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Posted by buffmuffy on August 10, 2009

Good morning lovelies!

This morning I am all out of smoothie mats.  I woke up to an alarm about an orignial plan to get my hair did, but alas I have no money!  However I suddenly recalled that my dearest boyfriend indeed owes me some money and he definitely has the means to pay me back some since his car is paid off, so I kindly asked him if he’d be able to recharge me $150.  Lol.  My hair just looks so drab and washed out (it is!) that I would love to get it done before Thursday night so that I actually look healthy all over for my vacation.  He said he’ll see what he can do… Bleh.  Cross your fingers for me!

Speaking of vacation, Thursday night my boyfriend and I are traveling back to my homeland of Missouri!  I cannot wait because I haven’t seen my family in two whole years.  We are staying until Monday morning.  It will be so exciting, but also extremely emotional. I am going into depth on my personal blog, so if you wish, I will provide this hyperlink to it.

Anyway, on to breakfast!  I am having a bowl of Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise cereal in unsweetened almond milk topped with some defrosted mixed fruit, Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Certified Raw Organic Honey, and flaxseed, along with 2 wavescrambled eggs (made with almond milk) topped with ancient sea salt, and a O.N.E. (with a splash of) Passion Fruit Coconut water.


The Wholesome Sweeteners raw organic honey was thick and sweet.  I love it!  It goes great with this cereal!

As far as adding in this defrosted frozen fruit, I think that the mango doesn’t really go with cereal and the peaches would be better fresh but taste good.  The pineapple is a surprising pleasant combo, and the strawberries go perfectly.

The O.N.E. Passion Fruit flavour is good, but not my favorite!  So far it is my second fave, but I haven’t tried pineapple yet and I’m pretty sure I’ll love that one.


Plans for today are to go on a run and relax.  Work at 8pm.


1. What are some clean ways to eat while I’m on campus?  I’ll be staying the night as well two nights a week, which means dinner and breakfast ideas also – and I’m tight on money! So far I have come up with oatmeal.  Lol.  I won’t have a fridge all day, so it cannot be too perishable unless it is lunch and I have time to eat it before it goes bad.

2.  Are you going to college this semester?  If so, where and for what?  If you have already graduated or haven’t gone yet, what did you do or what are your plans? I am going to the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and I am double majoring for Dietetics and Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Science.  I have 2 years left, and since I transferred from a different university with a different major and am only going 5 years total with a double major, I think I’m doing pretty well!

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9 Responses to “Hair?”

  1. SHE-FIT said

    5 years is not bad at at all. I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and now am back for yet another one in Nursing at Grand Canyon University in AZ. I live on campus with my husband in the dorms. He is the resident director.
    As far as food goes. Low Sodium Soups are always good. If you buy a small cooler you can stick in your car and pack yogurt, tv dinners, fruit, ect.
    Oatmeal is a great idea. Dinner will be hard. I would try the TV dinner lean cuisines.

  2. janetha said

    ohh i love getting my hair done but it is so damn expensive! i budget it to get done every 10 weeks and its $100 so it works out to $10 a week. as far as your Qs go~you are already on the bar wagon so you know about all that. as for lunches~packing wraps in tin foil is what i did the other day when i went to the lake. and i am a fan of protein powder and my shaker bottle. i find protein the hardest on the go thing, finding non perishable carbs is so easy! fruit, crackers, etc. if you had a mini cooler purse you could take things like string cheese, hard boiled eggs, etc.

    i need to get enrolled in school. my work is paying for me to get an accounting degree. i am so old, i will be the oldest cat there! i should really get on that. i took 7 years on and off to get my associates degree! i guess school was never top priority for me although it should have been. your majors sound awesome!

  3. lowandbhold said

    I tend to be very repetitive when answering this question for people – but make beans your friend! They are so cheap and versatile. I like cold bean salads, and they would transport and preserve really well.

    I just graduated from the University of Oklahoma. It’s my first August not having to go back to school and I’m LOVING it!

  4. Hey there girly 🙂 I’m sure your hair will look amazing when you get it done!! I wish these hairstylists didn’t charge so dang much lol.

    Let’s see on campus you can pack some healthy trail mix, an apple, a bag of dry cereal, celery or carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, larabars, water bottle. At home you can make yogurt with granola, wraps, oats, lentils, and frozen veggie burgers. Hope this helps!!<3

    I'll be a senior at UF this fall majoring in marketing.. one day I hope to work for Kashi, Kraft, or another company that promotes healthy living. Can't wait to read more of your site 🙂

    • buffmuffy said

      Awesome ideas, thank you! I won’t be at home so that poses a problem but even so those ideas still work! Thanks tons and hope you keep visiting 🙂 -muffy

  5. Hey thanks for checking out my site!

    No fridge is kind of tricky, but maybe buy a delicious loaf of bread and bring some nut butter or canned chicken/tuna for a protein-packed, non-perishable sandwich. And I always like to have some fruit or larabars for snacking during the day. For dinner, maybe grab some ingredients at the store for a picnic 🙂

  6. Cool! Just link up to the reveiw next time you post!

  7. LOL now I have that weird “Hair” song in my head! “Give me a head with hair…”

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