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August Rush

Posted by buffmuffy on August 1, 2009

That’s right … I’m doing new titles.  I figured appropriate since it is a new month.

Yesterday was a record day in the blog world for me!  I had a new high for hit count!  Thanks guys, for continuing to visit!

As far as the title goes, I’m in a rush out the door as always on the weekend.

During the day I will be consuming:


The only new flavour I’m trying is the cranberry orange GNU bar, so I’ll do a review when I get back home!  I also have the Weil Banana Manna bar and a Lemon Zest Luna Bar.

Oh, and the Raspberry Rush Synergy.  It is soooo good!  Another one of those flavours that tastes like a fruity sparkling wine.  Lol.

I have a couple problems that you all might be able to answer while I’m at work today.

1.  My cat is peeing on the dog bed, and now the cat bed!

My younger cat started this without an environment change, no medical issues.  Just a new dog bed was introduced, never been used, and the cat bed was put down on the floor after being on top of a box for a while.  We just don’t understand.  Even if the litter box is clean, we can’t have the dog bed out because she will pee on it.  We tried washing it… Sigh.  Any ideas?  Without the bed out she is fine.

2.  My dry scalp!

I have the weirdest problem ever.  My scalp.  It is so dry and itchy feeling and I don’t know what to do about it!  I have tried everything it seems.  It is soothed by things like dandruff and dry scalp shampoo/conditioners or tea tree stuff.  If I go a day without washing my hair, it gets super itchy.  There isn’t any noticeable flaking (unless it is winter and I’m super dry everywhere).  When I run and sweat, the sweat makes my scalp really itchy.  It is predominant on the back of my scalp above my neck, but on bad days it is on the top, sides, back …
I don’t know what is wrong with me!  Nothing is curing it.  The rest of my skin is normally fine, but sometimes my shins and forearm (on the bone) get really itchy too.  Occasionally my back as well.  My skin may be a little dry, but my scalp is my main problem.
I don’t have dandruff.  My hair will get a tad greasy without a wash still.
I don’t get it!  Does anyone have an idea?

Anyway, I have to run now, I am late LOL.

And since someone used this term to search and found my site, I will be ending my post with it:

-Blueberry Muffy

(cute huh?  maybe I should change my blog name XD)


2 Responses to “August Rush”

  1. April (Foods of April) said

    I’m super itchy too! My hairdresser recommended brushing with a boar bristle brush- apparently it takes the oil from the scalp and brings it to the ends so it doesn’t get as itchy!

  2. Sorry abt the scalp issues…that sounds like a pain! I hope you find a remedy soon…And I have not ever had a cat so I can’t help you with that either! Darn…I feel so useless!
    So all I can do is give you this: *HUG*

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