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Nothing Like Waking Up Right Before Noon

Posted by buffmuffy on August 7, 2009

Yes, that is right.  I woke up around 1145am 🙂  I was one corpse!  I didn’t go to bed til around 2am last night because I couldn’t sleep so I read for a while.  I got like 11 or more hours of sleep.. wow.   I need to stock up now, because once Aug 24 hits I’m getting next to none!  School and Work full time = one sleepy puppy.

Last night before bed, I had a glass of Strawberry Arbor Mist while watching one of my fave shows – LA Ink.  I was in the mood.  I also want to get tattooed by Kat badly, but alas that probably won’t happen.

Anyway!  I woke up knowing what I wanted for breakfast.  I had one last Nature’s Path product to try:  Mesa Sunrise.


I didn’t have much to put on top, so I added grapes and honey.  Alone, the cereal was a little boring – but surprisingly I actually liked it.  I took a bite and thought to myself, “boring.”  And then I thought, “actually, maybe just one more bite.”  With the grapes and drizzle of honey, it aquired an innocent sweetness.  I loved it!  And the ingredients and nutrition facts were great!  Along with, I had a microwaved egglet and a Solixir sparkling botanical beverage.


This was the Awaken type (orange mate flavour).  The first sip I thought, “Hey, this is good!”  But after a while I started to realize it tasted like sparkling water.  I’m not a fan of unflavoured sparkling water.  However, with the slight orange juice taste, I still enjoyed drinking it!  It had a very suttle sweetness which made it much better than a regular sparkling water.  It unfortunately does have 12g of sugar, but the ingredients list is pleasant despite that!


Ingredients: Sparkling spring water, pure juice from white grape and orange juice concentrates, botanical extract blend (yerba mate, betony, panax ginsing, angelica root, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg), natural flavours.

There are 30mg of natural caffeine inside.  I would definitely drink this again.

I work from 3-10pm today.  Not a bad shift, and Fridays are normally fun.  I just don’t like the fact that I come home with no night left!  I normally stay up til midnight, and often later.  I shouldn’t stay up that late though considering I have to wake up at 730am to work the next morning!  So my goal tonight is to hit bed before midnight.

So some of you may have wondered why I took aspirin yesterday before my run.  It may have made since because it relieves pain, but why did I really take it?

It is more of a mental thing in this situation, since I only have regular aspirin.  But a natural aspirin contains White Willow Bark, which when combined with caffeine from the guarana seed, “increases the body’s ability to utilize fatty acids while preserving lean muscle tissue” (source).

Unfortunately I do not have natural aspirin, but I find it on a higher level than ibuprofen for me.  A lot of people get confused by this concept, and think that any source of aspirin and caffeine will work.  Don’t get fooled!

Since I pretty much ate breakfast at lunch time, I’ll probably have a smaller lunch around 2pm with my Greens+ supplement for the 30 day challenge, and then take a Probar to work.

I’ll update after work!

Oh, and check out my photography page!  I have already posted a lot of the photos, but I figured I’d make a separate page for them since photography is a hobby I have a big passion for.



2 Responses to “Nothing Like Waking Up Right Before Noon”

  1. Wow I haven’t slept in like that in a long time! My body just won’t let me anymore. I had that same Solixir with my oatmeal today for breakkie!

  2. janetha said

    ohhh i plan to get my sleep in tonight! for sure. i love sleeping that much. i love natures path cereals, and haha, i like “boring” cereals a lot.

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