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Posted by buffmuffy on July 28, 2009


Good evening!  I got off work not too long ago.  We are looking for a new place, and we found some homes to rent on craigslist that I am really excited about.  Well, one to be honest.  So cross your fingers for me!  It is a great price and has almost everything we need so far- I just have to figure out if they have walk in closets 😉 and make sure they are okay with a great dane.^_^

As promised, a review on the Espresso Chip GNU bar:  It tasted like coffee!  I am not a huge coffee fan so I gave it to a friend at work and she LOVED it.

For dinner, I’m having a couple sandwich thins with blackberry preserves and NH margarine (my new fave thing) and the rest of my Oikos mixed with some goji berries, dark chocolate chips, and Muffy’s Mix.  Yum yum yum!


I nuke these in the oven til the margarine melts.  They are messy but soooo good.

Now I’m off to watch some DVR stuff!

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Thanks guys!


UPDATE:  I was eating some popchips, and then took the dog out.  On the way back in, I see a package wedged in the door.  I open it up, and ironically it is from Popchips!  I had no idea this care package was coming!  It was an awesome package!! Check it out:


And some info on Popchips:

image1And the box was cute:

IMG_3667Cute, huh?  And I am happy to see “you’re allowed to eat the whole bag” because I definitely did.  LOL.

Annnndd per request… MORE DOG!


That’s my pup!


4 Responses to “43.2”

  1. That gnu bar sounds delicious, especially since I love anything coffee/espresso/mocha flavored. YUM!

    What a great package! I haven’t been able to find popchips in stores, but they sound amazing.


  2. foodnfit said

    Aww I love you dog! 🙂 Such a cutie!
    Good luck on the house–I hope everything works out!

  3. janetha said

    yaaaay for puppers photos! and wait, is your name jessica? i am confused

  4. peanutbutterprerogative said

    awww cute pic of you and your dog! what kind is she/he?

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