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Cheat Day

Posted by buffmuffy on August 15, 2009

Good evening my lovlies!  I realize I haven’t been updated on google reader for a few days [114 new], and I don’t get very many site visits when I’m not commenting!  I miss you ladies!

As the title suggests, today was a bit of a cheat day.  I didn’t eat awful but I didn’t eat anywhere near good either, lol!

I woke up this morning feeling very dehydrated and hungry as I mentioned in last post, but I was happy to get a little grease in my tummy.  We went back to G&D’s and I had a hard time deciding what I wanted because I actually was hoping for something healthy, but didn’t want a salad again.  So I decided on a grilled cheese.  Unfortunately it came with fries, but I thought to myself, “Hell, I’m on vacation, who cares?”  Besides – it was a kid’s meal so it was a very decent size.  No American portions for me!


It was yummy.

Afterwards, I went home and I was just so tired.  I half napped for a while and felt pretty awful since I didn’t get much sleep.  My grandpa finally came to pick me up and we went to see my grandma, who doesn’t really recognize anyone anymore, nor can she speak.  But she looked happy, and that is all that matters.

We then went to Clover’s Market which is a local health food store.  It had everything imaginable!  My grandpa was definitely overwhelmed.  But he loved learned about all of the stuff we all talk about here on the blogs.  I introduced him to coconut products, popchips, coconut waters, natural preserves and healthy nut butters, breads, ancient sea salt/celtic sea salt, flours, sugars, etc.  I even schooled him on the ins and outs of blending vs juicing!  He just wanted to know how to make an ice cream consistency item, so I told him frozen bananas and mix ins were the way to go.  He was so intrigued!  I also saw a bunch of Breville juice fountains and I about had a heart attack.  They were only $195 but obviously I can barely afford my own groceries and could only stand there and gush about how much I wanted one.  I don’t know if it was the 800jexl juiie fountain elite because frankly it didn’t matter, but if it was, that is the best deal I have ever seen on one.  It may have been the step down but it definitely looked like an 800.

When I got home, I wanted to lay out in the pool and relax, but the sky had darkened!  Maybe tomorrow!

We ordered some Gyros from a local pizza place.  My dad called them up and asked for 3 of their delicious gyros and the guy on the other side said “Why sure!  Is this Randy?”  Sure enough, my dad has made friends with the people he sees the most, and they all love him!  So we got some delicious amazing gyros, mine without onions, about 20 minutes later.


The pita is fried which was the downside to this beauty, but the tomatoes were ripe and fresh and the lamb was fresh, cut from a cone, and tasted great.  The sauce was amazing, made with cucumbers.  Best [and only] gyro I’ve ever had.

So today was just a lazy day overall, and definitely a cheat day.  I figure that I only had two meals though since I woke up late, and therefore I still am doing perfect on calorie intake for the day.  No gluttony here!  You can have your cake and eat it too!

Though it is not healthy to eat only twice in a day, one day won’t affect anything.  Besides, I had a snack later … 2 hermits from Newman’s Own Organics that I packed.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go out to lunch with the rest of my family.  It is also the anniversary of my mother’s death, so it will be an important day.  After lunch, I want to relax in the pool and then I believe we are grilling steaks for dinner.  I am trying to convince my dad to let me make my sweet potato fries for dinner! 😉

Anyway, we leave Monday after lunch.  Hopefully my intercooler tubes stay nice and tight this time 🙂



4 Responses to “Cheat Day”

  1. April (Foods of April) said

    Sounds like such a fun visit!!

    I’ve heard that sometimes the people who have dementia or alzheimers disease are actually the happiest.. I’m glad to hear that she looked happy 🙂

    And your grandpa sounds adorable!

  2. Krista said

    Sounds like a fun adventure with your grampa!

    Can you forward me your email address? Thx….

  3. Dont’ worry about the “cheat day”…as long as you enjoyed it, and such days are necessary to keep you sane on other non-cheat days, haha!
    you dad sounds absolutely lovely…maybe you even get some benefits from being around him!

  4. janetha said

    my dad’s name is randy too 🙂 haha, funny that you said best gyro eva since it was also the only~i guess it was also the worst too then?! glad you saw your gma. glad you enjoyed your cheat day! holler

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