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I Don’t Wanna Work….

Posted by buffmuffy on August 3, 2009

Yeah it is that time again.  Time to go to work.

The boyfriend left to go look at the house, but who knows if we’ll like it.  I just hope we find something this month and that he gets the money for the deposit so we can stop living under the elephants upstairs.

Anyway, I was full all day long (I ate around noon) and by the time I had “lunch” it was 4, and I still wasn’t really even that hungry but I knew I had to eat something.  So I had a bag of bbq Popchips which tasted as they should (though I’m not a huge bbq fan, they still tasted great), a Rachel’s vanilla chai yogurt (not bad, but kinda boring), and some strawberries.  Also, I had a Botanic No. 3 Kombucha, and this flavour was awesome!  It contained elderberry and lavender and tasted the right amount of flowery and vinegary.  The perfect match for what I had been craving all day.


I got the strawberries on sale for 93cents each at walmart!  That is half off!  I picked out some nice looking ones.  I also got some baby oil and shampoo to try out with my poor skin, and they are lavender scented!  Yay!  And some razor refills, which my boyfriend so kindly gave me money to buy (can you beleive a pack of 4 is $10?!).  Also, a refill on my apricot face scrub!  I love this stuff.

I haven’t felt so great and it has been hot all day, plus my legs were sore from standing at work so much this weekend.  Therefore I opted out for a run. I would have gone tonight when it got cooler, but alas I work.  So I’ll just have to go tomorrow night and thursday night.

For my night at work, I’ll be eating a Weil Banana Manna bar.  I’m not really that hungry, so hopefully I’ll be in the mood for this later:


Anyway, off to work I go,  7pm-2am.  Joy.



6 Responses to “I Don’t Wanna Work….”

  1. Nobody likes to work! but I hope it was bearable today!
    Let me know if you liked that bar…it looks rather good!

  2. janetha said

    i have never seen that brand of bar. that dude’s beard is gnar! can’t wait to hear how it is. maybe like banana bread? damn i am sorry you have the laaaate shift. hang in there!

  3. i love that banana mana bar!! it is soooooooo yummy!!! and pop chips!! they sell those EVERYWHERE NOW! I remember when they had just hit the scene in the blog world!! I’ll hafta try them!

  4. brandi said

    i hope you had a good time at work! I still haven’t tried popchips OR those crazy pricy drinks 🙂

  5. Mia {runs and rests} said

    Ah, work. Hope you have a good day.
    That bar looks great. Love the name. 😀

  6. foodnfit said

    😦 I hope your feeling a little better!

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