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The Day After…

Posted by buffmuffy on August 6, 2009

…my half birthday!  Thanks for all the half birthday wishes!  Which really means nothing seeing as I worked all night.  The shift went well.  We had a ton of fun!  There are more good days at work now which is nice.  Yesterday I finished my day’s eats off with one of these bad boys:


…and then at work I had a couple tortillas with chicken and tomato and some beans with lettuce and tomato (400 calories spread throughout 9 hours).

I talked to the boyfriend yesterday afternoon about how maybe moving is not such a good idea.  So we are going to hold hope until the 15th, and then sign either a 6 or 12 mo lease.  He kept saying he didn’t want to sign another year, so it will probably only be 6 months.  Who knows what good will come before then!  He may get his new job situated and all that jazz.  But money needs to be saved, not spent on an unnecessary move.  Where we are now is actually not that bad.  It just lacks in space and yard and closet.  Unfortunately most of the rentals do not have walk in closets or enough bathrooms, so I’m finding it to be more of a hassle than a help.  We would have to adjust too much to move into a house like that.  So unless we found a 3BR 3BA home with walk in closets and in the right area and price range, we’ll stay here.  Which I have a feeling we will be.  That’s okay!

In other news, look what UPS brought me today!


PROBARS to try out!  Big Thanks to Kendall!  I got 4 flavours to try: Whole Berry Blast, Cran Lemon Twister, Superfood Slam, and Cherry Pretzel.  They are huge!  And the packaging is my favorite part of them!  They have anywhere from 350-380 calories it looks like, which is quite high, but great for a meal replacement!  And I’m completely in love with the packaging.  I just want to save the wrappers they are so darling!

Yesterday I got a little package from Diane at Greens+ as well.  It is a container of their GREENS Plus® Wild Berry Burst and a cute little cup with lid!  I love cups with lids, so I can’t wait to use this one on the go! (If you want to try your own, see the bottom of this post!)


Diane encouraged me to take the Greens+ challenge, which means I take the product for 30 days and blog about my experiences!  So I will definitely be starting today!

And then…. I got a package from Scott at Solixir today as well!  They come in three flavours: Blackberry Chamomile, Pomegranate Ginger, and Orange Mate.  Can you guess which flavour I am most excited to try?


Blackberry Chamomile!  Since I am currently obsessed with blackberries.  LOL!

Moving on to breakfast.

In honor of my Greens+ 30 day challenge, I’m having a serving of my GREENS Plus® Wild Berry Burst, which has an insane ORAC value.  Remember how I mentioned the ORAC value of the Wildbars being about 18,000 per 100g (2 bars)?  While that is outstandingly high, the Greens+ Wild Berry Burst has an ORAC of 24,700 per 100g!  WOW!  Plus it contains blackberries 😉 along with many other berries (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, acerola, grape seed, and skin extracts).  Also in the mix are organically-grown green superfoods such as spirulina, Japanese chlorella, alfalfa barley, and wheat grass, high energy herb extracts including ginkgo biloba, Japanese green tea, and Siberian eleuthero root.  And as it says on the bottle, it contains fruit extracts from acai, pomegranate, and goji as well.  The bottle says to mix 3 tsp with 8oz of water, or add it into another drink.  I’m having it with water to get the raw taste of it, and it is only 35 calories!  This bottle is extremely nutritionally dense.

“What is ORAC?” you might be asking yourself.  ORAC stands for “Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity” and is the standard method to measure antioxidant capacity of foods.  This means the higher the ORAC, the higher the capacity to neutralize free radicals.  Isn’t that amazing?

Why are berries so high on the ORAC charts?  Berries have what are called “Anthocyanins,” which are a powerful class of flavanoids responsible for the red, blue, and purple colors of a plant.  “They improve free-radical scagenging in cells, protect human DNA, possess anti-inflammatory properties, and promote normal cardiovascular function” (

With my Wild Berry Burst I am having some more antioxidant boosting themed items: a Rachel’s Pomegranate Blueberry yogurt and some strawberries!

IMG_3921The flavours?  The yogurt is actually really good.  I like this flavour!  And the Greens+?  It is very berry flavoured.  The powder was green, but smelled like berries.  It is drinkable on its own… I put ice in it which always makes it better.  Very berry flavour and not powdery at all, even with just shaking it in this container.  The container itself didn’t leak or anything.  I love it!  This is going to be a hit in smoothies or juices, as it tastes like berries alone!  I am excited.  Also, I saw on the website that with all the living things and greens in this, that it will accelerate hair and nail growth (like most superfood powders) and I’m trying to grow my hair out, so I hope it helps!

Wishing everyone an amazing Thursday!

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And if anyone wants to try out some samples of the Greens+ products or to try the Greens+ challenge for yourself to blog about, just send an email to Diane!



3 Responses to “The Day After…”

  1. janetha said

    hey i saw this blackberry recipe in my reader today and thought of you:

    i havent tried those pro bars but they are made here in utah! i should try them but the cals are so high.. bah.. i guess i could break it up into 2 bars though.

    never heard of those drinks. they sound interesting!

    have a great day lady 🙂 xo

  2. peanutbutterprerogative said

    lots of fun stuff to try! i’ve seen the pro bars all over the blog world, but i just don’t think i could replace a meal with a bar. even if it filled me up, i’d still feel empty…if that makes any sense, haha. happy belated half bday!

  3. Let us know what you think about the Pro Bars! The blackberry Solixir is definitely yum 🙂

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