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Lazy Day

Posted by buffmuffy on August 18, 2009

Good evening everyone!

It is time for the official recap of the day.

For breakfast, I ran out the door with some Fig Newmans and my last bottle (*sniff sniff*) of Pom juice.


I then went to go get my oil changed, my front differential fluid changed, and my tires rotated.  I also changed my oil catch can.  With the car running a lot better, I went home and had lunch.

I had some leftover spaghetti and some salt and vinegar Popchips.  Love that flavour!


I laid around all day and watched television.  It was relaxing but also very boring.  I snacked on some Newman’s Own Organics dried fruit and some Newman’s Own Organics chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and I also had some “raspberry drink,” which Mike’s mom gave me.  It is a fermented drink made with raspberries, oranges, whey, sea salt, water, and coconut sugar I think.  I want to make some of my own.  She gave me some whey and coconut sugar to do so, so I’m excited for when I can do that!


Mike got home around 530pm and we went to Hyvee for some groceries.  I got about $30 worth of stuff, and he got around double that o.O lol.

Anyway, we cooked dinner together.  He made a bag of Bertolli (steak, portabello, linguine type) and I made up a salad.  In the salad, a mixed iceberg and romaine and then added a heated stirred egg (before it coagulated), cherry tomatoes, a cut up roma tomato, lemon juice, sea salt, and pepper.  The salad was not bad on its own, but Mike added dressing.  I would have added feta cheese and greek dressing if I could!


This meal was delicious.  I had some organic blue tortilla chips on the side.

And then I had some more with my favorite salsa (though I have to say that Jason’s Deli salsa that comes with their blue chips was spectacular).


Not long after, I went out on a long walk.  I didn’t take anything but my ipod, but from my normal route and how much extra I walked, I would assume I went at least 6 miles.  My legs are a little tired but not much.  It felt good to get out.

Tomorrow I need to deposit some money in the bank and go running, but that is all I have on my to-do list.  I do need to figure out my textbook situation as well, but I may wait on most of them after the first week of classes.  I didn’t even really need my books last time, and I’m thinking I might be able to get by without two of them.  That will save me 75-85$ each book.  I also need to get a backup set of makeup for when I stay the nights, as well as a pillow case.  That will be expensive as I wear bare minerals!  Agh!

Anyway, I don’t work til 8pm tomorrow so I’ll be blogging sometime before then 🙂  It has been a nice 6 days off.


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10 Responses to “Lazy Day”

  1. janetha said

    there you are! the dinner looks so dank. good stuff. nice job getting the car stuff done! i need an oil change. i hate the price of text books. enjoy the time you have before work!

  2. The pasta dinner looks so, so delicious.

    Thank you for your comment on my post about body fat! That was so informative, I really had no idea about the ranges for essential, athletic, and normal. I really appreciate the info! And knowing what I know how, I will definitely re-evaluate my goals. Thank you.

  3. brandi said

    i love on the border salsa! it’s one of our favorites, too.

  4. I love long walks, I usually do around 6 miles at our greenway here, I can’t wait for it to cool off so I can get back out there more often!! Your food looks amazing as always, especially the juice, sounds intriguing!

  5. lowandbhold said

    Wow, you’re super on top of your car maintenance, that’s awesome!

  6. Food n Fitness said

    That pasta looks AMAZING, yum!!! I haven’t tried the Fig Newmans yet–they look good!

  7. Lauren said

    Meals taste so much better when it’s a combined effort 🙂

  8. ksgoodeats said

    Thank you so much for the link back 🙂

    I love the sounds of that dinner!

  9. Mmmm ABJ oats sounds good! Nice haul! I kinda feel like shopping, too, but I must remember *trying to save* *trying to save* Anyway, hope you have a good night!:)

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