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Posted by buffmuffy on July 30, 2009

259 to 354pm

(It took me a while to write this post, what with researching and eating during, lol)

Hello ladies!

Upon getting the mail today, I indeed had not one but TWO packages from the US post.  I got my flowering tea set and my new book!


I can’t wait to try out the tea, but I need a glass tea pot first.  I thought maybe it would come with one, but oh well.  I can just use a glass mason jar for now honestly.  I have 1/2 gallon ones.  As for the book, be expecting some info from it all of the time! 🙂

Anyway, before I went to go get my Rx, I decided I would try a bite of my Mayan Spice Wildbar. I was very hesitant because of the spicy name and because there was cayenne pepper in the ingredients list …


Upon trying it, I was in love and continued to eat the whole bar.  The macadamia nuts really complete this bar.  At 185 calories, this was a great snack and it satisfied me completely to where I am not hungry at the moment for much.

However I found it funny that they forgot the numbers on one of the bar packagings!


Lol 🙂

I can’t wait to try the Mountain Mint flavour- I love mint chocolate combos so I know I’d like this one.

Now, if you don’t recall, these bars are made with 1500mg of Wild Blue-Green Algae each which is believed to dramatically improve concentration, increase mental energy, and enhance mood.  It is chocked full of antioxidants (9000 ORAC per 45g!), B12, fiber, and omega 3’s.

For my small lunch (since we are meeting friends at Panera in 2 hours), I am having a bag of Original flavour Popchips, a Rachel’s Pomegranate Acai yogurt, and a sandwich thin with blackberry preserves and NH margarine.


This was my last sandwich thin and the rest of my preserves.  SAD FACE!  But I used the sandwich thins perfectly with the amount of preserves that came with the jar, lol.


The Original Popchips kind of taste like not so sweet honeycombs.  LOL.  Need more salt imo <.<  The Rachel’s Pomegrante Acai was delicious!  So far my favorite flavour of the brand.  Tasted almost apple or grape jolly rancher-ish.  Hehe!  A little too sweet, but still very good.

As for blackberries, I am currently obsessed.  Not only do I have the phone, but the food has suddenly become my most craved flavour.  Blackberries on my frozen yogurt, blackberries in my jam, blackberries on my sandwich thins … I must have them everywhere!  So in tribute to my beloved blackberries, here is some info!  Unfortunately they were not in my new book … 😦



Blackberries, an ancient fruit, are known to be an antioxidant (anthocyanins, vitamin C and E, ellagic acid) rich berry, much like other berries.  It has an ORAC of around 2000 per 100g serving (seems little compared to Wildbar which comparatively would have about 18,000mg per 100g!) which is just under that of blueberries (at 2400mg).  They are also rich in Vitamin C and E, folate, lycopene, potassium, magnesium, and manganese, and in 1 cup there are about 7g of fiber (pectin)!  Blackberries have the highest phytoestrogen count of all the berries according to studies done at University of Helsinki in Finland.  They also contain a high amount of tannins, which are known to tighten tissues, lessen bleeding, and help alleviate inflammation and diarrhea.  All of these properties are said to also help fight aging, cell damage that leads to cancer, cholesterol, and free radicals (which thwart sun damage, carcinogens, cvd, diabetes, and other age related disorders).  Astounding!

The common misconception is that blackberries are just black raspberries, but this is not so.  All berries are good for you, though, and experts recommend eating them together to get additional health benefits.

AND they taste amazing.

Who wouldn’t love blackberries?!

Anyway, I was house hunting today and found 3 new candidates, so cross your fingers for me (again, lol) and hopefully one of these works out!  There are two options that would work great if my boyfriend’s brother moved in with us (which has been an ongoing idea since he is going to college in Omaha and will be going to college in Lincoln, like I do – we live in Omaha and he lives in Iowa currently).  So I am hoping something with that works out because the two options for that situation are amazing!

I also wanted to mention that I put on Avocate Skin Glow on my arms today and they feel very soft!

Still looking for answers to my music question, but I feel much more confident about avocados now.  Thanks everyone!

To revisit…

* I am looking for some music to run to, and I really enjoy piano/instrumental pieces.  Nothing with words, and I like a lot of emotion into the piece.  I don’t know if I’d enjoy anything like Bach or Beethoven, but if anyone thinks it may suit running, I can definitely look into it.

Thanks everyone!

And to end this post, some silly pics of me!


Hello, Muscle, are you still there?  LOL.


PS check out this giveaway at!  I’d love to try these products.


6 Responses to “45.4”

  1. lesley said

    I love flowering tea! It’s fun!

  2. janetha said

    love the neon top! so how did you get your nickname?

  3. peanutbutterprerogative said

    i don’t really listen to instrumental music myself, but i did come across a running/fitness podcast on iTunes the other day that was all upbeat, instrumental music. i don’t remember the name but i think there were several, so you should check those out!…plus they’re free which is awesome!

  4. SHE-FIT said

    Love the pics at the end. I love blackberries. I never buy them, but when I go home my parents always have them. I eat them up!

  5. Katharina said

    There are some instrumentals by this band called Broken Social Scene (on their CD forgot it in people) that are awesome running songs.

    YAY!!! You got the blooming teas 😀 And that bar sounds wildly interesting and so dense! I’m lovin’ it. Fresh blackberries are the bomb.

  6. Hey there, just found your blog, what a great post, I have got to try those blooming teas, they look so fun!! For your running music, you should check out Apocalyptica, my husband turned me onto them, they put a classical spin on lots of popular rock music, it makes great workout tunage!

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