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Green Monster Everywhere!

Posted by buffmuffy on August 2, 2009

So I woke up, got ready, and proceeded to make a green monster.  I used the standard banana, spinach, cup of almond milk, ice, and a scoop of Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood. Having a Guava goddess Synergy with it.  It is soooo good and tastes like a grapefruit drink!


I then proceeded to spill the small glass all over the desk and floor.  Thankfully onto nothing damagable.  But I had to spend 5 minutes cleaning it up lol.

I’m feeling really under the weather today, probably because of the pizza last night!  So I’m having a lot of liquid intake today to balance it out.  Therefore taking a black cherry organic fat free stonyfield yogurt and a Pom juice (LOVE THIS STUFF) to work today.  Will have a healthy dinner to go along with, but I don’t know what yet.


As always on the weekened, rushing out the door again!

See you guys this afternoon.  I’m working 830am-6pm.


PS I have a couple questions that someone might be able to answer in my last post so take a peaksy!


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