThe Cran-Lemon Twister is a zesty flavor complete with a smooth citrus kick. So upbeat, consuming Cran-Lemon Twister has been known to disguise the winter blues.


Cran-Lemon Twister:  This bar had a slight lemony flavour that I loved.  It had a great texture to it, and big chunks of cranberries and nuts.

cherry pretzelThe Cherry Pretzel bar is pretzels with a twist, featuring whole Bing cherries and exceptionally smooth dark chocolate.


Cherry Pretzel:  This is a new flavour and I loved its taste.  It reminded me of the strawberry pretzel jello salad casserole thing my grandma used to make.  The slightly crunchy salty pretzels meshed perfectly with the fruity flavour.

Overall thoughts?  I love the Probars for when I am at work and they would be great for at school as well.  I often can’t eat much because I am so busy, and these offer a generous amount of calories (between 350-400).  The only downside of the bars is that they only contain about 8-12g of protein, but that is something anyone would be able to get over upon tasting them.  They are healthy, nutritious, and chunky.  The wrappers are to die for.  Do you see how cute they are?  I almost want to save them all and frame them artistically!

The good thing about Probar is that they understand that these bars are pretty high in calories, so they also offer another kind of bar with less calories called Fruition bars.

A Message From the Founder:

At PROBAR we’re all about delicious, organic, unprocessed foods! Food from nature is better than food from the lab-it tastes better, it looks better, and it’s sustainable. So, the next time you need a delicious meal, grab a PROBAR and enjoy the goodness of 15 whole foods.

Art's Signature

Art Eggertsen, Founder

I definitely recommend this company for anyone wanting a good, nutrient dense bar.


Thanks for reading today guys!


Check out thehealthyeverythingtarian’s larabar giveaway!


7 Responses to “11 Hours of Sleep and a Probar Review!”

  1. April (Foods of April) said

    Thanks for the Probar review! that stinks that they aren’t high in protein!

  2. janetha said

    mmmm i love sharp cheddar! and i LOVE SLEEP, you lucky girl. i wish probars were more protein dense for the calorie buck. they are all over here since they are made locally but i just cant justify it. ahhh, cant believe your busy as shit schedule starts monday. live it up until then!!

  3. Brandi said

    great review! i’ve heard good things about probars, but haven’t seen them here yet.

    and those newman’s mint chip cookies sound amazing!!! I’ve never seen those in stores here.

  4. Food n Fitness said

    11 hours???? I am SOOOO jealous! I am in dire need of a good long night sleep!

  5. peanutbutterprerogative said

    thanks for the review and informing me that there is a less calorie dense bar by probar. ill have to check them out!!

  6. I’m SOOO jealous of your sleep. I got about half that. meh.

    The Cherry Pretzel Flavor sounds SO good!

  7. Katharina said

    Probars are what I need during the semester!!! Everything looks so yummy -especially the watermelon and apple! During summertime I just crave refreshing, cold fruits. Yummmm

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