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Hottest Day of the Year!

Posted by buffmuffy on August 8, 2009

So far anyway.  High of 100F today!!!!  My goodness it is hot out.  I generally like the heat, and I’m sure I’d be fine in a bikini, but not when I have to wear pants to work and then jeans to go out tonight.  I own a few pairs of shorts but I am just not comfortable wearing them!  Ugh!  I hate not having anything cool to wear.

Anywho, I had to rush out the door this morning in true me fashion, so I grabbed a Strawberry Synergy Kombucha, a Pom Wonderful (YUM), and a GNU Banana Walnut bar.


This was the last flavour of GNU bar I had left to try, because I have been snacking on them some nights.  Therefore I will bulk review the last ones:

IMG_3987Lol sorry that the picture is upside down!  I am unsure of why this happened!

Peanut butter bar: this tasted like a fibery peanut butter.  I enjoyed it!

Chocolate brownie:  chocolaty, but not too sweet.  Didn’t taste like a dessert, which is good because it still felt healthy.

Cinnamon Raisin: Loved this flavour.  Perfect cinnamony raisinness!

Banana Walnut: Great bananay taste.  Hint of nuts, but not much.

Overall feel of the GNU bars?  These are a perfect way to get a low calorie tasty dash of fiber in the diet, because they give a 50% daily value!  They aren’t the greatest in taste, but they are not bad either.

I took a Superfood Slam Probar to work.  I nibbled on it for a few hours during my shift.


This flavour was AWESOME!  I tasted it and immediately thought of Amazing Grass.  Eventually I had time to look at the ingredients.  I was shocked and happy to see that indeed there was some Amazing Grass in the blend!  Wow!  I especially loved the grain sweetened chocolate chips and the big chunkies of dried fruit.  Again, 350 calories and only 9g of protein, but this is like the perfect bar for work because it keeps me satisfied.  It is sort of like eating trail mix in bar form, condensed.

Once I got home, I ate a piece of strawberry rhubarb cake/pie (unhealthy but tasty) that my boyfriend’s stepmom made.


Well, off I go to eat some homeade stuffs at my boyfriend’s cousin’s temporary apartment! It includes blackberry sauce…. YAY!



One Response to “Hottest Day of the Year!”

  1. April (Foods of April) said

    Fiber and peanut butter in one?? count me in!!

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