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Day 42

Posted by buffmuffy on July 27, 2009


Good morning lovelies!

I am bringing to you today a special post about something that I struggle with myself, and that hopefully others out there can relate to.  I have a hard time with one thing in my diet and I have singled it out:  Processed Foods.  But more on that later.

First of all, I want to share with everyone my breakfast!  I am having a lovely green monster, now that I have some spinach again!


In this concoction I have a big handful of spinach, 1c of almond milk, a frozen banana, tons and tons of ice, and 1 packet Amazing Grass Amazing Meal Original Flavour.  This is my first time trying the original flavour!


The verdict?  It tastes like a normal green monster.  No powdery taste, no taste at all to be honest.  That is the best type to put into a flavourful green monster.  This one is not so flavourful, but it is tasty nonetheless.

With my green monster I am having 2 hardboiled eggs with sea salt and some strawberries.

My plans for the day are to unpack some books, get some sweet potatoes, and go on a productive run.

And now what you’ve been waiting for… My post on processed foods.

Processed Foods and Their Grasp on My Life

Last night I was watching True Blood with my hand in a bag of Popchips.  After I was done, I went to the freezer for an ice cream sandwich.  While doing so, I thought to myself, “Why am I eating all of this food?  I am not hungry.”  So why was I eating?  I don’t necessarily feel guilty or have anything specific to blame it on, but I do have an idea.  While this may be the wrong time of the month to be making these conclusions, I look back at my life and reflect on my eating habits.  In the end, the conclusion is the same: processed foods have taken over my self control.

Now I understand fully that I, and only I, am in control of my body.  I control what goes in my mouth and in what quantity.  However that doesn’t mean that there are not influences along the way.  Whether it be peer pressure, hormones, or chemicals, something will get in the way of a well thought out appetite.  I unfortunately have the most problems with the latter two, with more emphasis on chemicals.

For 42 days, I have been eating cleaner than I have my whole life.  I strive to eat organic, unprocessed, and sometimes raw foods.  In America, this is not always an easy task.  Advertising can suck you into thinking anything is healthy, but the facts are in plain sight.  One needs to recognize what foods are safe for them to confront without risking losing their control.  For me, it is processed foods.  Before purchasing something, I have to ask myself, “Is this going to be too addictive for me?”  In the store, I saw a bag of salt and vinegar kettle chips that I longed for.  But I knew that once I got my hands on them, half the bag or the whole bag would be gone before I knew it.  And then we passed the popchips.  At 360 calories for the ENTIRE bag, I figured that if I slipped and ate the whole bag, it would be no biggie.  And I was right, it wasn’t a big deal when I devoured the whole bag calorie wise.  It was a big deal in the fact that I didn’t want to put them down.  It was a big deal in the fact that I wanted to eat more after the bag was licked clean (I’m joking on licking the bag, but I won’t deny licking my fingers!).  It was a big deal when I opened up more food that I didn’t need – more food that I could be saving for later, when I actually was hungry.  Although this was this logical for me, my body, and my finances, it was so hard not to do.

After gorging myself a little more, but not to the point of gluttony, I sat there wondering, “Why do I do this?”  After a small amount of contemplation (and many years of contemplation prior during similar events) I came to the conclusion that I am not safe around unportioned quantities of processed foods.  I have dubbed certain items in the past as offlimits; teddy grahams (or bunny grahams on my health kick), desserts, chocolate chip granola bars, salt and vinegar chips.  My self control goes out the window when these foods are around, and nothing can stop me.

Therefore I have come to a new conclusion: The problem is not me, as I once thought.  The problem is the processed food and the chemicals it possesses.  It drives my body out of control and sends me into an emotional eating breakdown no matter my mood.  I have tried relating it to emotions, but there was no link.  Everyone is different, and I am confident that I have finally solved my problem.  It makes sense – everytime I eat something processed, I must eat and eat and eat and my appetite never goes away.  It could be the healthiest processed food around, it doesn’t matter.  I haven’t eaten hardly anything with high fructose corn syrup in 2 years, I avoid partially hydrogenated oils, and most recently I have avoided artificial sweeteners.  So why does something like a Popchip or an ice cream sandwich leave me yearning for something more?

There are still kinks to this solution.  I can eat powerbars, luna bars, clif bars, larabars – you name it bars – as long as they are mostly organic and clean they will not drive me into a state of eating frenzy.   The same goes for the organic and healthful cereals and granolas out there.  I am guessing this is because they are perfectly balanaced nutritionally, unlike an ice cream sandwich, whether it is organic or not.  Anytime I eat a real food I don’t get these urges.  I do not plan on cutting all processed foods out from my eating regimen, but they will no longer be main staples.  If I eat something processed (besides the aforementioned safe foods), it must be an isolated serving or taste test.  If I go out to eat, try a bite of my boyfriend’s food, or buy a snack, this works.  But I am not allowed to buy a multi-serving bag of chips or other unsafe processed food for myself.  This may seem harsh, but it is healthy and good for me.  It is not the prime option for everyone, but it is what works for me.  I can feel more confident at any rate about what I’m putting in my body and knowing that it is all good and natural for me.  We were not meant to chemicalize our food – we were meant to eat the plentiful gifts of the earth!

I still have a bag of the cheddar popchips (not as tempting so a little safer), 3 mini ice cream sandwiches, and a tub of dairy free ice cream that I will attempt to portion to myself well, and I will not waste food.  Other than that, my cabinets and fridge are clean as can be!  This is the first step into success for me and attaining my goals.  I wish not that everyone follows suit, but that everyone is able to recognize the chains on their feet so to speak.

What holds you back from attaining your goals?

Anyway, after I get some books out of the garage, I plan on doing a bit of research.  So visit me this afternoon for some great info about processed foods!


PS Visit Megan’s site for an awesome giveaway for Chobani!!!!


2 Responses to “Day 42”

  1. peanutbutterprerogative said

    yay for you for realizing what works and what you need to do to feel good! that’s what it’s all about!

  2. Amanda said

    This is the first time I’ve visited your blog and I just want to say, I like it! Great post. It’s crazy the way processed foods affect many of us. I don’t think I’ve ever once had just one serving of chips or crackers unless I was eating out of a single-serving pack. To me, many fresh fruits are just as delicious, sometimes more so, but I don’t think I’ve ever truly gorged on fruit. Pure food just doesn’t get your brain all whacked out the way chips and ice cream do.

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