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11 Hour Shift, Pizza, and Photography

Posted by buffmuffy on August 1, 2009

So.  I ended up working from 830am until 730pm, mind you without sitting down once.  I’m used to working without a break, and just snacking when I can, but these longer shifts are hard on me.  I needed a couple extra hours and ended up staying 2.5 extra hours.  I only volunteered to work 1 extra, so the boss could go home early, and then someone called in and you know where it goes from there!  But all is well.

The cranberry orange GNU bar I had this morning reminded me of the little jelly oranges covered in sugar, but without the gummy texture.  It was really good!  It didn’t keep me full but for a couple hours though, as it was only 130 calories.

Garden flowers

Garden flowers

However I did come home and cheat!  LOL.  The boyfriend had the idea to order pizza, so I ate tons.  Haha!  Sorry, no pictures!  I think I deserved it after that though!  So to make up for that, I’m posting some random pics that I have taken.  I love photography.  I have a Canon rebel, and it is my post predominant hobby.

Moth at the Zoo

Moth at the Zoo

Anyway, that is where I was all day and then while eating pizza we watched Taken.  This movie was soooo good!  I loved it!  And ironic enough, the little sheer hooded robe things the girls had on were sooo pretty, and I want one.  Lol.

Jellyfish at Zoo

Jellyfish at Zoo

I didn’t get many responses today since I wasn’t able to go out and visit blogs, so I’ll post my questions again for those that didn’t see them!

1.  My cat is peeing on the dog bed, and now the cat bed!

My younger cat started this without an environment change, no medical issues.  Just a new dog bed was introduced, never been used, and the cat bed was put down on the floor after being on top of a box for a while.  We just don’t understand.  Even if the litter box is clean, we can’t have the dog bed out because she will pee on it.  We tried washing it… Sigh.  Any ideas?  Without the bed out she is fine.

Key Limes

Key Limes

2.  My dry scalp!

I have the weirdest problem ever.  My scalp.  It is so dry and itchy feeling and I don’t know what to do about it!  I have tried everything it seems.  It is soothed by things like dandruff and dry scalp shampoo/conditioners or tea tree stuff.  If I go a day without washing my hair, it gets super itchy.  There isn’t any noticeable flaking (unless it is winter and I’m super dry everywhere).  When I run and sweat, the sweat makes my scalp really itchy.  It is predominant on the back of my scalp above my neck, but on bad days it is on the top, sides, back …
I don’t know what is wrong with me!  Nothing is curing it.  The rest of my skin is normally fine, but sometimes my shins and forearm (on the bone) get really itchy too.  Occasionally my back as well.  My skin may be a little dry, but my scalp is my main problem.
I don’t have dandruff.  My hair will get a tad greasy without a wash still.
I don’t get it!  Does anyone have an idea?  I have a feeling it may have to do with where I work, i.e. oily air from the fryer (though it is a small fryer and isn’t as bad as a normal fast food place).

Lily pads in garden pond

Lily pads in garden pond

I’ve gotten one suggestion to try a boar bristle brush (thanks, April!), which may or may not do anything for my unique problem.  I forgot to mention that when I get my hair dyed (which hasn’t been in months since I have no money to do so anymore), my scalp gets really itchy – mainly in the back above my neck.  It is such a frustrating problem!

Fish at zoo

Fish at zoo

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed my photography.  It’s a big work in progress, that is for sure.  But I think I have a good start.

Tomorrow, I work 830am-6pm.  Joy.  I think I am going to finish a DVR show, take a shower, and then read.  I’m on the 8th book of the Sookie Stackhouse series (the book series that inspired True Blood).  Has anyone else read these?  I am obsessed.  Almost as much as I am with Twilight [Robert Pattinson].  LOL.

Monkey at zoo

Monkey at zoo

Goodnight lovelies!


Burnt starfish at zoo

Burnt starfish at zoo


2 Responses to “11 Hour Shift, Pizza, and Photography”

  1. Sarah E. Clark said


    For question 1 about kitty…try getting an enzyme killer pet spray from the pet store. Check out this article.

    For question 2, along with using the bristle brush to get rid of the flakes you might try rubbing in some coconut oil into your scalp first then brushing it out. I have to do this for Sloane’s cradle cap every once in awhile. Coconut oil has some good antimicrobial, antibiotic, anti fungal properties…just takes care of almost everything. Very hydrating too. Sorry, another reason for you to buy some! =)

  2. About the hair problem… it might be the summer heat. I know that last summer I had a similar problem with the area above the back of my neck into my scalp itching like crazy. I actually went to the doctor and she couldn’t figure it out either since I didn’t have any dandruff or flaking. Eventually, I figured out that when I was sweating in the summer heat, the sweat that dried on the back of my neck and on my scalp was causing my to itch. I’m guessing it was the salt in the sweat. Being that you work in a hotter enivornment (fryer), this might be part of the problem for you. I’d suggest washing your hair after work, working out, or any other time you know you sweat. Even if you just take a wet washcloth and wipe off any sweat before it dries on your skin. Also, you probably want to switch to a shampoo/conditioner that is has more natural ingredients and isn’t harsh on your hair. Even baby shampoo isn’t a bad idea to switch off between.

    Hopefully this helps your problem… it’s worth a try!


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