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Blueberry Heaven

Posted by buffmuffy on August 2, 2009

Greetings, earthlings!  LOL.

I worked a 10 hour shift today instead of 11, which I may have had to do.  The day started out crazy.  One of the openers was 2 hours late and another person called in, but we got everything done and then excelled with our speed times!  My boss and her boss were both extremely happy when I texted them our numbers!

I had my snacks plus a some chicken, lettuce, and tomato on a tortilla.  I was working soooo hard today.  The opener that was late brought me a diet Mt. Dew because she felt bad, lol, so I was EXTRA hyper since I haven’t had soda in so long.  I had some last night, but not much.  I’ll have a sip every now an then at work too but not enough to affect me.  So needless to say we had a great time and worked well as a team and succeeded.  And I burned a ton of calories doing so!

And then for dinner I am having what I like to call blueberry heaven!  Upon tasting this, I was extremely pleased.

It is some Stonyfield organic french vanilla yogurt, Nature’s Path pumpkin flax granola, coconut, and blueberries.  YUM.


And I am really excited for True Blood tonight!!!!

158Woo hoo!

My boyfriend ordered me my books last night, so yay for that!

Also, he is finishing the work on his friend’s website and then his friend should be able  to pay him so it looks like we might be able to move after all!  I am SO excited if this happens!  We’ll know in the next few days.

So I’ll keep looking!  Wish us luck!  His brother is going to move in with us and help out with rent, and to gain his residency in Nebraska for college.  He is doing his graduate schooling at the same college I go to.  We are the same age, but he is ahead of me because I took time off for the same reason (I’m from Missouri), and an additional year because I wanted to figure out a new major.  So that will be super exciting.  Maybe we can car pool.  My boyfriend is much older than I am, so it is a little weird that I’m the same age as his brother, but oh well.  We all have a really fun time together!

See you guys later tonight!  I don’t have to work until 7pm tomorrow.  Yay!



2 Responses to “Blueberry Heaven”

  1. janetha said

    all caught up on ya! i have been away from my laptop for awhile. sounds like you have been working turbo long hours. pizza always helps 🙂 love the photog! lovely. i am a week behind on true blood! so dont post what is happening 😛 no answers for your Qs though, sorry. good luck with the living sitch!

  2. Glad to know you had a great day at work.
    Yay for the new book! 😀
    Sending you positive vibes for your the moving/living situation.

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