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Green in my Cup, and Blue in my Bowl!

Posted by buffmuffy on August 3, 2009

I’m having a huge green monster and a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.  Extremely filling!  Or should I say lunch?  Since I woke up around 1145am…


For my oats, I defrosted some frozen blueberries, and then nuked the oats with 1/2c almond milk and 1/2c water.  I added the blueberries, heated a little more, and then added coconut butter, dried coconut, and honey.  Delicious and I am soooo full already without barely touching my green monster!  That coconut butter really does wonders for your appetite.  I sadly only have one serving left.

In my monster, I had one ripe banana, 1 cup almond milk, a big handful of spinach, a big handful of ice, 1 scoop Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood, and 1/2scoop Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass.  It tastes a little grassy but I like it that way.

Today the goal is to get a good run in and go to Walmart to get a few things.  I also want to call a few of the rental houses to try and get some showings set up.  There is one tonight that my boyfriend is going to at 630pm, and it is south of where we live now (which is awesome for when I have to drive to campus an hour away!).  It looks as if my boyfriend will get paid here within the next week, so we are really crossing our fingers that it happens!  I can’t wait to move, and it looks as if we are definitely going to be able to move at the end of the month into a home with his brother.

Oh, and before bed I had a snack… I tried these Cheddar Popchips (which I realized were different from the rice-cakey cheddar multigrain ones we bought last week).  They tasted light and cheesy, similar to a mac and cheese or white cheddar flavour.  Yum!


And now, I’d like to answer a question that my boyfriend asked me the other day.  I knew the answer, but I didn’t know why.


Isn’t all honey organic?


But why?  According to the USDA, honey cannot be labeled certified organic if there are any trace of unnatural practices such as drugs, chemicals, or antibiotics.  According to this article from The Organic Report, “Non-organic beekeepers routinely use sulfa compounds and antibiotics to control bee diseases, carbolic acid to remove honey from the hive and calcium cyanide to kill colonies before extracting the honey, and of course conventional honeybees gather nectar from plants that have been sprayed with pesticides.”  Ew!  Organic beekeepers just aid in a natural habitat without interference other than harvesting the honeycomb.  And don’t be fooled by the labels that are saying things like “natural” and “pure”.  Of course all honey is natural!  But it is only merely naturally occuring, not organic and free of harmful things.

So there we have it!  Raw honey is said to provide a lot of health benefits too, so next time you go shopping, check to see if you can find any USDA certified organic raw honey to try!

In other news, the first Sims 3 Expansion Pack was announced, and it will ship to retailers on Nov 16, 2009!!!!  I am so excited!  This means that I will have something to play during Christmas break (and the month before if I have time).  It is called “World Adventures” and lets you travel to foreign places, work on photography, etc.  Read about it here: Sims 3

Also, thank you for all the kind responses about my wrists.  I still am unsure what to do, but maybe I can take a look at braces today while I’m at walmart and perhaps it will make me feel a little better.

Anyway, off to get some stuff done.  I will update before I go to work!



5 Responses to “Green in my Cup, and Blue in my Bowl!”

  1. SHE-FIT said

    YUM! Your breakfast look delicious! ! ! I just love blueberries… I think I am becoming obsessed with them

  2. janetha said

    ohh i wish i woke up at 11:45! lucky. ha. hope you havea good time getting your errands ran!

  3. LOVING that breakfast… I’m totally with you that grassy smoothies are a necessity every once in a while! 🙂


  4. April (Foods of April) said

    That oatmeal looks yummy! I’ve never thought to add coconut butter!

  5. Your green monster looks amazing, I love it when they come out super green like that. And to answer your question, those dates were not frozen, they are stored on the shelf, with the raisins, etc. I use them in lots of things, they’re great for adding natural sweetness.

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