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Blueberry Banana Smoothie

Posted by buffmuffy on August 9, 2009

I made a new smoothie this morning.  My spinach was bad, but beyond that this smoothie is probably the best I have had so far.  It contains a cup of almond milk, a frozen banana, frozen blueberries (only a few), and a serving of Greens+ berry burst.

HOLY MOLY I am so freezing all my smoothie fruit.  I can’t believe how great this tastes.  The greens+ add a great twang to it as well!  Loves it!

IMG_4009It is a beautiful purple even though the pic doesn’t do it justice.

With it, I’m having some more greens with an “>Amazing Meal GreenSuperFood Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar (that is a mouthful lol).

For work, I’m having my last Probar flavor: Whole Berry Blast. Yum yum I can’t wait!


Sorry for the short post, but you know how weekend mornings are!  Working 830am-6pm tonight.  Can’t wait to get back home!

I go to Missouri next weekend to see my family for the first time in 2 years – it is going to be awesome.

Oh and if anyone missed it, I started a personal blog since I prefer to keep my personal life separate from my professional food blog lol. So if you want to support me through my personal troubles or endeavours please email me and ill send you a link! Or comment.



9 Responses to “Blueberry Banana Smoothie”

  1. Yes, I agree, frozen smoothie fruit is soooo much better, I freeze everything now. Especially the bananas, they give it almost a milkshake consistency!

  2. Katharina said

    blueberries and bananas are an awesome combo! I love them together 😀

    I wish PROBARS weren’t so expensive! It’s crazy how nutritionally dense they are.

  3. Smoothies are so perfect on these hot summer days! I totally agree that blueberries are my favorite additions to green smoothies!!!

    So exciting about getting back home. Wow, 2 years sure is a long time!


  4. janetha said

    just caught up on your posts! the blackberry sauce~mmmm. and sorry you are down~yes i would love to read your other blog!

  5. Matt said

    I’ve been combining blueberries and bananas in a Thrive smoothie with rooibos tea recently; it’s delicious! But it doesn’t turn nearly that beautiful dark color that yours is… maybe it’s the greens+?

  6. Paige said

    The smoothie does sound good! I finally got a new blender, so now I can start making them again 😀

  7. I just had a smoothie too, but with Chocolate amazing meal. It was (for the lack of a better word) AMAZING with frozen bananas and PB.

  8. Love frozen fruit… even in the cold months 🙂

  9. I have been on such a blueberry kick here lately, I’ll have to try some in my green smoothies, it sounds delicious!

    Thanks for the heads up on the Crystalline Fructose, too, I had no idea, I mainly buy those b/c my husband drinks them, but I do drink one occasionally, I knew they had to be too good to be true!

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