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Fun Night Out on the Town

Posted by buffmuffy on August 15, 2009

Yesterday was a great day.  You saw my breakfast already, but we went out to lunch to a family steakhouse called G&D’s where my dad used to work when he was 14.  They all know him and it is just a great family atmosphere.  I had a wonderful greek salad without onions and olives.


We hung out and went to the store, and eventually we [they] were hungry again.  I was ready too, so we went to Chilis.  I treated myself to a strawberry frozen margarita because they made them with ice and real strawberries!  I also had a sirloin steak, plain mashed potatoes, and plain corn on the cob (with salt on everything lol).


As you can see, I tore in and remembered to take a picture.

Later in the night, I went out with my best friend forever that I have known since I was a baby but we became BFF’s in about 9th grade.  We went out to 2 or 3 bars and an awesome dance club.  We stayed til they closed and then hung out in her car reminiscing with music.

I drank yes, but I never once felt sick or too dizzy to walk or anything.  I cringed after I realized all the drinks were made with soda, but I got over it because hell I was having a good time, and it was one night!

Today I am going to see my grandma who probably won’t recognize me, and my grandpa and I are going to the local health market.

Picture 005

I have a bit of a headache now, but I took a shot of greens+ and am having a glass of water.  We are going to go get lunch.  Yum!



2 Responses to “Fun Night Out on the Town”

  1. janetha said

    no onions or olives?! the best parts 😉 sounds like a GREAT night with you BFF, fabulous! have a fun day!!

  2. Lainie said

    Sounds like you had a fun night – I think you have a great attitude about the soda – sometimes you just have to kick back and enjoy!

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