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Bottle me up!

Posted by buffmuffy on August 12, 2009

Yes ladies and gents, it is almost that time.  Bill is pretty much ready to have his creation bottled up.  He heard your calls from far away … “Ferment, Bill, Ferment!”  In his journey, he was motivated by his new son, Eric.  He is sad to let Eric go out into his own mason jar, but he knows that he has no choice.  After being dormant in the fridge for so long, Bill has forgotten that it is no longer the olden days as he was used to, and he must let go of his old fashioned ways!  It took him a while to get going with his fermenting, but it turns out that he had some good muscle memory and it all came back to him with a little heat.  Sometimes heat is all you need!  Eric is excited to move out and start his independent life.  Bill and Eric will still live next door to each other though, so Eric has a helping hand just a jar away.

Eric plans on moving out tomorrow … he is hoping that Bill is done fermenting by then.  While waiting, the two new jars are having their finishing touches put in them.  Stay tuned for the big move tomorrow!


For lunch today, I had an open faced tuna/light olive oil mayo sandwich thin with roma tomato and some sweet potato fries/chips (all those from one potato!!!).  It was SO good.


I also packed some foods for the vacay… some preportioned oatmeals reading for toppings, some granolas for snack (nature’s path pumpkin flax), 3 GNU bars, and 3 Weil bars.  We will take apples and Popchips too I’m guessing …


…along with some recycled bottles containing black tea and Blackberry tea (I KNOW!!! … see below).  These are the black tea ones I have filled with the extra tea I made for Bill and Eric.


In other news, we went to Target today and I got some strawberries and bananas, and also 2 bags of free Popchips (the lovely company sent me some coupons) in my two favorite flavours … Salt and Vinegar (HEAVEN IN A BAG) and Salt and Pepper (new love, we’ll see if it lasts).

I also got a sample package from NuNaturals today of their stevia products.  I can’t wait to try these out!  I recieved a baking blend, liquid extract, and stevia powder. I  also got a bunch of packets.


In addition, my light tent I ordered came today.  I experimented with my new products…


And then I had a shot of greens+


And now it is time for dinner!

I’m having an AB+BP sandwich thin with strawberries.


We also made some Blackberry/Ceylon tea that I didn’t realize we even had in the house!!!! Yummy.  I’ll be making another batch tomorrow to fill bottles with!


Working 8pm-2am tonight and then I’m off for pretty much a whole week!!! Wooo!  I haven’t had this kind of vacay in forever.  I can’t even recall the last time I did.


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5 Responses to “Bottle me up!”

  1. janetha said

    hahaha oh boy first bill and now eric, i think i see a pattern here.. who is next, godric?? i was busting up at the story about bill and eric though. you are a funny girl! you look prepared for the trip! hooray~you will have a blast. oh i ordered a sample of greens+! stoked. have a good night at work, if possible!

  2. YAY for vacation! I hope you have a fabulous time!
    And haha, you’re so cute to name them. Hope Bill will be fermented by then!

  3. Lainie said

    Lucky you to receive the NuNaturals stuff!!! I’m so jealous. Have such a great time on your vacay…I’m jealous about that one, too!

  4. peanutbutterprerogative said

    have a good vacation! and i’m lovin the new post titles!

  5. S.E. Clark said

    Hey that tea looks familiar! 😉

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