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Day 45

Posted by buffmuffy on July 30, 2009


Good morning everyone.  I am awake on account of my boss, who called to let me know something this morning that was unnecessary.  Fun, huh?  Lol.  Anyway, with 6 hours of sleep under my belt I figured I might as well get up anyway and take a nap later in the day if needed.

As far as yesterday goes, I ate a Nature’s Path pumpkin flax granola bar before work and had a little something at work too.

After I took the crystal manna yesterday, I felt really good.  No side affects or anything, just felt some energy.  It may have been it that kept me energized all throughout work, or something else, but I normally feel very sluggish by midnight, and I didn’t last night.

UPDATE ON THE HOUSE:  It’s definitely a scam.  How upsetting!  People can be so crazy sometimes.  I got an email saying they accepted our applications, and that they would send us documents and key and we could send them the rent.  Sounded fishy.  I asked about viewing the house, and they replied that we could any time we wanted.  I then asked how we would get inside, and they said that we would have to look in the windows.  ?!?!!?!  I politely declined saying that if they could somehow get the key to a friend or family member I would reconsider, but I couldn’t accept a house I didn’t get to see the inside of.  Do they not realize that we are trying to leave our apartment?  What if we gave our 30 days notice and then all of the sudden we had no place to live?  People are so awful sometimes.  So we’re going to keep looking, and for a house.  If we got another aparment, it would be pretty much the same thing we are dealing with now, probably either more expensive or a little less expensive, and not as nice most likely.  I just can’t get over that we have to pay an extra $95 a month (which the boyfriend is covering, but that slows down his savings for a ring <.<) …

Anyway, today I need to fill my Rx since they weren’t open yesterday.  Other than that, I’m pretty much free!

I’m a little annoyed because my boyfriend had previously expressed interest in Food, Inc, saying it would be cool to see it.  But I come to find out it isn’t cool enough to drive downtown to see this weekend when it is playing 😦  As I really have no one else to go with, I guess I’ll have to wait and see if they put it out on dvd.  I don’t blame him for not wanting to drive that far, but he denied me before he knew where the theater was lol.  Oh well.  Men will be men and I can cross my fingers for a dvd!  But I told him he can buy me the book for now 🙂

I also told him he could buy me that book and the other book I want (Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella) from amazon for $25 and get the free super saver shipping … and he goes “Ok happy half birthday.”  LOL he is so sweet.  My half birthday is August 5th. ^_^

As far as breakfast goes, I think I’m in an oatmeal mood this morning.  So I am making some oats with almond milk, pineapple, coconut, blueberries, dark chocolate chips, and goji berries.  A very tropical take on my breakfast.  Along with it, I am tropically having the rest of a bottle of Pom.


And to prove there are blueberries in there …


What a GOOD breakfast.  Yum.

To touch on the discussion of one of my goals (losing 10lb this month), I haven’t made any progress!  But to be fair it has been during the wrong time of the month to start, and I have plenty of time left.  It has only been 6 days, lol.  So I have to really step it up these next few weeks, but I know I can do it now that my cravings have gone, lol.

Now I’m off to read some blogs and await some packages … or not.  UPS and Fedex have both passed me this morning already 😦  There is always the US post though!  I have quite a lot of stuff supposed to be arriving…

I leave you with a few questions, one that I have asked before!

* I am looking for some music to run to, and I really enjoy piano/instrumental pieces.  Nothing with words, and I like a lot of emotion into the piece.  I don’t know if I’d enjoy anything like Bach or Beethoven, but if anyone thinks it may suit running, I can definitely look into it.

*How do you know if an avocado is ripe?  I have only tried to make things with them twice and both times the avo was hard… maybe I shouldn’t refrigerate them? o.O

Thanks everyone!

Also, check out these 101 running tips from Women’s Health.


PS Oops I forgot I was going to include some pics of Rexi!  She was given this empty carton of Dole juice last night and she loves taking the caps off 2 liters, so we thought why not try this?




Look at how impressed she looks 🙂  This took about a minute flat.


4 Responses to “Day 45”

  1. foodnfit said

    Look through the windows? WHAT? That’s crazyness! I’m sorry it didn’t work out, you’ll find the perfect place for you!
    So the way I choose avocados is to make sure they’re not too hard and not too soft, pretty mucg in between. And I heard that you shouldn’t squeeze them too hard when you’re checking because they will cause them to turn brown and give it bruises in those spots. So far it’s worked for me!

  2. OMG, Rexi is adorable! 😀
    A ripe avocado’s skin should be very purple and tender when squeezed. To make it ripen faster, I wrap it in cloth or paper bag for around 5 days when I buy it really green and hard. The wait is torture! :s
    Love that big bowl of oatmeal goodness.

  3. janetha said

    hahaha she is stoked! love her. i cant help you with the music, i was thinking the hush sound as far as piano goes but then you said no words, so i have no help! avocados ripen if you put them next to apples, i know that much.. i keep them on the counter!

  4. janetha said

    oh and super whack about the house!!!!!!

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