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Day 44

Posted by buffmuffy on July 29, 2009


I think I am going to switch over to random titling instead of day titling after day 50.  Does anyone have any thoughts about this?

I woke up this morning from the contstruction guys again 😦  But I was able to fall back asleep for an hour.

Today’s goals entail the following:

*get sweet potatoes 🙂

*fill Rx

*run!  It is 4 mile endurance day, and I’ve had 2 days off!

Not much to do.  I work tonight at 8pm-2am.  I am hoping that I get a response about the house we found online!  We essentially have about a month to move if we don’t want to pay the inflated rate of $95 extra a month…  Yes, that’s right.  The apartments want to charge us an extra $75 on top of the market rate, which is now $20 higher itself if we do month to month.  If we signed a new lease, it would just be the $20 more …  So we are hoping that we can get into this house which will be tons cheaper than we pay now – over $100 savings compared to now!  And with the added payment, it will be almost $200 saved each month.  That is what I call a good deal!  It is a 3BR 2BA house with a 1 car garage (that is the only drawback so far), fenced yard, and double kennel (one inside garage and one in backyard).  The kennel doesn’t do too much good since Rexi is a complete indoor dog as all great danes should be, but it would come in handy at certain times.  The kitchen is large!  Deck in the backyard!  It is in a PERFECT location.  It is a good price.  The only things I am worried about are the closet sizes and if we can snag it in time!  So please keep your fingers crossed for us!!!!  I really want this house!  And I really hope I hear back from them soon!

Anyway, on to more mundane things. ^_^


I’m having a bowl of my Nature’s Path Blueberry Cinnamon cereal topped with almond milk, a banana, and warmed frozen blueberries.  On the side is a blueberry Oikos and a hardboiled egg with sea salt.


The blueberry juice drizzled all over the cereal and into the milk.  It gave it a great flavour.  I love how blueberry juice is a purple until it touches water – and then it turns blue!  The cereal was actually better this time around.

I opened my banana the new way, which I discovered over at Gena’s site!


As far as the blueberry Oikos goes …  I love how the fruit is on the bottom and how thick and creamy it is (as always with greek yogurt).  I am so in love with greek yogurt it is not funny!  I loved it.  I can’t wait to try the strawberry now. O.O


Annnnd the FedEx guy was here to visit today with a care package for me!  He actually just stuck a note to my door and left, but I called the office to see if the packages were already there and he came back after that.  Lol.

Thanks to Eruch from Ancient Sun Nutrition for this package:


Wild Bars!  This is such a neat package.  I never knew how great Wild Blue-Green Algae was for you!  It is an ancient organism that gives documented health benefits such as supporting healthy function of the immune system, joints and tissues, brain and nervous system, metabolism and digestive tract, liver, and kidneys.  There are also reported responses with use of increased energy, stamina, attention, focus, and mental clarity, improved circulation, maintenance of a healthy blood sugar level, and promotion of maintenance of physical and mental well being.  Wow!  And there are 1500mg of Wild Blue-Green Algae per bar!  Not to mention they are organic and raw, vegan, high in fiber (14g!), rich in B12 and omega 3’s, high in antioxidants (ORAC rating of 9000!!!), and low glycemic.  The only downside to these bars is that they cost $5 each.  But if the money is there to spare, they are worth it.

I can’t wait to try them!

Hope everyone has a great day today.



2 Responses to “Day 44”

  1. Courtney said

    Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog – love the stuff 😀 I think regular titling is GOOD, but so is the Day 44 – this is a HUGE day, you know? So, well, either way 😉


  2. janetha said

    keeping my fingers crossed for you! i always peel my bananas that way~how funny that someone posted about it!

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