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Vacay Meltdown

Posted by buffmuffy on August 14, 2009

So!  Here I am finally!  The trip down was a little rough… but I’ll get to that in a minute.

On the way I had a few of my snacks.  I started off with some Fig Newmans, and then some strawberries, and then I had some carrot sticks.  And a NuNaturals Stevia sweetened blackberry tea.

No pics because my phone is acting up!  Will have to use my camera from now on lol.

The stevia is a taste  to get used to, but it wasn’t bad.  The tea itself was just strong.

A while later we stopped at Chipotle, but I forgot to grab a fork and thus I was dinnerless.  Unfortunately the only other thing I had yesterday was an unsweetened blackberry tea which was amazing.

So here is the part that sucked …  We were coming onto the highway after a highway exchange.  We were accelerating and all of the sudden …. “POP” and then the car started to lose engine power.  We were worried that the engine blew or something else serious.  So we got off of the highway safely thankfully and parked by the Chiefs stadium near Kansas City oddly enough.  The engine looked fine, and nothing looked broken.  We checked the oil and the transmission fluid, and the oil turned out to be low.  So we changed that and tried turning it on.  Unfortunately the power was still lost and the engine kept shutting off.

Anyway, I called a couple of friends that knew a lot about Subarus or turbo-powered cars, and my friend Stu saved the day.  He suggested that maybe the intercooler hoses came loose. Sure enough, I looked down into the engine bay under the intercooler and the hose had popped off!  So we unbolted the intercooler and wedged it back on and were finally on the road again.  What a night!  We came in an hour or so later than expected.

This morning I had a bowl of oats with a chopped apple and cinnamon (also put pumpkin spice on it before I found the cinnamon lol), some of the rest of the apple of the side, and a ultra-violet diet mountain dew that I wanted to try.  It was okay, but tasted artificial.  Meh, whatevs!


A while later, I opened a bottle of my homemade kombucha and it turned out pretty good.  It might not have been fully ready, but this time Eric and Bill are more prepared and have a good heat source and the next batch will be great hopefully.

Anyway, off to start the day!



4 Responses to “Vacay Meltdown”

  1. Lainie said

    Homemade kombucha?? How do you make that!

  2. janetha said

    wow that is good your friend had the solution and you were able to get back on the road! sorry about the fork mishap 😛

  3. How awful that you didn’t get a fork! I think I might have been tempted to get creative there LoL. Glad your car trouble turned out to be minor. Hope the rest of your vacay is much smoother!

  4. At least your car trouble wasn’t major.
    That’s why I don’t drink soda anymore – everything tastes too artificial. :s
    Apple cinnamon oats sounds yummy.

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