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Improved 3 Mile Time!

Posted by buffmuffy on August 6, 2009

Well I had a Probar shortly after my last post.  I tried the Cherry Pretzel flavour.  It was really good!  It packed a hefty 380 calories, but I liked it.  I LOVED the wrapper.  The only downside?  With all those calories, there are only 10g of protein.


A couple hours later I went on a run!  Prior to running, I took 2 aspirin, 2 Crystal Mannas, 2 shots of Pepsi One (for the caffeine, I know I know), and then filled my nalgene with 2 containers of Mango Coconut Water!  This stuff is SO good.


Beginning my run, I felt good.  I had energy and it felt really great outside, about 80 degrees.  After my first quarter mile, my legs were feeling it.  But I endured.  After about a half mile, my right knee started to hurt a little.  But I endured!  Almost half way through my 3 miler, my back started to hurt.  The sun was starting to make me really heated.  I kept going, stretched a tad, and kept drinking my coconut water.  My stomach was starting to feel crampy (probably the diet soda) and I was worried!  On my way back, I was tired, but the aspirin started to kick in.  The pain was going away.  I was still feeling it in my muscles, but the pain was definitely subsiding!  I looked down at my drink and I had at least half a bottle left.  I pushed myself a little more than I normally do up the hills.  I took breaks when my body needed.  And I came back victorious!


I clocked in at 36:47.  I had beaten my best time since I started with the Garmin by 1:34!  I was so happy!  Here are some stat comparisons:

Date  +   Time               Distance        Total Time     Pace average     Avg speed        Max Speed     Cals burned


As you can see, this run was in a hotter part of the day, so that in itself is an accomplishment.  My run was much more consistent as well, instead of last time where my first lap took much longer.  I am so proud!  The coconut water REALLY helped.  It lasted longer because I didn’t need as much at a time to hydrate myself.  It gave me a nice energy boost.


When I got home, it was almost 4 so I decided I would wait til 5 to eat dinner when the boyfriend got home.  I ended up still feeling pretty satisfied from the Probar and the Mango O.N.E. coconut water.

While waiting, I got the mail and was shocked to find this surprise sample package from Jay Robb!


For dinner, I had some of my boyfriend’s cottage cheese (not low fat unfortunately but I didn’t have much) with a golden delicious apple, and a brownie for dessert!  The brownie also was not healthy but it was homeade so no artificial ingredients at least!  It was very good.


During the day, Zelda was lounging on top of my hermit crab cage.  I didn’t catch a picture of her when she had her paws covering her face unfortunately.  It was too cute.


Oh, and I’ve been off and on wearing these cheap-o wrist braces for my wrist pain:

IMG_3924Toodles for now!



11 Responses to “Improved 3 Mile Time!”

  1. Wow, that’s definitely a high-caloried bar, but it does sound delicious! What an awesome flavor!

    Congrats on the record time… what a great accomplishment! 🙂


  2. The sample fairy has been visiting your house a lot lately! How fun!

    Your brownie looks delicious, sometimes treats are worth it!

    I love that coconut water, I drink it post workout all the time.

  3. janetha said

    even full fat CC is good for you! packed with protein. no sweat! that is a shitty amount of protein for that many cals. what a downer! NICE JOB on the time improvement!

  4. Lainie said

    Hi! I just found your blog and have enjoyed poking around it! I’m a dietetics student, too. Good for you on improving your running time! Yeah!

  5. brandi said

    good job running in the heat! it’s been so hard for me to get out there again after work with it being so hot.

  6. April (Foods of April) said

    Was the bar filling at least???

    that brownie is calling my name!

  7. Yay for beating a previous record, homemade brownies, and adorable Zelda! 😀 This post makes me want to go out running and bake myself brownies but it’s midnight where I am right now so that will have to wait til tomorrow. 😀

  8. Food n Fitness said

    That brownie looks AMAZING! 🙂
    Good job on the running–go you!

  9. lowandbhold said

    Yay! Congrats. I’m going to have to try some of that coconut water!

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